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Pelekas Beach, Sinarades, Corfù (Kerkyra), Ionian Islands, Grecia
39.581969, 19.821171 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+30 (266) 10 94 637
+30 (266) 10 94 056
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82% Guest Reviews

Sunrock hostel is a really good place to be. Everybody is nice with you. It's really friendly to share the dinner with a lot of people, the meals are very good. We shared a room of 4 people, it was nice. The terrace and the beach downstairs are great spots to see the sunset.
Léa & Adèle
Age 21, France
This place was amazing! Not only is the food delicious, the staff is wonderful and very welcoming. I had no trouble while I was there, the staff made sure my stay was everything it should be. If I get the opportunity I will be back for sure!
The best kept secret
This Hostel is truly amazing. We were picked up from the airport by the lovely and beautiful Alexia and she gave us a complimentary drive to the hostel where we found our ocean view front room with a balcony bathroom and two beds. Everything was extremely clean, tidy, and felt just like home. We were served breakfast and dinner everyday cooked by the family and awesome workers. Everything you eat is grown on their farm and is extremely yummy and healthy. The beach is only a two minute walk from the hostel and there is access to boat rides that will take you to secluded beaches! I miss this hostel everyday, it is the best place in the world.
(United States)
Sun rock hostel gives travelers a one of a kind and wonderful opportunity to explore corfu. Its no wonder that so many of the staff are either returning guests or travelers who decided to extend their stay. Guests are treated to an unbelievable organic home made breakfast straight from their farm and cooked to order, and dinner is a family affair. I want to thank the hosts for such an amazing experience. Sun rock could easily become a second home, not to mention its a 30second walk to beautiful pelakus beach and pristine waters. Definitely highly recommended for solo, family, and group travelers alike.
(United States)
Passports and money of 7 people stolen at Sunrock!
Firstly, from the moment I arrived there was a problem with the price for the room. I have payed the 10 % booking deposit 57.6 EURO. However, when I arrived the owner said she never received money and she is not going to deduct this 57.6 EURO from the total price for the room. Plus, the information about the prices at Sunrock is not up-to-date. I have booked the private en-suite for 24 EURO per person, but when I came the owner said it's 30 EURO per person. Of course it was too late to discuss the price with the owner because I have already arrived and I had no other place to stay. Also, some facilities listed at the website are not found in the hostel at all. The most strange thing was with my passport. When I arrived the owner asked for it to write down my personal data. She did not return me my passport during three days (which is illegal!), and every time I asked for my passport back, she had a different reason why she cannot return it. I started to worry about my document and contacted my consulate. Then on the third day the owner returned my passport. There was a strange coincidence. The next day passports of all other people who stayed at the hostel at that moment (three Australians, three Americans, and several EU citizens) were stolen from the owner (the owner kept all their passports). I am not sure why the owner was so principal in keeping my document, but there was a man whose passport she never asked. After a while he disappeared together with someones laptop and purses. All we knew about him -- his first name -- Jamie and that he was in prison before. After all these incidents I did not feel safe at the Sunrock, and seriously worried of my personal belongings. The issue with passports is considerably suspicious, I decided to share information about it, probably it is good to know that Sunrock is not the safe place to stay. Moreover, the price they take does not correspond to the quality of the accommodation: rooms are dirty, there are insects. During my 12 day-stay they never cleaned the room and did not take away the garbage. It is written that breakfasts are always fresh, but once they served an omelet with addle eggs and from time to time the tea was in dirty cups, with hairs in it, which was disgusting.
Best hostel i've ever been
The best hostel i have ever been. Who doesnt want a private room with private bathroom, balcony with seaview. including breakfast and two-course dinner for just 24 euro. your basically at the beach in a quiet village on the west coast. beautiful water and great staff. next week i'll be back again! starting to actually miss the place!
Sunrock is one of the most beautiful hostels i have visited in Europe. Pleasantly surprised, after expecting just a short stay at this underrated hostel, i had to stay longer. What first hits you are the spectacular views and impressive sunsets, the best I've seen so far on my travels. Arriving late evening, i was thrilled to make dinner time. The food was like eating at a restaurant, not an 18 Euro a night hostel. I was glad to get some proper home cooked food. I inquired about the quality of food, and was pleasantly surprised to hear a lot of the meat and veg was grown on their own farm. Also i noticed a vegetarian option was always available. So my room. i was opting for the cheapest room, which was a shared dorm room, with a shared bathroom. The room was basic and clean, and our bathroom was cleaned daily. Staff were always happy to help. Breakfast had such a range, to what i was expecting. Two cooked meals for 18 Euro was great, although probably not for my dress size! Lunch was also available. Airport transfers were quick and free and saved me lugging my pack onto a hot, sweaty bus. A small mini market in the hostel itself caters for most conveniences. A path to the beach takes you to the impressive scenery in just a couple of minutes. But the main thing i noticed about this hostel was the friendliness of the owners. A real Greek place, (but don't worry English is widely spoken, especially by most of the staff). They made my stay memorable, and i would go back just to have a beer with them.
  My end of holiday review would be that this place is a great place to go and I can see why people end up staying longer than they'd planned! However, my first day or two I wondered whether to move elsewhere. it all depends what room you have and what season you go. I had a small dorm room to myself with no view and a bit box like, still, it was very cheap for a room so can't complain! The shared bathroom was filthy, it wasn't cleaned all week! I decided to pay more and move to an en-suite room -- what a good choice. I had a lovely room with sea view, shared balcony, and a clean bathroom. I was looking forwards to the Greek parties and karaoke nights and water sports but it was off season so there was none of that, but there were lovely meals and managed to find things to do, plus the beach is gorgeous! Drink prices aren't displayed and go on a tab -- they really could do with putting up a price list, because it surprised some people how much they'd spent. Minibus was really useful to get to Corfu town as they are often going. After being unsure at first I was sad my week had come to an end. It's a great place to go and relax.
English girl

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