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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hotel Luna - Cairo" at 27, Talaat Harb Street.)


27, Talaat Harb Street, Downtown, Le Caire, Égypte
30.099812, 31.274012 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+20 223 961 020
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  Luna was more than we expected. I loved being in the heart of the city to hear, feel, and smell the culture. Staff were very friendly and gave good tips on getting around. The guide they recommended was awesome and we were very happy with the price. Being in a strange country most people are worried about getting ripped off as we were. The staff is more friendly and trustworthy than anyone in our country. Make sure you take time and talk with people including the touts, they are only trying to make a living. You'll be amazed at the bargains you can get if you talk with people. In closing being in the middle of Cairo is so much nicer than some big fancy hotel on some beach. Also go down the small streets and visit the small shops. I can't wait to plan this trip with my two sons. I went in March '06 with my brother and a friend and Egypt was by far the best vacation I ever had.
Ray Brown (Michigan)
  I was absolutely over the moon with the Luna hotel. We did several tours with Luna (well recommended). They went out of their way to make our stay as plesant as they could. The room were huge and the toilet system was good. The best of all was that Luna hotel was waiting at El Qahira matar (Cairo airport) for our arrival, which to us was fabulous after a twenty-hour flight! Luna, I will be back, and sooner than you think.
  We recently (March 2006) stayed at the Luna Hotel in Cairo. It is a true bargain. The location is right downtown (with easy access to the subway system, which is clean and very easy to use). The proprietor and staff were very nice and quite willing to help arrange day trips to Cairo’s sites or trips to other parts of Egypt -- all at fairly reasonable prices. The room price includes a continental breakfast (pretty dull -- coffee or tea and two rolls, cheese, jelly and butter) or, if you let them know the night before, a wonderful Egyptian breakfast (very delicious and filling -- falafels, ful, pita bread with tea or coffee). The common room is decorated Egyptian style with rugs, low cushions, pillows and even a sheesah (water pipe). It is quite fun and very conducive to meeting fellow travelers from throughout the world and exchanging travel tips (we met Thai, Australian, South African, Irish and English travelers, oh and one other American), The street side of the hotel has the great view (and noise) of a busy downtown Cairo street -- great people watching, but bring your earplugs if you are sensitive to noise. The other side is very quiet but no view. I heartily recommend The Luna Hotel to all budget travelers and those that like to experience the area they are visiting as opposed to cocooning themselves in a fancy hotel that could be anywhere in the world.
Patty B.
  I had two good experiences staying here in 2004 — the hostel had pleasant, friendly people behind the desk and a clean environment. The smaller rooms are a bit less appealing than the main rooms overlooking the street but then these larger rooms are noisier. There's a wide mix of ages staying here and several women travelling alone. It's well worth a visit.
  Great hotel. The staff couldn't do enough to help you!
Helen Jones
  I loved staying at the Luna when I was in Cairo. The staff were fantastic and really friendly! The night manager discussed philosophy with me, and when I got sick and was put on a special diet, they went out in the middle of the night to search for food or me. It's very clean, and the renovations have made it really pretty. Good location, too. Some of my friends stayed at another more expensive hotel and it wasn't half as nice as the Luna--they moved as soon as they could! If you can, get a room with a balcony!
Margaret Maitland
  I stayed at Hotel Luna every time I was in Cairo during my one and half month stay in Egypt. Hotel Luna was my family while I was in Egypt. They took care of me as far as tour booking went and everything was so much easier through them. The hotel is very clean and everyone is friendly. Hotel Luna will always be my choice every time I stay in Cairo.
Sharon Penaflor

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