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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hotel San Tomaso" at Viale Tunisia, 6 (III piano - floor).)


Viale Tunisia, 6 (III piano - floor), Milan, Lombardie, Italie
45.477177, 9.206230 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Clean and nice hostel
Like -- The room and bathroom is clean, staff there is nice and helpful, and cheap price. Dislike -- there is no common room or kitchen, so it is not a good place for socializing or finding other backpackers, you can only use the refrigerator and microwave.
Very helpful staff and cleanest bathrooms
It was around 9PM. I was so hungry and the girl at the reception was so kind to call a take-out shrimp pizza for me. The pizza was pretty good as a dinner. If my memory serves me, her name is Lingjiao. And the another guy named Chengshuo helped me to keep my luggage and provided me hot water for drinking. There were four beds in the shared room. I slept well to 8am in the other morning. The bathroom was as clean as a new one. But in fact, it had been used for years. It is a really nice and cheap place for sleeping in Milan.
Age 26
Not an hostel, but an excellent accommodation
This is not a hostel (no people partying, no common areas, this is not a place where you can meet travelers) but is an excellent accommodation if you need just to sleep in milan. Milan is expensive, and I definitely prefer a cheap and clean accommodation like this, rather than a more expensive and fashionable hotel. Here you can get good location, next to porta Venezia, 5-minute-walk from the subway station. cheap, I paid 20 euros for a bed in a three-bed-room. rooms -- clean, enough space for your staff, furniture was not very modern but everything was working fine, no bulk beds. bathrooms -- spotless, many bathrooms so you don't have to wait for your turn to have a shower, plenty of hot water. helpful staff. I hadn't my breakfast in the hotel (it's not included), so I cannot tell about the quality. I think this is a good choice if you just need to sleep in Milan in a comfortable, clean and cheap place, for example if you are in the city for an exposure, or a concert, or visiting a friend. If you are looking for a place where to spend the daytime instead, like meeting travelers, relaxing, learning the language, go for a hostel.
Nice Relief from usual Hostels
So this is not your usual hipster hostel. But I liked it because of the nature of my trip at this point in Milan. Pros -- no bunk beds; sink in the room; only four people to a room; breakfast is an option and it is cheap; HELPFUL and nice front desk staff (24 hours) I deal with a girl whose name was rainbow, really sweet and friendly; free wi-fi; big, clean, showers and toilets with hot water (3 individual bathrooms); plenty of outlets in the room; overall just really enjoyed being in a VERY clean hostel for a night and taking a long, hot shower without my flip flops on. Cons -- mattress was NOT comfortable; only take cash; I don't have a smart phone nor did I bring a computer so the wi-fi didn't help, I would have needed a physical computer had I needed to use the internet (which I didn't); not the usual hostel-like ambiance.
Very Good
Cleanest place I've ever seen. Very clean linoleum floor in the hallway and spotless tile in the bathroom. Excellent hot showers and enough of them so you never have to wait. Location is as advertised -- convenient to central Milan. That is very convenient, but there is a downside to that. Milan is a busy and expensive city, so you may hear the sounds of the city at night and you'll probably pay more than many other places in the world. Very friendly and helpful staff -- arranged taxis for me at very difficult hours of the day. I'd stay there again.
Paul Gilmore

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