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11 Burrum Street, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australie
-24.869061, 152.344553 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4152-0100
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Dont go there!
Don't go to Dingo Blue! Thats a serious warning and not just a bad recommendation of an unhappy customer. I'm not saying that because of their filthy and barely equipped kitchen, their untidy community areas, the bad jobs they provide or the overpriced rent of 210 $/week for a bed in a 10 people dorm. Thats more or less what you get everywhere in Bundabergs' working hostels. So if you can somehow avoid to go to Bundaberg for work in the first place, do it! Its nearly impossible to get a job in Bundaberg without staying in these overpriced "working" hostels because almost every farm only provides work via the hostels. But Dingo Blue is the worst of these anyhow bad hostels and they rip you off. After I moved out the hostel for the reasons mentioned above they made sure I get fired at my farm job. The management even showed up at the farm and tried to intimidate and threaten everyone who planned to move out too or who already did so. After I moved out they kept my bond of 100$ that everyone has to pay when moving in. I left my bed and everything tidy and there was no reason to refuse to pay back the bond. When asking why they are not paying back the bond they told me because my (10 persons dorm!!) room was not clean enough. I also found out they did that with many other guest before for similar made-up reasons and earn a lot of money with not paying back the bonds. So I went there and asked for a copy of my rental contract where they regulate the bond but they shredded the contract and told me to leave. They also refused to give me just a blank version of the contract to read what's exactly written in there about the bond. So I had no other choice then to go to the police. It took the police just one call and all of a sudden they paid back my bond because they were afraid that their rip off business will be busted. Unfortunately I was the only person to go to the police up to now and so they will go on with their fraud. So if you read this and you also been ripped off by this hostel I highly recommend to go to the police. That's the only way to get your money back. And if you've never been to Dingo Blue Hostel and you think about doin so -- just don't!
Age 25, German
Great work, nice environment
I have stayed from March. Been here for about 7 weeks and met so many nice people here. I have done farm jobs before but would suggest to come. Having outside area is very nice for everyone sitting outside and chatting. Most are hourly paid job. Waited for about a week then get into the hourly paid. Cleaners are very friendly and make it tidy. Manager was nice and funny though. 88 days! Finally done.
Age 20, UK
The Best In Bundaberg
There was a lot of work going on at this hostel when we arrived and for the first 4 weeks. It was painted and refurbished and the results were great -- really cute hostel. It's the only hostel in Bundaberg with outdoor areas which gives it a really great feel. The best part of this hostel is they have the best jobs going. All hourly paid and a lot of indoor packing jobs. When we met people at other hostels in town they were waiting weeks for work and then had bad paid per bucket kind of work. The manager and owners are very professional with the farm work they have, but if you don't go to work they will ask you to leave. We went to do our 89 days of work and we got them all in less than 100 days which people at other hostels couldn't believe. There is usually a waiting list for this hostel because of the good jobs they have. Great hostel with really great work and a fun atmosphere.
David and Aggi
Age 24, German
Save yourself the trip, don't stay here, it's a rip off.
The owners should be disgusted with the way things are run at this hostel. With a kitchen and bathrooms that are hardly ever cleaned, to a false guarantee that you will get work, it is not the ideal. No soap in the bathrooms, no locks on the lockers to put your food in for safe keeping and no guarantee that you won't get anything stolen from you. You pay $195 a week, $50 bond and no guarantee for a job (as we were promised on the phone). We waited nearly a week before we could get jobs. We waited 5 hours to get checked in, and we told the owner via phone when we had arrived, said there would be somebody there in just 40 minutes, we waited a long time. We paid $50 bond and didn't receive a key, our lock was also broken on the door, so we had no security of our belongings. As an Australian, staying in a backpackers hostel, I am absolutely disgusted with the way things are run here. To know that people are visiting this country and not getting a good experience, because of greedy hostel owners. They are ripping innocent people of their money, and not putting any work back into the place. The only thing that keeps you here are the people staying with you, all the guests are beautiful people, and are all in the same boat. Save your time and money; don't stay here!
Age 22, Australia
Great place to get your 2 WH Visa.
I stumbled upon Dingo Blue's ad at Gumtree and it was one of the best moves I made while in Australia.In my opinion, Building condition is better than other backpackers. Staff are friendly and they work hard to keep the place clean. The rooms are 2-4 bed dorms. I stayed and worked for over 4 months, picking and planting Tomatoes, zucchini and Sweet Potatoes 6 days a week to save enough money for my 4 weeks trip around Australia.
Great Place
I stayed at this hostel several times during my time in Oz. Management was always helpful and they're completely honest about work -- they'll tell the truth about what work is going over the phone so you don't waste time and money getting there. There was a great atmosphere in the hostel and I made lots of new friends. So it's a good combo of work and fun. It's not the flashiest hostel in Bundaberg but one of the friendliest. I'd definitely recommend it.
Pretty Damn Good
We stayed at Dingoblue from dec 11 - feb 11. It's pretty basic -- a real working hostel. We'd stayed in a few other hostels in bundaberg for the month before but they didnt provide any work. Dingo blue probably has the most work in bundaberg and they arrange your 2nd visa extension. We're heading back to dingo in April to start work again and most people we met there are still there.
i arrived at dingo blues or dingo zoo as it should be called after speaking to the manager and been promised loads of work i arranged to be there at 11 at night and for sumbody to let me in well there was nobody to let me in and i had to sleep on a bug infested couch, the rooms were terrible and hadnt been cleaned in years and were full of bedbugs, the kitchens were even worse and so were the bathrooms, i worked all the first week and didnt get paid as the management said they lost my bank details and that i would just have to manage, i had 7 dollars in my pocket and got little sympathy of the managers, when it came to payday the following week i had been underpaid be nearly 300 dollars and was told i would just have to wait for it, luckily i booked a coach the same day and left without paying rent, there are some amazing people there but that is it and bundaberg in general is a hillbilly town. STAY AWAY.

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