Old MacDonalds Farm



(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Old MacDonalds Farm" at Harvey's Road Road 2.)


Harvey's Road Road 2, Marahau, Nouvelle-Zélande
-40.992986, 173.000765 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(03) 527-8288
(03) 527-8289
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Average campground but bad kayak activities
We stayed one night in this campground which is quite old and expensive but that have quite good facilities and a nice place, bordering a river. The problem is the kayak that we bought with them -- we asked at the reception if we could do 2-3h kayaking during the afternoon. The receptionist hesitated a bit and called the kayak owner. He said yes no problem at 1 pm. The price was 55$ dollars per person for freedom kayak (no guide) during 2 to 3 hours. It is not cheap although it's one of the cheapest in this area. Anyway, what they didn't tell us was that it's a really really bad idea to do kayaking in the afternoon because there is a lot of wind on the sea (not on the beach!), with big waves and white caps. It was almost impossible to move the kayak ahead and we were 2 people! After kayaking for 2 hours until we had no energy anymore, we reached a small beach not far from where we started. When coming back with wind on our back it took us ... 20 min! It was the worse experience we had in New Zealand in a month only because we were not aware at all that it's the schedule for kite-surfers and not kayaks at this time! We felt that they only saw the money on our faces and didn't care about make it enjoyable for us. As tourists we don't have to know the weather details of this area, it's not our job. We could have done it the next morning and it would have been 100 times better. 2 other girls were with us and were as disappointed as us. We were so tired that we even didn't have the force to claim about this bad experience when we came back. Just wanted to rest and forget about it. For 15 dollars we could not have complained but 55$ ...
Lovely camper site
I've been at the Old MacDonalds Farm in 2010 and I just loved it. The funny little cabins, the open kitchens, the free-roaming chickens, dogs and cats and of course the lamas, the wonderful trees, the climate, all add to the feeling of outer-worldness. It's not the Hilton, so what?
Worst camper site we have been to
spent a night, 2 loos & 2 showers for maybe 30 people, all with same water source, so if someone showering or washing loo wont flush. Disgusting. Milking campers.
  First night on the Stray Bus we stayed here. I didn't know anyone at the start of the day, by the end of it it felt like we were all old pals. The night sky here was the widest and most starry I've ever seen. One of my top ten places in the country.

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