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4 Mueller Street, Alice Springs, Territoire du Nord, Australie
-23.699335, 133.888442 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 8953-1975, 1-800-351-925
+61 (8) 8953-0804
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Home away from home.
Having spent thirteen weeks at a resort as a Food & Beverage Attendant, i was in desperate need of a change and to do some shopping. The place was easy to find. I arrived after hours but had a pleasant conversation with Juno beforehand who gave me a gate access code and left an envelope with room key, map and WiFi access. Town centre is an easy ten minute walk, and everything i needed was right there. It was easy find, thanks to the map on the wall at the lodge. The girls dorm room was clean and all i needed. The bed and pillow was comfortable, the linen was clean. There was no mould on the roof and was warm all night. A free breakfast is included of tea, coffee, cereal, and toast. I love the wall of shame idea. Keeps it honest for all. Reception was polite and made attempt at conversation. He was not at all rude. There are constantly sound of people coming and going, but it's a hostel, you have to expect that guests will be loud and rude. That's nothing the owners can control. Any traveler should have decent earplugs anyway, which you will need because the owners choose to play music until ten pm. The showers are ok. The toilets work. There are two sides to chose from. The facilities are well maintained considering the high volume use. I'm totally stealing the mini panther cat they have, he is such a big sook!
Age 40, Australia
Rude staff, poor customer service
I stayed at this place for two nights and then decided to stay a third. I wad told I had to switch rooms which was fine. I cleared my stuff and left it in their storage room while I went out. I did however forget to take my food out of the fridge. When I got back the food had disappeared which wasn't a big deal. But when I asked the guy at reception he said "that's your tough sh*t". The I went to ask the cleaner and the guy at reception told the cleaner to tell me to piss off. That was my breaking point when I got mad at him for being so rude. He then continued to be a smart ass and in the end I decided to leave to another hostel. Furthermore, when I asked for a tax invoice he refused to give me one. Never staying there again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone at all!!!
Spend your Alice Spring days here!
Excellent staff here. Brendan and PJ were very friendly and helpful. And Brendans dog is awesome. I miss him! These people know how to run a backpackers place. The rooms were very clean, bathroom and toilets as well. The hostel is not that big, and that makes it a nice and cosy place to stay. You'll have a relaxed time here in this hostel. Highly recommended!
Rude reception, awful customer service, not a good place to stay
We, a group of three, stayed here in mid November, 2010, and had a very unhappy experience with the staff. One of the staffers had recommended us a Uluru tour, which, we believe, was organized by some companies associated with the hostel, but we chose to join a tour from another backpacker hostel instead. When we talked about the tour with the staff, he immediately became extremely rude, and yelled at us "sh*t!!!", "f***!!!!" and many other disrespectful comments. He printed out a review online about the tour we had booked, saying all the bad things you can ever imagine about the tour. He then told us to "go away". We decided to leave this place, and asked him for refund, but he started saying something like "I only care about you" blah blah blah. As customers, we do have the rights to choose which tour we want. We are extremely disappointed that we were treated so badly when we refused to go with them. It was truly the worst hostel we had ever stayed with.
(Hong Kong)
Nice place to relax
We stayed there in October 2009. Located at the other side of Todd River, there's a ten-minute walk to downtown. This hostel is a pretty small place but it is calm and relaxing. Staff is young and helpful. There's a free breakfast and free internet (but did not work when we were there). Our room was in a caravan -- imaginative! I feared I might be disturbed by noise or be chilling but not an issue in October. The room features a fridge and air conditioning/heat. Our journey there was nice.
Nice place to chill but money grubbing owners
Was here for the winter. Hostel beds were great, rooms spacious, and they have a fridge, though quite pricey. The hostel owners shown some dishonesty in the running of their hostel. I told them I was interested in signing for a tour and asked for more information, they asked for my credit details and processed a deposit without my prior consent. No biggie. I wanted to go on the tour anyway. But then i found out some guests were given free nights and a cheaper price when they signed for the same tour with them. And when i pointed out that discrepancy to them, i was given a slap-in-the-face response "It really depends on who the person is." What? If you're in alice to see the rocks and not staying for long, you would probably be better off staying at some other hostel than with one only eager to milk more money from their guests. See if you can spot the owners checking the pay phone for spare dimes if you do decide to stay. unbelievable.
I stayed here for two nights in December 2008 and had a fantastic time! The facilities are excellent and well-maintained, the dorms all have ceiling fans that keep you cool, and the communal TV and internet room is cosy and a really sociable place to be, and the swimming pool offers welcome relief from the heat. The internet operates on an "honestly policy" for payment and works really well, and there is a free luggage store for when you go on your tours of Uluru. It is an easy five-minute walk into town, and four-minute walk to the supermarket, however if you are going out at night make sure you walk in groups of four or more, or catch a taxi. Free airport pick-up and cheap airport drop-off make Alice Lodge an excellent budget option. Highly recommended.
Great place to stay
A quiet, well-maintained hostel. Clean, free breakfast, free internet, friendly people. You do end up spending more to stay here since you have to take taxis back at night (it's not safe to walk around Alice at night) but I think it's worth it.

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