(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Shambhala" at 1234 Takaka-Collingwood Highway.)


1234 Takaka-Collingwood Highway, Takaka, Golden Bay, Nouvelle-Zélande
-40.754751, 172.717545 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+64 (3) 525 8463
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Fantastic -- peaceful
I will come back! A great place to relax by making meditation and Yoga and walking on the beach! Thank you for 3 beautiful days enjoying your house and wonderful garden.
Age 52, German
Absolutely amazing place with lovely beach. We went there for one night, ended up staying there for two weeks. They have great yoga / meditation space with magnificent views. We will be back definitely.
(New Zealand)
As others say -- the best hereabouts
simply a dream. yes its kind of 'off the grid' though another inn is at the other end of their road. Beautiful place to rest and relax. Main House for meeting people if you are alone/many, and the private cabins a little up the hill if you are a couple. About my only criticism is that the owner allows some people to do cleaning duties for rent, and they can be patchy -- skipping/missing things (dirty kitchen towels, and we found someones 'intimate lubricant' under our bed!) that aside, the views and peace are sublime. we're a city couple but the composting toilets were fine and showers worked well in lovely January weather. Have been twice and would happily come again for longer still.
If you want to relax in a great atmosphere, this is the place to go
Amazing hostel. After having traveled nearly through the whole of NZ, I can honestly say, that this was my most favourite place. If you want party, you're definitely in the wrong place, but if you want some days to relax, this is the place to go. Had a double room just for myself with amazing see views. They also run some kind of yoga/meditation stuff, but if you don't want to take part in that stuff (like me), no one is going to bother you. Also really great is the tea house, a little pavilion over the cliff with a water line and a gas stove where you can cook a tea and relax. It's just really nice and absolutely lonely. So beware, really bad or no cell phone reception and a car comes really handy, too, if you want to go anywhere or get some groceries, cause you're really in the middle of nowhere here.
A wonderful place -- I could have easily stayed for a week. Interesting, gentle people and a peaceful feel. I will be back.
Amazingly peaceful
A great place to have serious time out from busy, noisy lives, especially if you like a bit of meditation. The view is quite breathtaking and the peaceful feeling a relaxed atmosphere is very therapeutic.
(Christchurch. New Zealand)
The most beautiful spot in the world
the location sells this place. It is tranquil and beautiful -- there is no debating just how beautiful this spot is. If you stay at Shambhala you need to be prepared to go along with basic living. There is only one electrical socket -- how badly do you need to charge that mobile phone? He is doing you a favour by not making it easy for you to have outside contact. The outside toilets (all there is during daylight hours) smell but so what (only when you are in them, the smell does not travel outside). Many people stay here longer than intended. That is due to the location and the vibe of the place. It is unbeatable.
  This is my favorite of all the places I stayed in New Zealand. More than a month when you add up all the times I went back. The sea is right there, the buildings, the paths, the bush is rejuvenating, and the very vibration of the place puts you at ease from the moment you arrive. Plus knowing that all of your electricity and water and nutrients are coming from renewable, sustainable, closed-cycle systems makes it all the more inspirational. Call up and book, but make sure to leave yourself some extra days because you won't want to leave.

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