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89 Stockton Street, New York (NYC), New York, États-Unis
40.696132, -73.949224 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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001 917 734 2144
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I lived here
This is not a legitimate hostel -- it's a building that has several units rented out by Herman and at one point (don't know if this is still true) was run by a few homeless kids he let stay there for free. I used to live as a tenant in one of the rooms on a month by month basis because I was so broke and had nowhere else to go. What you read here about bugs, cleanliness and roaches are 100% true, but I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the bedbugs, which do infest some of the units. As of late 2013 I'm not sure if the hostel is still operating, but while I was living there I know it got shut down by police as an "illegal operation". Please ... no matter how broke you are don't stay here!
I will never forget the bed bugs!
I was there in 2011 summer
We arrived at Stockton street 89 at a dirty and dusty afternoon in august 2011. The (supposed) hurricane Irene has passed over Ny city and a lot of people was in land. We were desperate. we found a weird place with a lot of strange people around. an incredible staff. It was really a surprising to find this set of delicious middle age people working for food and a bed in the center of the universe and in XXI century. My experience in Stockton street 89m was really surprising.
Age 59, spain
A horrible experience, do not stay here!
We chose Hostel 89 purely on the basis of its relatively low price being stone broke after three months of traveling. Given the low price we were prepared for a basic experience and did not have high hopes. This hostel was however, despite my low standards, absolutely shocking and by far the worst I have ever been to. First of all the area is quite dangerous, it is not advisable to travel to and from the hostel during the hours of darkness and there had been a murder next door the night we arrived. My blanket was blood-stained, the bunk genuinely felt as though it was going to give way, towels are not provided and cost $3 for one use (my friend was given a blanket when she did so), One filthy bathroom for 50ish people and absolutely no lockers/security measures in one of the most dangerous parts of New York. According to some long-term guests there had been many break-ins. The living area was passable but only due to the good company. The worst feature however is the staff. This establishment cannot be legal! It is cash only, upfront and they mysteriously never have change or legitimate receipts. The man in charge was nasty and unfriendly as were the cleaning staff. I felt uneasy the whole time in Hostel 89 and it tarnished my time in one of the World's greatest cities. I would STRONGLY advise against staying here.
Age 21, UK
Never stay here
dirty, not to code, the owner Herman is a crook. its cash only and in the center of the worst part of Brooklyn. my mate and that stayed there are still owed our monthly rent. the police often sh*t it down. and hermans response to this is "it happens every year" he makes you write the review while looking over you shoulder!! i was luck enough to make great friends here but at the expense of safety. mice, rats and bugs everywhere. rat died sometime ago in the oven and after main attempts for him to fix it. he would just blow it off. smoke detectors do not work. your safety is more important then the "deal" he claims he offers. Never ever ever stay here. i hope you read this Herman. this is Eddie i hope your shut down for good stop ripping off innocent people.
Nice place
i like hostel 89.
Worst Place I have ever been to!
This Hostel is far from okay. It is dirty and disgusting!! My friends and me booked for 2 nights after we checked in and payed they showed us the room and the room wasn't even ready for us yet even though it was 7 at night. Instead of putting on fresh sheets they just took old ones from the room next door that were used by other guests. The bathroom was a disaster. Mold everywhere it probably wasn't cleaned in month. And it was one bathroom for 14 people. We were so disgusted to use that bathroom. The service was very bad as well. They did nothing about us complains. We asked if we could leave and get our money back, at least for the second night but since we payed cash (like everybode does) there was no chance in getting it back. Besides that the location is in a very bad area and not in a cool and hip neighbourhood. We were afraid to go out on the streets alone. DO NOT BOOK THIS HOSTEL!!!
Terrible and dirty Hostel 89.
I have stayed in this hostel for 4 nights. The staff was rude that you can either accept all they offered or leave. I was allocated to a basement, with 10 beds plus 2 additional basement rooms (with 4 beds each) without any air-conditioners in the basement rooms. It was a terrible stay because the weather was hot in August; consider sleeping with 17 persons on the same floor -- the basement. Then, there were terrible cockroaches everywhere in the ground floor kitchen. There was a stair linking this kitchen to my basement bed. Nobody takes care of the toilet and the hygiene of the kitchen. The doors are not locked tightly so that people hold party in the common room the whole night -- I was unable to sleep well. Hostel 89 does not provide any lockers and my stuffs are unsafe at all. I tried to take my laptop with me all the time in my trip and it makes no sense to stay in Hostel 89 because the price is not cheap at all!
Unsafe place to sleep
Completely illegal, just deserves jail.

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