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Gryon, Vaud, Suisse
46.274834, 7.061892 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+41 (0)79 724 63 74
+41 (0)24 498 35 31
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  I've never been to such a beautiful place in my entire life. I went thinking I'd stay for only three days, I ended up staying five and that's only because I had to. I'm going back to that same place, that little cottage in the middle of the Swiss Alps, whenever I get the money!
Zack Walko
  One of the most amazingly scenic places I've ever been! Stayed here when I was backpacking in 1993. We saw the flier for it when we were in hostel in Geneva and thought, why not? When we arrived it was December and it was in the middle of a white-out blizzard. We walked down a tiny snow-covered street to this cozy hostel. When I awoke the next morning, the view out the window next to my bunkbed was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! We were only going to stay one night and instead stayed three. We spent our days walking around and taking pictures of the lovely little chalets and the snow-covered mountains. We also made our way over to the small ski town of Villars. It is still one of the highlights of all of my travelling. Don't miss this experience!
  Well what can I say. Although I've neglected Chalet Martin for the last couple of years, I have a lot to thank it for. I've had so many great times in Gryon and met so many fantastic people -- including one unlucky Australian who I'm now planning to marry. The place is more relaxing than you can prepare yourself for, and seems to attract a good mix of people. I'm now old (read 26) and well out of the backpacking lifestyle but that won't stop me going back -- it's more like a second home than a hostel.
Ed the Pom
  The place was a bit like a cult for people who acted like they were pro snowboarders, including the staff. The place is beautiful and has tons of potential, but we really never knew who the actual staff were there. And, the few that we did encounter were rude and always acted like we were wasting their time... it was weird. We met some cool people that made up for the lack of warmth, which made up for the atmosphere.
  I visited this hostel in the summer of 2005. It was by far the best hostel that I visited in my 9 week tour of europe. I had originally intended on only staying here for 3 days, but it turned into 5 and then into 7 because I just couldn't force myself to leave. Immaculately clean. Super friendly workers Amazing kitchen Great beds/dorms and private rooms Really fun hostel sponsored activites (Chocolate Tasting, Wine Tasting, Rock Climbing) Great atmosphere. Not always a party, but with the right people, it may happen Groceries on stock with the front desk for a very reasonable price STAY HERE!!! Do it. its kinda tricky to figure out how to get there, but visit the hostel's website and their train directions will be helpful. Oh ya, that reminds me, they have big binders with all the destinations that you could want to go to from there with the train times all mapped out for you. nice bonus. I'll be back as soon as I get to europe again.
Travis Gingrich- Chicago
  I stayed here 1.5 years ago, and had an amazing time. One of the most memorable experiences of a 2 month trip. I've sent my brother and a another friend that way, and I am going back myself in a few weeks. An incredible, unspoiled, gorgeous place. Do everything you can to make it here!
  When we stayed here we felt like we were on holiday from our travels... does that make sense? We really liked it a lot here.
Tesh n' Ben
  It is not the cleanest, but then who cares? The people are great, the bedrooms are lovely and everything is just so nice!!! We loved it! Be careful not to go to Solalex unless you are used to walking, it is very tiring!!! Don't miss the thermal baths, though. They are pretty amazing.

Response from the accommodation: Sorry that your visit wasn't the cleanest, we were away for a while and have since got onto all the bits needing some extra help, thanks for your honesty and we hope you visit again sometime. Happy travels! Robyn

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