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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Squamish Inn on the Water" at 38220 Highway 99.)


38220 Highway 99, Squamish, Colombie-Britannique, Canada
49.702308, -123.144128 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (604) 892-9240, +1 (800) 449-8614
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Great place, very convenient, and very well located.
Very friendly staff there, although the hostel is quite big. Very well maintained, clean, and new. Perhaps not good for a long stay as it's not so romantic to be stuck between a river and the side wall of a highway, but very convenient for the road tripper who stops for a few days in the Sea to Sky region. A little bit on the pricey side as there's no breakfast included neither free internet but being only forty kilometers from Whistler can't make life cheap!
Very disappointing
Very disappointing. Just another cheap motel on the highway. We were booked into a room described as a one-bedroom family suite with two double beds. Turns out their idea of a one-bedroom family suite is a small motel room crammed with two beds. No chairs or tables. No coffee facilities and not very clean. The best news was that our room did indeed face the town river, however this hotel could also have aptly been titled "Inn on highway 99," the highway noise being ever present, due to the motel being quite close to the main road. Oh and when we called to book the manager neglected to mention another little detail. The motel is presently in the middle of a highway construction site. A huge bulldozer spent the day shifting dirt in front of this small building.
  This place is great. it was stylish, very clean, and professional. The Waterfront is breathtaking. The staff was very professional and courteous and even the owner was on-site and he made you feel right at home. Now that is hospitality. All owners should be as nice and accommodating as he was!
  We live just down the road in Vancouver and stay at Inn on the Water for a weekend getaway. Although this hostel is less community-focused as others I have stayed in, I would recommend this place before any hotel/motel in the area. My husband and I had a private room -- what other hostel do you know that has a satellite television in the bedroom? Really high class stuff, and great staff. I would also recommend the staff to any people emigrating from the U.S. as they are a treasure trove of information.
  Nice enough accommodation and friendly, helpful receptionist. What I found distasteful was the owner's lack of professionalism as I overheard he and another staff person demeaning and gossiping about the receptionist who I found so very helpful and friendly during my and my friend's short stay. Though I liked the accommodation well enough, I won't be returning because of the manner in which at least one staff person was treated. Very disappointing.
J. Ross
  These guys are awesome. I wasn't even a guest there as I was camping but they let my friend and I use their facilities to have a hot shower and a shave (first in about three days). It was thirty minutes of sheer heaven, and for two bucks was worth every penny.
John Bourne
  I was only here for one night but the facilities are very good and everyone was friendly and helpful. The building has a nice patio and a veranda, the kitchen has everything you need and the separate TV room is very comfy. Everywhere was really clean and the rooms weren't too crowded (four to six people) and were very light. However, I had only been in my bed for ten minutes, reading, when I saw a bed bug on the underside of the bunk above me. As I looked further I found several and managed to catch two to show the guy on the desk. He was very apologetic and moved me to another room (private which was worth more money too) but did say that they had been having problems with my room (208) and that the bedbugs kept coming back. I checked the bed in my new room and couldn't find anything but I still woke up with twelve bites the next morning. It is a real shame because it really is a great place so I would recommend that people avoid room 208 and make sure they check their beds before they go to sleep.
  This was a lovely hostel, all new, very clean and efficient and with views from our room over a little lake and herons. It has a very relaxing atmosphere; Squamish is not the place for partying.
Mary and Dan

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