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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Alessandro Downtown Hostel" at Via Carlo Cattaneo, 23.)


Via Carlo Cattaneo, 23, Near Termini, Rome, Latium, Italie
41.897587, 12.501700 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 06 4434 0147
+39 06 4938 0534
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Good hostel
The location was great, beds are comfy other than the pillows, bathroom and rooms were very clean and spacious. Only downside was the kitchen, they could add an extra stove as it gets pretty crowded with everyone trying to cook. Also could consider keeping kitchen open later than 10.
Helpful staff but bathrooms could be better
Most staff were very helpful and friendly. Hostel was mostly clean, but bathrooms smelled like they weren't cleaned as often as they should be. My only other complaints were lack of ante-chambers in the showers, and the kitchen closed too early (10pm) -- should extend to 11pm.
Age 42, Canada
Pretty great hostel
This hostel was pretty great. I really like the layout -- the dorms are very spacious. The beds are comfy, and the layout is modern and colorful, but still well-made. There are two desks and about 6 outlets near the door, which worked out for us fine. I chose this hostel because it had a kitchen. It's a pretty good kitchen with pots and dishes and extras like salt and oil. I had spaghetti a few nights to save money, so it was appreciated. The 4 euro breakfast is pretty good -- toast, unlimited cereal, an espresso machine, canned fruit. I also enjoyed the hostel-provided activities - I did the pub crawl which was nice (except it went far away and we couldn't find a bus back so we split a taxi), and also signed up for a Vatican tour through the hostel. I loved the layout of the bathrooms. The toilets are separate rooms, with large mirrors and sinks and even hairdryers, so you can do your entire morning routine in privacy. The 3 showers are also private rooms, but I had trouble with both of the showers that I used -- one didn't drain so I was ankle deep in water the whole time and afraid it would overflow. Second one was really hot in the beginning but after 30 seconds went lukewarm and never became hot again. After a long day it was not appreciated. But overall, I really liked this place. It's great for the price, and I would stay here again -- just fix the 3rd floor showers! Also -- the neighborhood is dodgy, yes. People are pushy. But there's lots of little shops around if you need a cheap case for your phone or souvenirs.
Age 27, US
Good location even though a bit dodgy are but walking distance and great that there's a 24hr service. Friendly staff and the basic standards all available. Great stay for the money!
Age 31, Sweden
Safe, Clean, Friendly
This hostel is so close to the train station and they're really secure and safe. I appreciated having to get buzzed in at all times, that there was a camera to the street to see who was at the door, after midnight they ask what room you're in and if everyone you're with is from your room since there is a no stranger policy at any time. There are also hotel like key card entries to all the hostel rooms and everyone is provided a locker. My room also had a full bathroom. It was great and we were lucky enough to stay with great people too.
Age 21, USA
Really great place to stay in Rome
This was the last hostel I stayed at on my backpacking journey. So it is pretty huge, and pretty famous, so there are A LOT of people here. But they have plenty of bathrooms and showers. That get cleaned every day at 3. So that is really nice. The rooms are nice and clean. Just make sure you know check in is at 3. All of the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They have a few south Asian guys that work from midnight to 7 am that are really sweet and make you feel very comfortable. The price is good for what you are getting. It is only a 3 minute walk to the metro station. That helps a lot while in Rome. And if you want to walk, it is in a fairly good location. The city is not that hard to walk through and you will always find astounding buildings while walking that are not on the tourist maps or in the guides. And if you are interested in going out, they host a pub crawl. It is organized for you, so if you are traveling alone, it is a great chance to get to know fellow travelers from around the world. LAST they have a breakfast buffet (3 euros) from 7:30 to 10. It is not a 5 star buffet, but you get unlimited toast, jam, cereal, coffe, milk, tea, juice, fresh fruit, ham, and cheese. They have a packed lunch that you can buy. This is the first hostel I have seen that does this. It is a good option for a busy day. And they have free pasta every tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday. Free pasta is good pasta. I highly recommended staying here.
Average hostel
I booked this hostel after I've surveyed all the hostel in rome, and I think it is the best. The location is good no doubt. It is near to the Termini. Everything was ok until the lady brought me to my room, my impression dropped immediately. The room was so messy and liquor was all around the floor (I've never seen such untidy room in my life before). The lady herself also shocked and she told me, it was the other backpackers who messed up the room. So she is kind enough to move us to a new room. The bed was not comfortable to sleep as I woke up with bug bites all over my neck and there was no heater in the room, make me freaking cold throughout the night during the winter. The breakfast was ok, with bread, grains, and fruit juice.
One of the better ones and value for money!
Great hostel, we stayed in a very spacious eight-bed dorm (any other hostel would've put another set of bunks in it) with a table and enough chairs for everyone. It was clean, the bathrooms were clean, and the showers were great. Breakfast and dinner was provided -- although the pasta for dinner isn't enough to fill you up if you've had a light lunch but it was free so who are we to complain! All this for 19 euro a night! The area wasn't fantastic but there weren't any syringes around and the smell of urine wasn't as bad as someone commented below. The area is super close to the Roma Termini and many tourist attractions are within twenty-minute walk.

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