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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hairy Berry Backpacker Hostel" at 2, 1 Road.)


2, 1 Road, Te Puke, Nueva Zelanda
-37.789655, 176.335188 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0064 07 573 8015
0064 07 573 8605
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47% Guest Reviews

Never, ever go to this place
If you have an other opportunity to make money, stay away from Te Puke and especially from this dirty, bad managed backpacker. When you arrive there you have to pay a 200$ bond that force you to stay (they say it's a security for them but it's bullcrap), you have to rent a blanket otherwise you got nothing and they give you a bucket with you cutlery so they're sure that you won't steal anything. After you paid for all this stuff you're not even sure to get a job, when I was there people stayed for two weeks without getting any job or a poor pruning day paid 20$ a day. Moreover, the place is filthy, the rooms are disgusting, the showers are even worst and none of the pans and pots are in a good state, nearly all broken or not functional. They say that you have to stay in this place if you want to get a job but it's wrong, most of the employers doesn't care where you live! Be careful of the scam!
Age 23, France
Nice stay
Me and my two friends stayed one week at the hostel and we liked it. We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and had fun playing pool, at a quiz night and a mustache party. We got work at a kiwi orchard on the second day of our stay. The first impression when we got there was not that good, but in the end everything was ok.
Do not go for the pruning, or the backpackers
Plenty of work promised on internet sites and over phone, but nothing offered once there. A word of warning as well; if you are not experienced in pruning and tying down kiwi fruit you won't be able to make minimum wage for at least a few weeks worth of practice, even if you are a gun. Saw plenty of people come and go doing that job. I got lucky, drove round the corner, saw a load of cars parked next to an orchard, talked to the fella and managed to get a job solely pruning everything back. Hard but could make a fair wage. It costs $150 a week to stay at Berry's, possibly the most expensive hostel I've come across, and messiest. Just get into one of the many houses advertised on supermarket noticeboards and you should still find work no bother. I heard the kiwi picking is ok money but you do it in gangs. Also heard rumours of Hairy Berrys taking everyones credit card details upon arrival during picking season, stating that if they were to leave after finding work they would be charged 3 weeks rent. Don't know why people put up with that!
Definitely the place to stay if you want to make money!
I liked the hostel a lot. Stayed there for 7 weeks for good reason. i can assure it is the cleanest hostel compared to all others i have experienced all around nz. I arrived on a friday and started working on the following monday and was no day without work for the whole 7 weeks. I met a lot of nice people there since the hostel is relatively small so that there is one community room. All the essential stores are to be reached in few minutes by feet. The staff is nice and very helpful, so Walter gave me his fishing rod when i wanted to go trout fishing in the river next to the hostel. And what is not to be forgotten is the shed, we had some great parties there. For me the best hostel.
The owners' are a bunch of liars and money suckers. They promised me over the phone that there are plenty of jobs available, I traveled down from Auckland only to see us staying for 2weeks and only working for 3 pathetic days. Te Puke is a really small town, there's nothing much you can do there so for 11 jobless days I just slog at that hostel doing nothing and wasting my life! The pay I worked for is only just enough to pay for my 2 weeks accommodation there! No it's not cheap, for the same price i got a hostel with personal fridge and heater, this place has nothing but spider webs. Absolutely filthy! BAD BAD PLACE! AVOID AT ALL COST!
(Czech republic)
Helpful Staff But Dirty Hostel
Walter has been most helpful fetching us to the hostel and then helping us find work within 2 days of arrival with tracy. however, it is true this hostel is very dirty, there are spiderwebs everywhere. it also isnt very cheap compared to other places. fix the prices and the cleanliness however, and it will make hairy berry a great hostel in te puke.
This place is awful!!!! Stayed for a week only, did plan on a bit longer but it is filthy dirty, very uncomfortable, and no, not very cheap!! You definitely do not get your moneys worth at all! The whole place needs to be revamped, along with the guy who owns it, but even more so his hideous looking partner who looks so tired and haggard,and thinks she is better than everyone else. Would only recommend to my worst enemy!
Je tiens beaucoup à vous parler de mon EXTRÊME mécontentement! Ma fille a a pris chambre dans l'auberge HAIRRY BERRY (TE PUKE - Nouveau Zélande) parce - que l'auberge promet du travail CE QUI EST FAUX! Elle à payé 500 $ pour 1 mois et après 2 semaines de séjour rien ! Aucun travail. Obligée de partir, l'auberge refuse de rembourser 2 semaines restantes. Non seulement l'AUBERGE est mal tenue et des SALE, mais elle ARNAQUE les jeunes avec des promesses fausses et je vais le faire savoir.

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