Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublin

Isaac's Hostel Dublin, Dublín

Dublin 1
14,018 Reviews
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Comentarios Isaac's Hostel Dublin

Good Hostel in convenient location within walking distance of the main

Isaac's is a good hostel and offers a viable option for staying in Dublin. The main advantage is it has a downstairs reading area and there is also another area downstairs to relax (including a book exchange section). The staff are quite good here too and they allow late access to the kitchen.

Age 38 | Irish

Not a great place

I stayed there one night and I didn't even get a bed to sleep in. They double booked my bed and I had to sleep on the couch. When I told them this the next morning their response was "People sleep in the wrong bed all the time. We can't help it." Not to mention, the breakfast was pathetic, the place was so crowded with teenagers, the wifi didn't work, and the room I was supposed to be in was right next to the train. Awful place, stay somewhere else worthwhile.

Age 22 | USA


DO NOT STAY IN THIS HOSTEL! THIS HOSTEL IS NOT SAFE! I had my iPhone stolen right from under my nose (literally, it was under my pillow as I slept). Somehow, two random people that didn't even go to the hostel got past the front desk, up into every floor, past locked bedroom doors, and robbed two or three rooms. Later, I found out from the desk attendants that most of the doors are broken and don't close properly. Their solution was to put up cheesy laminated signs, instead of fixing the doors. They have no way of protecting the rooms as no one patrols the hallways of the upper levels and the only guard the place has all night long are the one or two kids at the lobby desk. I don't even know how the thieves got past the front desk and only know it was two guys, because some of the other guests told me. Security with the keycards is laughable, as they are simply dropped in a box on the desk for checking out. No deactivation or signing out or even visual confirmation by the desk staff is necessary, so anyone could just give their key to someone else that wanted to rob the place blind. The hostel's camera system is useless and only an illusion of safety as it seems that no one watches them and even after the theft, they weren't able to use them to find the people who did it. The rooms don't even have lockers to keep your things safe. For 2 euros a night and a 10 euro deposit they offer lockers deep in the basement, which is both an annoyance and an inconvenience. It's also ultimately pointless if the valuable cell phone that you might want to lock up is also your alarm clock for the next morning that you would be able to hear if the locker was in the room. I spoke to the manager of the hostel was completely unsympathetic and, frankly, very rude and he seemed like he didn't even care at all that I had lost something valuable. He was more concerned about being defensive, denying all responsibility, and refusing to repay me anything, not even the generosity of compensating me a night's stay. He didn't even care when I said that someone could have snuck into the room and killed me in the middle of the night. Apart from that, everything else about the hostel was completely unsatisfactory. I stayed in both a shared room and a private room and had the same terrible experience in both. The rooms were extremely hot all the time, which was weird because it was freezing and raining outside all week. Any footsteps on the floorboards in the hall or above produce loud creaks in every room around, making it very difficult to sleep. It wouldn't be a problem if the hostel wasn't full of hundreds of people and if they weren't mostly kids, that always hung out and partied in the lobby and in their rooms all night long, presumably because they weren't old enough to go to bars. They told me that they offered a "full continental breakfast," that was nothing more than instant coffee, sour (but really sour) orange juice, stale corn flakes, and toast. It was also only open from 7:30-9:30 and promptly closed. The kitchen was big enough, but they hardly had enough plates and bowls for everyone. I tried to keep groceries in the refrigerator, but a lot of my food was stolen. The facilities also weren't that great. They offered only one computer with windows xp that broke constantly, rendering it useless. The wifi also only worked within fifteen steps from the reception desk. There were also unnecessary charges for nearly everything additional that you could need. Ear plugs were 50 cent, towels were two euro, laundry was six. I asked for ear plugs on multiple nights and was told that the desk worker was going to call the sister hostel and bring some over, but it never happened. In addition, I asked a couple of the desk attendants in the morning about things to do in Dublin and they couldn't really answer any specific questions. They knew where the Irish museum of modern art was and they could circle it on a map, but they couldn't tell me what was inside. They didn't know that it was closed and under construction for the season, which cost me time and train tickets going to the other side of the city to try and see it. I also went on two walking tours, one sponsored by the hostel and the other by a different company. I found the outside company's tour to be much much more informative and entertaining having been given by a charismatic, authentic Irish student. The hostel's location is also not the best. Dublin is a walking city, but Isaac's is far enough away from temple bar (which is where you want to be) that it's annoying to go or come back from anywhere. There's also not many choice for places to go around the hostel if you need a quick bite to eat. There are plenty of other highly rated and equally affordable places with a much better location and much better facilities. DO NOT STAY HERE!

Age 26 | USA

Horrible Hostel

Isaacs Hostel was very uninviting. Being as a first time traveler in Europe this hostel really let me down. It was the worst hostel out of the nine cities I went to in Europe. When I first arrived everything seemed fine. They got us our keys and rooms. My friend and I decided to take a nap since we had been traveling for a day, we were exhausted. After awakening from our nap we decided to walk around the city for a bit. When we came back our keys didn't work for the rooms so we went to the receptionist and they gave us new keys. Mind you our rooms were on the fourth floor and there was no elevator. The second pair of keys they gave us didn't work. So we went back downstairs. They told us we had book the wrong day apparently and we were told that we couldn't stay in the room anymore. Seeing how we booked the wrong date it was our fault but the receptionist could have warned us or told us. To make matters worse the receptionist was extremely rude to us. They told us they would try and see if there were any rooms available for us, if there wasn't we would have to leave. Well there was an extra room, but it was a four person bedroom, it would cost more and seeing how we didn't book ahead of time we would be charged even more. We asked politely if there was anyway that we could pay less for the room since they didn't tell us before hand that we booked the wrong date for the room. They refused and became angry for us even when we had asked politely. People were very rude here and did not even tell us what there was to do around the city. Worst hostel in Europe ever.


Loud trains and cranky staff

I stayed at Isaac's in January 2009 because I heard good reviews about it. We stayed for one night before flying out the next morning. It was fairly late when we arrived, so we grabbed sandwiches from a convenience store before checking in. They told us we couldn't eat in the common area. The room was average, but the trains run literally next to the window ALL NIGHT! Shouldn't they stop at some point? I wish we had been warned. Also, it's next to the bus station, which gets a little dodgy at night.


Good enough for the price

Well the price, location and atmosphere was pretty good. Great little reception area and basement to hang out in. However, the heating was up too high so we had to leave the window open to the noise of the trains and random drunks on a Friday night. Also the shower and toilet facilities could've done with some cleaning and fixing, one of the showers I went into had the head stuck facing the corner. The kitchen got really crowded during meal times, not enough cutlery in there and only one microwave even though there was two pizza ovens. You could survive it for a few days in order to take advantage of its location but honestly there's probably better hostels in the area.


Pretty bad

The location is good, but I wouldn't return to this hostel. I was there with some friends back in june 2005. The rooms looked decent and clean, but they weren't. I got a skin infection from the bedbugs in there. Bathrooms are ok, could be much better. Food isn't great, but it's free. I would recommend you stay somewhere else, trust me, there are way much better places.


Cold, noisy

I stayed there for two nights in April 2008. There was no heating and it was freezing cold in the room. It is also very noisy and if you intend to sleep ever during the night, better go someplace else.


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Ubicación y contacto




Dirección: 2-5 Frenchman's Lane, Dublin 1, Dublín, Irlanda

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Sitio web Isaac's Hostel Dublin Dublin
Teléfono: +353 (0) 1-855-6215
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Wi-Fi en la zona común

Alquiler de bicicletas

Consigna de equipajes

Lockers en el Lobby

Servicio de recogida en el Aeropuerto



Accesible para sillas de ruedas



Casa de cambio


Comida/ Restaurante

Conserje/ Info Desk

Duchas calientes.

Juegos de mesa

Lavadora (Lavandería)

Mesa de billar

Mesa de ping pong

Pagos con Tarjeta de Crédito

Sala de juegos


Secadores de pelo

Seguridad las 24 horas

Tours a pie


Edad Máx.: Todas las edades

Abierto: Todo el año

Check-Out: 11:00 (11 AM)

Estancia mínima: 1 noche

Horario del mostrador de recepción: 24 Horas

Tamaño: Muy grande (100+ camas)

Toque de queda: No hay toque de queda


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