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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Montpellier Hostel" at Rue des Ecoles Laïques Impasse Petite Corraterie.)


Rue des Ecoles Laïques Impasse Petite Corraterie, Montpellier, Languedoc-Rosellón, Francia
43.613833, 3.879052 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+33 (0)4 67 60 32 22
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Thanks for the bedbugs
I stayed there just one night and it took me three weeks to get rid of all the bedbug bites I had all over my body. I wrote the hostel to advise them if the situation and they didn't even bother replying.
Rude and obnoxious man at reception
We came to stay at this hostel, asked the man at reception if they had a couple of free beds, and were answered Yes. But when I asked if I could take a quick look around before paying, he was very rude and obnoxious and simply answered "they don't have room". Being tired as hell, and having been to four hotels that said they were full beforehand, I was half inclined to swallow my pride and ask for the beds anyways, but the way I was treated was so hideous that I decided against it and ended up finding a nice cheap hotel room. Really bad vibe. Avoid like the plague.
Accueil desagréable, manque de professionnalisme
Je suis venue avec un groupe de scolaires et on ne m'avait pas prévenue qu'on ne pouvait pas approcher le bus; 1er pb. La restauration proposée (Flunch, correct) est loin, donc il faut prendre le tram avec 50 gamins = cher et galère! La répartition des chambres relève de l'amateurisme ou du jem'enfoutisme: les profs à un étage, les élèves à un autre dispachés au milieu de 2 autres groupes = surveillance impossible. Et qui en a la responsabilité? Moi!!! Chambres correctes mais porte de douche bloquée, pas de papier toilette...Le chauffeur a galéré lui aussi: parking bus d'un côté de la ville et hotel à l'autre bout...Pas moyen d'avoir un responsable: "Ah c'est pas moi qui..." Et l'accueil est limite désagréable. Bref une auberge peut-être bien pour des individuels car dans le centre historique, mais absolument pas pour des groupes scolaires. En tous les cas je n'y reviendrai pas.
The worst of all
I can't believe this hotel has an HI logo, I've been used to much much much better than this. It's a real shame how dirty, old, horrible this hostel is inside and how badly you're treated by staff! DON'T STAY THERE.
Avoid this hostel
i can also say that this is the worst hostel ive stayed in. I paid for the night but after seeing the state of the room and experiencing other problems (the lock on the door to the room didn't work) i immediately decided to stay elsewhere. There's plenty of cheap accomm in montpellier, so i see no advantage in staying at this HI Hostel. I am still chasing them for the money they said id be reimbursed after deciding to spend the night elsewhere -- they dont reply to emails and or answer the phone. So it also seems they're a bit shifty (although the young guys behind reception seemed perfectly reasonable, implying that i would be reimbursed).
paul brown
Pretty Poor
This hostel is ok if you just need a place to crash before getting a train or something but not if you want to party in Montpellier. Montpellier is a great city with some busy nightlife but this hostel has a 2 a.m. curfew and doesn't open till about 7 or 8 a.m. and then kicks you out of your room from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. for cleaning. If you want to have a big night out all these time limits can be pretty annoying. Also despite the massive five hours a day given over for cleaning the rooms it remains quite dirty.
So dirty.
The worst hostel i've ever been -- rooms and bathrooms are small, poor, and dirty. Showers aren't in the inner of the building but at the top of external stairs. Absolutely you can't stay there.
Bitter staff, five hour lock-out, hard schlep up the stairs.
This was the worst stay of my five weeks in Europe. I did meet two very cool people while I was staying in this hostel, which made up for the other horrors of the joint. Unfortunately it's like saying "go for the beds, stay for the Stockholm Syndrome." Pros, The place is conveniently located a one-minute walk from the Louis Blanc tram stop, three stops from the train station. It's crazy cheap and breakfast is included. No bedbugs. Now for the cons, there is no communal kitchen, so you can't cook. If you're traveling on a budget, you can guess what a pain this is. The breakfast is limited to corn flakes, bread, jelly, and hazelnut spread (but that's common in France). Once you've eaten, you'd better be ready to get going. The daytime lockout begins at 10 a.m. and continues until 3 p.m. If you forget anything, they'll tell you off and act like you're a criminal. They run the place as if this were a summer camp and not a business. (Fellow Americans, do not make the mistake of saying "hey, I paid already" because they take that as more insulting than waving your privates.) Take a shower the night before, even if you're hung over from a fine night in this beautiful medieval city. The showers require that you hit a push button about every ten seconds and take three hits before the hot water arrives. If you try to get a shower around breakfast time, you'll be very likely not to find hot water or find a long line for what little still works. Most rooms are only eight-bed or ten-bed. You can't buy something else. The toilets do not have seats. You sit on the porcelain. Often the toilets break. There is also a 2 a.m. curfew. Think about this -- you're locked in the place from 2 until 7 or 8, then locked out from 10 to 3. I would highly recommend that you save up for something else instead of staying here. Your only benefit will be meeting cool fellow sufferers. Dude, I've slept in my car many times because I'm cheap and still can't say I'd sleep there again.
(United States)

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