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261-265 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, Londres, Greater London, Reino Unido
51.529070, -0.120137 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 20 7183 9400
+ 44 (0)20 7833 9677
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Clean hostel
I stayed in the 4 person dormitory, and it was clean but very very tiny. Probably more suited for 4 friends traveling together. Also, only 2 lockers were available for use in the room so if it's already taken up, tough luck! The cleaning lady is very diligent with her work and cleans the room properly, will even move your bag on the floor to clean under it. Love her! There are no female bathrooms/toilets located on the 3rd floor, so you'll have to go to the 2nd floor. The showers are ok, proper cubicle with area to dry yourself and change. The water pressure could be a little better though. My only real complaint is the wifi, which was supposed to be available throughout, but in actual fact, only worked well on the ground floor. Whilst the signal remained strong on level 3, the Internet simply wouldn't work anyhow, and even if it did for a bit, it would stop working again midway. This was very very frustrating to me as I often needed to make my way down to the reception just to use the wifi.
Clean, Great Location but very Institutional
This is a great hostel if you are in a party and big crowd mood. It is clean and in a great location. It has a very institutional feel like a HI Hostel. They do host large groups of children here at times. When I was there they had a group of over 100 French children age 8 to 12. All very well behaved but they are children and it did bring the noise level up and add to the lines in the shared baths and the breakfast line in the morning. All in all a good choice if you are in a party mood. Met guests here from 8 years old to 80 years old. Love that.
Age 49, USA
Very good
fantastic design, I love the position and the interior lights are very balanced, so cool.
Age 30, indonesia
Clean and Fun
We had a lot of fun at this hostel. Very nice people. The breakfast was terrible but the internet was cheap, and the staff were so helpful. It was a very safe and secure with not many rules at all. Our only problem was two people who were very rude to us just because we were from america. Otherwise it was great.
(United States)
Good place to stay
Ashlee house offers comfortable beds, a very good breakfast, a good shower, nice common areas, but the location is not the best one if you want to walk to touristic attractions.
Great value, friendly people
This is a really good hostel with friendly people. It is just out of the way enough to make it affordable, but still close enough to central tube lines. The atmosphere is relaxed, but not dumpy. It's a great place for a london visit, and the staff was exceedingly friendly.
  This hostel is located in Kings Cross which is in central London but is nicely away from the main tourist trap areas. It is around two hundred meters from Kings Cross/St.Pancras in what may look like a fairly run down area. The immediate surrounding area has lots of cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets, and convenience stores. Booking can be made on-line at Check-in opens at two-thirty p.m., where you present your reference number, complete payment, collect bed linen and you are given your relevant door entry security codes. You can also pay a refundable deposit of five pounds for your cutlery and crockery hire. I stayed in a sixteen-bed, mixed sex dormitory. The beds were bunk beds and were of a more than adequate size. The room had two sinks for washing. There are no bedside cabinets or lockers in the room. A safe is available in reception and also a luggage room which is closed between eleven p.m. and seven a.m. Toilets and shower facilities were of a fairly basic, low standard, not very clean and fresh but just about adequate for the short time you need them. Bring your own towel. Kitchen was really quite pleasant. Good amount of tables, chairs, breakfast bars, and stools. Breakfast is included in the price and consists of cereals, toast, tea, or coffee. Guests are expected to clean up after themselves. Lounge area was small. Two sofas, drinks vending machine, music, movie, games console, and internet access in a small side room. Overall a good place to stay. Toilets are a big let down which management should turn their attention to imediately. Staff were not very easily identifiable. Secutity was fairly good. I would give it six out of ten because there is a bit of room for improvement in all areas. Price -- I paid eighteen pounds (euros twenty-six) for one night in a sixteen-bed mixed dormitory in July on a Friday night.
So merton
  Ashlee's house is an average hostel, nothing to write home about. We stayed in a four bed room which was small and clean and convenient since there were four of us. The beds were comfortable and there was a sink in the room. The only problem was that there was very little space to put your backpacks/suitcases. The staff was helpful at giving directions and the breakfast consisted of cereal and toast. The hostel is in the center of London although you are about 20-30 minutes walking from the heart of the city. My biggest complaint is that the bathroom was not very clean. There was hair all over the shower and one of the toilets was backed up the 2 days/1 night we were there. It appeared that they only cleaned the bathrooms once a day, which left it looking dirty. Overall, I would recommend choosing a different hostel.

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