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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "SameSun Backpacker Lodge - Revelstoke" at 400 Second Street West.)


400 Second Street West, Revelstoke, Columbia Británica, Canadá
50.999899, -118.198879 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (250) 837-4050
+1 (250) 837-6410
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78% Guest Reviews

I was disappointed of this hostel. It's smelly and sometimes the wifi doesn't work ... I have been to lots of hostels in Canada which were even cheaper but way better.
Age 24, German
Great staff
Staff was really helpful, you get few tips for your free time, activities or night life. Discounts for pubs or swimming pool available, I fully recommend.
Age 26, Czech Republic
I ran away
I booked it online not knowing what I am getting myself into. As soon as I walked in the hostel, I noticed the house was very rundown, smelly ... so, I gave it an honest look, went upstairs and around for a tour, and I decided to cancel the stay. I do NOT recommend this hostel.
Jarka DV
Age 40, Canadian
Ended up on the couch after overbooking
My friend and I stay at the hostel a week in February from Monday to Friday. For the first 4 nights we stayed at a private room and the last night I ended up sleeping on the couch after a overbooking of the hostel. Or what the hostel staff called it an 'accident.' The private rooms at the hostel is overfilled with beds, only beds. There was no lockers to store valuables and no other place to store your baggage than in a bed. For storing our skis we had to use a outdoor ski-locker-room, which was a room overfilled with skis, boards and clothes. The locker was for everyone staying at the hostel and all you had to do to get in was signing out a key. Even though it was a new staff member at the desk every time I was there, they didn't ask me for my room number or if I was staying at the hostel. It would therefore be an excellent way of getting some pair of new skis, and I must say there was a lot of nice skis there! For the last night we had to stay at a dorm, which was pretty much like the private rooms the only difference was that they got 4 lockers for 6 people. After making my bed for the night that day we went out for a couple of drinks before finding the bed occupied when I returned. I went to the night staff to explain my situation and we agreed that I would stay on the couch and get my night refunded. When I got my night refunded I received $30 even though the night was $34. And now I have to provide a receipt of getting the refund to receive the extra $4 I was promised. When I talked to the daily-manager the day after she told me that this person was not supposed to be in that bed and was actually checked out the day before. And therefore this wasn't a overbooking. When I told her that they should have control over their guests she actually said that they couldn't keep a 24 hour control over the hostel. The hostel has a fine for guest waking up other people after 11 pm at $250, my question is, who gets that money? And what did the person staying in the bed I booked pay? Does this company actually earn money on these 'accidents'? My recommendation is obviously: DON'T STAY HERE!!! But there is another view as well. If you have very little money you could easily get 2-3 extra nights on this hostel whit out paying for it or if you are lucky the whole stay. And if you are looking for some new skis for the season they really got some very nice powder skis. But remember, you don't have to book!
This is the worst hostel I have ever stayed in. It was dirty, noisy, and the manager and one of her staff were extremely rude. I have never been treated so badly before. Once you check in, you can not shorten your booking without having to pay for all the nights. There are no refunds, even with giving the forty-eight hours cancellation notice. The hostel was completely full, people were even sleeping on the couches in the TV room. There is a bathroom and a shower on each floor which was supposed to service about twenty people. The kitchen was dirty with food on the floor, water all over the counter, and there was only one bowl. I would never stay here again.
  I stayed here in 2003; I think it had different owners then, but maybe only the affiliation has changed. Excellent location and excellent rooms, nice kitchen (upstairs) too. Recommended — it's a fine base for exploring the mountains.
Ben from Vancouver
  I was there in 2001 a couple of times, ten days in early February once — it was a $20 (Canadian)deal on the ski package then! Great times, even if I did spend seven days laid up in the hostel with a bad injury! So, it's a very good hostel in that sense also! I would always visit if passing through on the Greyhound bus and had some time spare. It has a nice Back-To-The-Future town hall.
Nick, England
  This is a hostel. Stay here if you're passing through. But unless you have the time, the plans and the gear to hit the mountains, Revelstoke will bore you senseless.

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