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101 Waianuenue Avenue, Hilo, Big Island, Hawai, Estados Unidos
19.725979, -155.087950 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (808) 933-2771
+1 (808) 935-1183
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  I canceled my reservation because I'm disabled and have a 90lb Service dog. I'm 60 yrs. Old. I can't be sharing a room. I cannot share a bathroom. I can't share a house. I have a C-PAP with oxygen I use. This will not work for me. I canceled, they charged my MasterCard $100. More than one night stay there. Be careful don't give them your credit card. I now have notified my bank and ADA. So much hassle. No aloha spirit here. I will make sure everyone knows how they take advantage of disabled people.
Age 60, USA
The Aloha spirit
This hostel isn't perfect. It's in an old building (former hotel), and the showers aren't hot. But what makes the place worth five stars is the management. I had checked in on a Thursday morning before going to my property in Naalehu to do some work. That afternoon, while on my way back to Hilo, I blacked out and hit a solid lava embankment, totaling my pickup and putting myself in the hospital. Not too long after being admitted, I received a call from Terry, the HBH manager. He said, "We're here for you. What do you need?" I almost dropped the phone. I had spoken to Terry for maybe five minutes. We were a small step from being total strangers. I mentioned that my reading glasses had been lost in the wreck. Fifteen minutes later someone from the hostel appeared in my hospital room with a new pair of reading glasses. That is the aloha spirit, and that's worth far more than a hot shower.
Age 75, United States
Breaking house rules apparently appreciated
Our stay was 4 nights in a dorm room. We slept in a double bed together, so they put the price down, which was very nicely done. Then the first night we had a lady drinking in bed all night, trying to get private with two guys. One of them wasnt even supposed to be in our room. Managements reaction was, that 5 people got moved in another room, instead of moving her (?!). To be fair we got some money refunded as well, but that didn't have the value of what we had to see! One couple in our room had booked the room for 4 nights in advance. In total they slept in three different rooms now, because they got moved all the time. 3rd night there was trouble in the hostel with the police because of underage drinking. Weed smell from the entrance every day. The rules of strictly no alc and silence at 10pm are very strict, but the important ones are apparently ignored or at least made way smaller than they are. Last day our beer got stolen from the fridge. Management said "Sorry, can't do anything about that". We are really sad about the stay. Even though we got some money back, we more feel like we should get paid for having to experience this ****. We've been around the world and this is the worst hostel ever for us! It was clean and good looking. But if you don't feel safe, then the first two points are senseless and it becomes a stressful situation. Only reason we stayed was nice people we met. As soon they were gone, we were gone.
Great location, large private rooms, fair prices
The private rooms are very roomy and have a small fridge which is handy as the single main fridge was packed. The location is walking distance to great restaurants and two coffee shops. The only minor issue we had was with noise; in the evening you can easily hear guests taking and having a good time just outside the rooms in the common area. Quiet time starts at 10pm so this should not be a big deal for most people. The street noise is more of an issue as you can hear big trucks (garbage trucks) starting at about 5:30am.
Age 48, Canada
It is what it is.
A good clean place with a friendly knowledgeable staff. Not without its faults though, Hilo Bay Hostel has Wi-Fi but the access is not free, there is no pick-up or drop off to the airport (Hilo is not the easiest place to get around inexpensively to/from the airport). Not the best place in town -- the best place is down the street.
(United States)
I've seen many, but none matches this one.
I've been to hostels all around the world. I don't think there is one that can match the Hilo Bay Hostel. It is in an historic building, beautifully maintained, one that looks as though it has never been renovated because it has been maintained. The place is highly clean, grand, organised, charming, spacious, and just the best I've ever stayed in. I give it an unqualified five stars recommendation.
douglas ploehn
Great hostel. Lot of charm and character. Friendly staff, clean and close to everything. Right in the heart of Hilo. Enjoy the Farmers Market, Strawberry Mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen, and the Loco Moco from Koji's. Will book another stay next time on the Big Island.
Happy Camper
(USA Hawaii)
  The first hostel I stayed in and I was taken surprise at how clean, friendly, and organized the place was. The staff was excellent, full of ALOHA, and showed me around the hostel and provided clean sheets and free tea in the morning. Smacked right in downtown Hilo and minutes away from the Farmers Market and grocers and gift shops. I stayed for two nights and the guests consists of international travelers and students. And because you are in downtown, at nights it can get a bit loud from bars outside. The showers and separate toilets were clean and maintained regularly. The kitchen is spacious, clean, and leads you to a mini-garden lounge downstairs. Overall it was very soothing and relaxing and great people to mingle and network.

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