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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Mystic Hot Springs & Hostel" at 475 E. 100 North.)


475 E. 100 North, Monroe, Utah, Estados Unidos
38.633718, -112.108505 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (435) 527-3286
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If you must, then you must ...
the theory of it is very very very good. BUT the reality is very very very unsettling and un-nourishing. Even if you can look over all the cosmetics, you can't really cuz you sit either in the main pools, which look over the roof of an unused building or you are in the cute old tubs up top, which looks over a vast trash and building material field. The owner does not care about taking care of the place for the customers. SO I SAY ... dont be customers! giving this guy money would be the worst thing you can do.
Age 37, usa
A Gem In The Middle of Utah
My husband, two children & I stayed here recently on the recommendation of a friend and were pleasantly surprised with the place. We were heading down to the area to go to the Fremont Indian State Park as well as to do some rock hounding near the area and this spot was the perfect place to come back to and relax at the end of the day as well as to hang out in the cool mornings before we headed out. The people that worked there were all very friendly and laid back as well as the dogs that welcomed you when you pulled up (one of our kids favorite parts). The springs are very warm to hot in temperature depending on which pool/tub you get into. The cement pools & tubs are very clean (yes there is mineral deposits in the tubs due to the mineral water) but they are clean and the water is literally silky smooth. The bathrooms/showers were all clean and taken care of during out stay. We stayed in one of the pioneer cabins and loved it! From the loft bed with a hatch window to open up and get some air, to the furnishings/wood stove/handmade curtains and string lighting it was about as quaint as it gets. Aubrey showed us around the place and made us feel at home. We got to see some of the buses that have been converted into sleeping quarters (complete with wooden furniture and handmade curtains)and also others that were currently in the works. We will definitely be returning.
Are you into hot water, no frills & few people?
I think it was in 2008 that my husband and I stayed for two days. We had the campground to ourselves except for the friendly host dog. Yes the pool was empty and there was a lot of clutter inside the office but if this meant I didn't have to deal with people that can bearly wipe their chins without help, then I was glad for the run down apperance. I visited with a nice lady from Monroe while we shared the big pool. I also soaked in the old tubs on the hill while watching the stars and again while the sun spread its warmth across the valley at dawn. No one bothered us and I didn't see any wild partying going on. The showers were clean if not finished (someone had started some nice tile work). I guess I must be one of those happy hippies because I can't wait to come back to Mystic again.
This place is in total disrepair. We came here with recommendations from other's "rave reviews." They must be wearing different eye glasses. The swimming pool is empty and in total disrepair, the stage looks like it's seen better days. there is clutter everywhere. The plants are wilting. We did not see any showers to use prior to soaking. RIP OFF. The only customers we saw were "dead head" types. We left without using the baths. just got an "itchy" feeling about the place. It should be closed down until someone can make it look like the pictures on their website. Dead head or not -- they should provide a service that is worth paying for and not of questionable safety. What a dump. We WON'T be back.
Mixed menu
The cabin with electricity was peaceful and relaxing. The views at the top were great. My complaint is about the use of rags as plugs in the tubs. Surely, the owner can find silicone bath plugs or something that would not just sit and gather and grow germs and bacteria, promoting the growth of organisms. I can't believe the health department has not ordered him to stop using rags. During the winter and early spring, the water was cool in the tubs, too, which would also promote the growth of organism. Each time resulted in a skin infections so I would be cautious with the hot springs until the owner decides to plug them up differently and monitor regularly for bacteria.
This was a great experience!
My husband, brother in-law, and I just spent two nights here. We enjoyed the atmosphere very much. It was peaceful and relaxing, which is just what we wanted. Here you can go on a hike for hours and come back to soak in one of their excellent tubs. Not a modern tub people! We are talking the good ol' tubs that can fit two 6 foot tall people in it comfortably. These tubs are growing into the mountain itself. And don't get me started on the view from the top two tubs! You can soak 24 hours a day. Which means that one can star watch with out freezing your butt off! It is true that this place is not for everybody, but all of my good friends are of the type that can appreciate the simple joy this place brought me. And since it is not for everybody, I only met exceptional people during my stay. I would like to point out that this is not a drug infested hippie establishment. Mike and Christina have a good thing going here. And from what I have seen of the rest of the town, it is the only thing going. No restaurants to speak of. One grocery store, and a Texico are all I saw on their main street. The place needs a great tradition such as Mystic's! I refuse to call Mystic's a business. That would imply that it's only purpose is monetary gain. This place feeds the soul, and that is something that money cannot touch.
  The place should be appreciated for what it is. It is kind of run down but the tubs are cool and the spring water has no smell, which is always a plus. It is kind of a hippie place, so you can expect what kind of company to have. I wouldn't want to stay there, but it is a fun and unique cultural experience to visit for part of a day. $7.50 may be a little steep for a soak. I only go there when I have been in Southern Utah and am driving through the area. The hostel atmosphere deserves about one star.
Adam Owens
  It seems interesting to me that because this place it not what people call up to par as far as repairs and fixtures or accommodations that they are quick to judge. Has anyone ever really talked to, as you folks call "the man that doesn't answer the phone"? Have you ever found out ehy perhaps he keeps the place the way it is? I find it calm and collecting in the sense that life is much more natural, as the hot springs relate through experiencing the experience. You feel as if you were home, and that someone incredible is opening that wonderful occurrence in Mother Nature for you to experience. He dedicates all his time (twenty-four hours a day) and talent (glass blowing, beadwork, bringing music together) all for you. Wish everyone could focus on the beauty of such a place and person. I know he has forever touched me in his dealings and operations of such a mystic, wonder.

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