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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "PK's Jungle Village" at 3910 Cape Tribulation Road, on the corner of Avalon Street.)


3910 Cape Tribulation Road, on the corner of Avalon Street, Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia
-16.087091, 145.463177 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4098-0040
+61 (7) 4098-0055
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One of my best stays!
Cape Trib is such a beautiful place, and this hostel was the perfect place too stay. Our room was not a 5 star room, but there was nothing too complain about it. Lots of showers and toilets, and a big kitchen. It's a 5 min walk too the beautiful beach, and the place is so beautiful that you shouldn't be spending all day in your room. The staff are all awesome and same with majority of the guests as well. The bar is lots of fun, and is far enough away from the rooms, that you can't hear everyone if you are trying too sleep. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and would recommend this hostel if you are staying in Cape Tribulation.
I came here and few years ago and it was great now the new cambodian owners have really destroyed the atmosphere it used to be about the rain forest now they are trying to turn it into a night club not to mention how rude the managers are and how sleazy they look trying to pick up the young travelers it makes me sick. I will never stay there again.
Average -- no facilities
Great beaches/walks but impolite/rude receptionist at front desk.
S James
Disappointing rip-off
We stayed in a standard room. They described it as large -- it wasn't very spacious though, not much room for anything other than the double bed and bunk. There was no furniture in the room aside from beds, which were very saggy. A bedside table at least would have been nice. The walls were paper thin, and the floors interconnected -- when our neighbours walked around their room, our beds would shake. The window didn't have a flyscreen, which meant we had to close it overnight to avoid all the mosquitoes (there were so many mosquitoes). The bathrooms were quite old and rundown (missing tiles, peeling paint, everything just seem worn) and hadn't been properly cleaned, there was mould and soap scum everywhere. The basins also don't have hot water, which isn't great for shaving. As it's got its own bar, it's a licensed venue, so you have to buy drinks at the bar and you can't consume any alcohol anywhere outside the bar. It would be nice to be able to drink in the gardens or in the meals area. The meals area could do with more seats -- there are more tables than there are seats. The hostel also takes a $20 deposit for everything -- keys, towels, sheets. And those poor people camping -- the sites are tiny, barely big enough for a two person tent! On the plus side, the gardens were nice and well kept. The air-con in our room was quiet and worked well (even though it looked very old and rusty). The location is great -- so close to the beach and with the grocery and pharmacy nearby. In summary, be prepared to pay for backpacker vibe and location and don't expect things to be particularly clean, reasonably priced, or comfortable.
Very nice place
Nice place, helpful staff, not far from the beach. Good base to enjoy the beautiful Cape Tribulation. The food in the bar could have been better, but that's the downside of getting away from civilization. Also, you might see some big spiders, much bigger than what you thought possible. They are however harmless and I found them to be an interesting curiosity.
  We were here for one night at the start of December 2004 and had an enjoyable stay. Due to our short time here, we didn't use many of the amenities but everything else that we experienced were absolutely fine. The dorm we were in was an outdoor cabin but it was clean, fairly spacious, and thankfully there were no spiders or snakes in sight. By chance, we saw some guys we had met in Cairns so had a good night in the bar and, overall, the atmosphere in the place was good. The location is the best feature though as you are only a few minutes by foot to Myall Beach which gives great views of the Cape. I would recommend hiring a car to come here though as it is far more convenient and you can do your own thing at leisure. Make sure you visit the swimming hole near Emmagen Creek (no crocs) and explore as much of the rainforest and Daintree National Park as possible. However, the list of dangerous animals in the area is alarming -- sharks, jellyfish, poisonous snakes, and spiders, saltwater crocs, and cassowaries. Avoid these and you'll have a lot of fun!
Howlin' Mad
  Jungle is Massive - wicked wicked!!! Only joking - in all seriousness, I had a really good time here when I stayed in May 2005. In fact, I had only intended on staying for 2 nights but was here for nearly a week in the end, partly as a result of Liverpool's triumph in Europe I was on a bit of a drinking session, and partly as I just wanted somewhere to relax and chill out. The dorms here are actually wooden huts within the jungle which is very cool indeed, and the bar can be great fun at night. I watched a great game of interstate rugby, NSW vs QLD, obviously supporting queensland seeing which state we were in!!! Another bonus with pk's is that you are only a few steps away from what is virtually your own beach - it is so long so large and so tranquil, you could very easily slip off and be on your own if you felt you needed some space. The only downside to PK's and the reason it only got 4 stars was the price of everything!! The food and drink are an absolute rip off, with staff and owners giving the old excuse about the delivery costs etc associated with delivering goods all the way to cape trib, but come on......this is 2006 for gawd's sake!! Things hardly have to be bought up by horse and cart do they?!! Nevermind, the fact is I'd really recommend this place to anyone, with the proviso that you take your own food and buy it from whichever large town you were last in!!
Ollie Taylor
  I had a great time at PK's. It's right in the rainforest with a lot of interesting walks and activities nearby. It has a fun bar with activities throughout the day and night. The huts were okay — no windows but reasonably clean. Apparently the washing machine water was typically a bit dirty but the toilets and showers were fine. It had a good friendly crowd.

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