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A good hostel in low season (november 2012)

I don't know why this hostel is not very loved by many persons who used it. I stay 3 nights and I find it a very good place to stay. The last works in the hostel were made in 2009 and so the building, dorms and showers are in good conditions. In the hall there is free and good wifi and a little kitchen you can use if you ask kindly to the staff. Hot showers 7-10 12-23. No paper in toilet, like in many other hostels in morocco. Reservations are possible with HIhostels, but only for double, 3 and 4 beds rooms and not for dorms; you can book only until 72 hours before the day of the arrival, so there is not availability in the following 4 days and there is a limited availability for the 2 three and four beds rooms. Doors are closed during the nights and is possible to go out between 4-7 if you advice the nightwatcher. In the low season there are few person, it's possible to find a place without reservation, it's very quiet and you can find a lot of friends.


The most abysmal hostel we've had the misfortune of staying in

Perhaps the "welcome" from the surly staff ("Do you have a room available?" -"*sigh* Yes." "Um, well, can we see it?") should have warned us off, but, tired after nine hours on a bus we stayed in a cold little room that stank of BO, had filthy blankets (no real sheets to speak of), was full of hungry mosquitoes, and echoed with the smallest noise from elsewhere in the hostel. The bathrooms were dirty, lacked toilet paper, the mens' showers cold, the ladies' not much better. Not worth it -- hotels nearby outside the medina are cheaper, friendlier, and better kept.

Mustaffa & Fatima

Don't stay here

This is the worst hostel I have stayed at in 3 months across Europe, the Balkans and Morocco. Don't let the HI affiliation fool you. This is NOT a youth hostel. It is more like a boarding house. Staying here is like a mix between a prison and school camp. We got there and they asked if we had a booking, when we said "no" the manager acted like we were really putting him out.

There is a strict midnight lockout -- one of the girls here came back after midnight and was yelled at and told she would need to leave the next day -- they let her stay in the morning but still, these guys are not nice and obviously don't enjoy their lives or job and take it out on guests. We were up at midnight talking in the common room and they came in a flicked the lights on and off till we went to bed. In the morning they literally kick you out at 10 a.m. for cleaning. At 10 a.m. they were standing in the door to our room watching us get dressed and tapping their watch telling us we had to leave the hostel so they could clean (we weren't checking out that day). Another guy got told off for closing a door too loudly at 8 p.m. Blankets smelled bad and like they hadn't been washed in a while. No sheets so bring a sleep sheet. Need to go next door to buy your own toilet paper. When I asked if they had a map of the city he just pointed to the large one on the wall. You can get hotels just as cheap and and they will have nicer staff and this place offers no hostel like facilities or services anyway.


Glad to see it is still there

I stayed there two times before in 2003 and 2004. I want to go back to Casa for a few days, so I guess I'll stay there again. Last time I was there, is was very cold in the rooms, I remember that I had to use three blankets. I hope they improved, but I would think it's the same. The guy that usually fixed the mint tea and coffee was a pleasant chap, but don't use too much sugar, or he might yell at you. One thing that is nice though, is that it's close to everything, the Port, a train station (Gare Casa Port), The Hyatt Hotel (in case you want to act like you are rich), and the office of Royal Air Maroc, what more could you ask for, just kidding. There are still the other hotels around town, especially on Boulevard Mohammed V. They are very cheap less than $10 a night, and the one I stayed at before finding this Hostel, even furnished some good grub to eat, free of charge, now thats a deal, but not as good as the Casablanca Youth Hostel!


If you cannot afford anything better........

I stayed Feb. '08. Rooms smelt very damp, very unhygienic. The worst-smelling one had mold stains on ceiling and many ladies were staying in it. I asked to move and chose a better-smelling room which had not been allocated. But I had small cockroach in my bed (initially). The three male staff had attitude issues, chiefly financial, and one complained that I used the electric socket in the room. Big renovations so kitchen unavailable. I stayed at several IYHF hostels in Morocco and this was the only non-clean one. However all of them provided only a bottom sheet and just a blanket for the top, very unhygienic compared to Western European standards.


I was there in 2003 and 2004. It still is the cheapest place in town (50 dirhams). I am going through there again in about three weeks and I will go there to stay again. They have bed sheets in the office, but you might have to beg like a dog to get them. Oh, I remember that it was always very cold in there, and I had to use two blankets at night. I had to go next door and pay 8 dirhams for a shower, because the ones on the premises had cold water. They have mint tea and French bread with jam for their "Petit Dejeuner," and I'm sure they still have the same today. I guess the greatest thing about the place is that you meet a lot of travelers from all over the world.


The hostel is fine, but the guy who runs it is positively hostile. He's rude, nasty, sarcastic and awful. If you must stay here consider yourself warned and don't cross him! If you question anything about your room or the place he will attack! They should have a 'mean guard dog' sign on the door.



Ubicación y contacto




Dirección: 6 Place Ahmed El Bidaoui, Ancienne Médina En face du Barid Bousmara, Casablanca, Casablanca, Marruecos

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Teléfono: +212 22 22 05 51
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Grupos (+10 personas)



Wi-Fi en la zona común

Consigna de equipajes

Lockers en el Lobby


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Casa de cambio


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Pagos con Tarjeta de Crédito

Servicio de recogida en el Aeropuerto

Edad Máx.: Todas las edades

Género: Solo hombres

Abierto: Todo el año

Check-Out: 10:00 (10 AM)

Estancia mínima: 1 noche

Horario del mostrador de recepción: 8-10 12-24

Tamaño: Grande (60-100 camas)

Toque de queda: No hay toque de queda


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