El Rinconcito del Gringo


Hammack dorm room area
Shared common area
Private room
Private room
Guests kitchen
Dorm room



Calle Francisco Morazan #27, Suchitoto, El Salvador
(503) 2327-2351
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We were kicked out by the owner
My girlfriend and I stayed two nights at the hostel -- well, we tried to stay two nights. On the first morning after we woke, we gave our laundry to the staff for laundry service. At the end of the day, we asked for our clothes. They brought them to us, but about five t-shirts were missing. They went back to the owner's house where they do the laundry and checked again and brought us four more t-shirts. I told the staff that I was still missing one and asked if I could go to the house to try to find the missing one or else talk to the owner about what can be done about the missing t-shirt. I went to the house and checked all of the clotheslines ... nothing. The owner walked in the house and began accusing me of lying about the missing t-shirt. I assured him that I had two blue t-shirts prior to the washing and one after. He told me that his daughter would return to the hostel with me to check for the missing t-shirt in my bag. He said, in the past, when someone told him that clothes had been lost, they had always found the missing items later in their luggage and had to apologize to him. I acquiesced and returned to the hostel and allowed his daughter to check my luggage. It wasn't there. The daughter asked me what I wanted to do. I told her that her father, the owner, had already accused me of lying; whatever he thought was fair was fine with me. She called him from the hotel. She returned to our room and told me that the owner was kicking us out; we had to give them our keys and leave. It was 8.00 pm at night. I was incredulous. This couldn't be true. I asked why. She started to cry. She was scared and uncomfortable. The other employee (another younger woman) was crying as well when I asked her what would happen if we didn't leave. They were really scared of the owner. We felt so bad for them. They said that the owner (remember it was the father of one of them) was angry and was too busy to deal with this. He was furious. He didn't want to talk about it. My girlfriend and I wanted to return to his house to understand his problem. We hadn't done anything except for trying to get our clothes back. But, seeing these women scared and crying, I didn't want to make any more problems for them. We just decided to leave. The staff at the place were very nice and helpful. The room was fine, but it had no ventilation and was extremely hot at night (even with the fan). The kitchen was workable but a bit dirty because of the other guests. The bathroom was fine (no hot water, but, with the hot weather, this was no problem). Be forewarned that the owner of this hostel is extremely moody and will throw his guests out into the street late at night because he lost their clothing. We weren't demanding payment or anything, simply some agreement to restore the lost clothes or somehow to otherwise make amends. There are many other comparable hostels in town; there is no reason to ever take the risk at stay at this hostel. The owner is from the United States so he has a different attitude than the locals, and we got a monster dose of his aggressiveness and hostility. 

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