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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Pontiac Hotel & Hostel" at 509 Minna Street.)


509 Minna Street, South of Market, San Francisco, Kalifornien, USA
37.780210, -122.408383 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (415) 863-7775
+1 (415) 552-4491
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  Great place, centrally located to public transportation and good shopping places. Great food in the area too. I'll be back next spring. Heartily recommended!
Jack Russel
  I stayed here for one night on September 20, 2006 (originally booked for six nights) but got out very fast! I have stayed in hotels all over the world and also hosteled in Europe and I have never had such a horrible experience with accommodations before. This place is in a very bad neighborhood -- drug addicts everywhere and the streets smell horrible around the hotel because the homeless use it as their bathroom and the stench of body odor fills the air. I stayed there the one night because it was late when I got there and didn't know that I could find something that late at night and I didn't complain to the hotel right away because I was afraid to be kicked out onto the streets with all the drug addicts. Where do I start? I thought I was going to catch a disease in this place. It looked like someone had poured motor oil all over the floor so I obviously couldn't even take my shoes off, it was so filthy. The chair that was in the room also was filthy. There was snot on the walls. The sheets had cigarette burns in them and were ripped, the bottom mattress of the bed was not covered with a sheet and was visibly stained, and it had a huge hole in it with foam ripped out from it. I refused to use the shared bathrooms when I went to inspect them -- like I said I was afraid I'd catch a disease in this place. The locking mechanism on my room door didn't lock fully (it was locked but I had to fuss with it so I did not feel very secure either). You couldn't keep your key to your hotel room when you went out, you had to leave it at the front desk. I think there was probably prostitution out of the hotel. If I had gotten there earlier I would have definitely found another hotel right away and not stayed the one night. But since I did get there late, I decided I'd try to get a good sleep then wake up early and go hotel-hunting. Well I maybe slept for two and a half to three hours because some drug-addict/junkie in the hotel was puking the entire night in a room down the hallway (that's how soundproof it was). The next day I found a new hotel and the girl at the new hotel said that she wouldn't even walk alone in that neighborhood after I told her where I was staying and how horrible it was. I then went back to get my luggage and check out. I demanded a refund and I got it because the young man behind the counter probably thought I was going to kill him. after going through such an ordeal, trust me I didn't look like someone to be messed with. The day prior the woman at the front desk had told me no refunds, but I was determined and if he wouldn't have given it to me, I did take lots of pictures in the room to prove how horrible it was and I was going to contact my credit card company (everything I described above was true. I even forgot to mention there was someone's dirty kleenex left for me on the drawer cabinet when I got there, so that says something about the cleanliness). Quite honestly I don't think that place has been cleaned since it was built. I bet it could be shut down for violating building and health codes. My best moment in this hotel was getting my refund and walking away from it! Beware, do not stay at this hotel. Pay more money somewhere else. trust me, peace of mind is worth it!
  I stayed at the Pontiac Hotel for a little over a week. I enjoyed my stay very much, also with free HBO and continental breakfast. We had easy internet access. The location is excellent, close to all local attractions, cable car, shopping and nightlife. I can recomment it.
Sean O'Brien

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