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663 Valencia Street, Mission Dolores, San Francisco, Kalifornien, USA
37.762294, -122.421497 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (415) 701-7666
+1 (415) 701-9329
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No Service, No Heat, Rude People, Stinky
Do not stay here. Looks clean and friendly, but this is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. The rooms were cold and there is no heat (winter time) -- they have heat registers but they do not work. Cockroaches were climbing the walls, and they never cleaned the room whole time while we were there (nine days). When I walked to the office to asked for towels which I had to every time, I was told no I could not have towels that day, they did not have enough for us to change out every day. The women owner said she would let me get towels every other day. They never made a bed or changed the sheets in the nine days. I was yelled at by the man owner for not having my key when the front door was locked in the middle of the day (they only day locked), he threw the key out a window to me. There is no way to get to the rooms without climbing two staircases and they stink and made me gag -- it smells like wet gym socks mixed with curry stink! They never collected the garbage and I was told to set it outside the door, it would set their for a day or two before collected. I paid 499 for a week and 120 a day, I was told because I paid a weekly fee that I would get service once a week, but when I went to a daily charge at the end of my stay I still did not get service. Do not stay here.
Cath Hammack
  The hotel is run by an Indian family. Make sure you deal with the son. He is honest and even-keeled. I responded to a Craigslist ad with a room rate of $275 per week. I called and spoke with the son, and reserved the room at the $275 rate. When I arrived at the hotel to check in, the mother said the price was $350 per week. Luckily, the son arrived shortly and confirmed the $275 price (after a spirited exchange between the son and mother). Things got off to a sour start. That being said, I'd rather do business with a family-owned outfit and put up with some unprofessionalism than deal with a big MNC like Hilton!! After the initial fiasco, I found the hotel to be very acceptable. The rooms were clean with new furniture, the WiFi works well, and every room has free cable TV with HBO. You need to ask them to change towels and bedding.
  Trust me, don't ever try this terrible hotel! I stayed there for ten days for the 2005 June SF Pride. At first I thought it's a clean, neat and cheap accommodation option. It turned out the service was horrifying. In the ten days I stayed, no one ever cleaned the room. Not even once! I even had to beg for new towels myself. The hotel is owned and run by an Indian family. The father and mother were just mean and rude people. The old mother is called Fatima, and she's always at the counter handling hotel matters, including bookings and registration. Their Web site says they only accept cash, traveler's checks or payment via PayPal. But when I proposed to pay via PayPal for my added stay at the hotel, she refused BECAUSE only her son knows about their hotel's PayPal account! I had to convince her to call her son on the cell phone before I could settle the payment by PayPal. So never trust what they say on their Web site. They don't even have a proper payment system! And something even more unbelievable happened on the day I checked out. My return flight was at 9 at night. I checked out at 1 p.m., thinking I could leave one of my luggage pieces at their place or counter so I could do some final shopping or running around before heading to the airport. BUT Fatima refused to keep my luggage, claiming that they don't have room for luggage! She even went so far as to say that no hotel would provide luggage storage! She added that even though my room was vacant for the day, they couldn't leave my luggage there BECAUSE they had to clean the room! (Wow, they finally realized they had to clean the room!!) Knowing that I couldn't reason with her, I proposed to pay a few hours rental for my luggage. And you know how much she said she would charge me? 35 dollars!!! God, their weekly room rate per night is only 50 dollars! I was so angry, and I dragged my luggage out of their premises, claiming that I will never go back and make sure that everyone knows about how bad their service is. And I think I'm not the only victim to their horrendous service. I recall one night some police officers had to come over and intervene in a money dispute between Fatima and some bewildered customers in backpacks sitting in the hotel lobby. I wasn't sure about the details of the dispute. I only overheard the police officer telling Fatima calm down and be more flexible and suggested the hotel should return the down payment to the two waiting customers so that they could leave and find another hotel. I have reason to believe that things like this may happen a lot there. So, if you want some quality time visiting San Francisco, stay away from this damn hotel. Trust me, Hotel Tropicana will ruin your vacation in no time.
  I stayed here in October 2004 and was very pleased with the room, the use of wireless computer in the lobby and the staff. It is very affordable for people on a budget. The hotel was bright, cheerful CLEAN and I found the surrounding area was safe. I stayed for seven nights and this was by far the best hotel at an affordable price. I had no problems with the owners and felt the management was first class. I plan on staying here again.
  Looks cool, but there's a 7 night minimum! Rude, rude people!!!
  Man, this hotel is elegant. It has free Wi-Fi and you can smell the great smell of pizza downstairs. Their service is first-class. The mayor of San Francisco has stayed here himself.
  The location is awesome. This location is in the prettiest and most fun neighborhood in the city. Don't worry about watching your back, it's cool.
  I don't care how new this place is — the owners are LIARS. They quoted us one price when we booked and then wanted to charge way more when we actually showed up. I don't know whom they are paying to post good reviews, but unless you like getting cheated, STAY AWAY.

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