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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Mango Bay Resort" at Off Queens Highway, Namatakula Tadrawai.)


Off Queens Highway, Namatakula Tadrawai, Sigatoka, Viti Levu, Fidschi
-18.250220, 177.841187 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(679) 653 0069
(679) 653 0138
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86% Guest Reviews

Friendly Folks -- Friendly BedBugs
I found the staff here incredibly warm and friendly. They worked hard to make my stay the best that it could be. The activities were fun, the food was decent, the little night club was great entertainment. However, my bed had bedbugs which caused a severe allergic reaction, intense itching, painful swelling, and several weeks of swollen bedbug bites. My legs were devoured alive.
  Reminded me of a freshman dorm, too many people drinking too much and randomly hooking up. If thats your intention then more power to ya, not my type of place.
  It is an excellent place with large spacious grounds and I would thoroughly recommend it. The owner is not rude at all, in fact quite the opposite. It's just his good Australian sense of humour. He has done an amazing job with this resort considering the challenges of getting organized in such a laid back country. Clean and tidy, good food, and at a price anyone expects to pay. Nice beach, nice people.
  Absolutely fantastic! Totally lived up to its 'flashpacker' reputation -- superb dorms, excellent facilities, great food, and an exceptionally stunning setting. Loads of free activities (snorkeling, kayaking, beach games, volleyball, table tennis) plus an on-site dive shop and fishing opportunities -- there is something here for everyone! Excellent nightlife too - I found Mango Bay a great place to meet people. 100% recommended.
Sarah James
  For sure one of the best hostels I've ever stayed at and I've been to twenty-five countries over five continents (could even be the best -- difficult to say). Food was great, the diving instructors were really wonderful, the staff are so friendly. It's also one of the only hostels in the world with a decent table tennis table. Thought the owners and their girlfriends were charming, loved the two resident dogs (Nero is the most beautiful dog in the world!) and for a cosy place, there's so much space everywhere. Ended up staying for eight weeks (only one longer resident -- but we don't mention him) and spent a fraction of my budget, although I'm not quite sure how that happened considering how much I drank and dived. Stayed in a dorm for three weeks, which I really liked. Staff remade my bed every day, and even though there were no locks on the door I didn't once feel a lack of security. Moved into a private bure for a bit of relaxation for a month. A million times sexier than beachcomber's bure -- at $250 something dollars. Beachcombers' bures were $350 and really ugly -- plus you couldn't even see the sea. As someone looking to open a hostel in Australasia, I've done extensive research into hostels around the world (this is my second one-year trip -- I'm twenty-four), and I can say with absolute certainty, if you like cool places with top quality food (and I'm really fussy with food), cocktails in the pool, beach parties, morning scuba dives, loads of sexy girls (and probably guys too, I'm just not that way inclined), this is your place. Great activities, games of softball, volleyball, great nights out practically every night. Someone also told me they're about to build a large hang-out bure with sun decks and a sandwich bar and so on. They even gave me a discounted rate on my last two weeks in a Safari Tent, which they had absolutely no need to do. Great place all round.
Valentine Stockdale
  After reading reviews on some sites I was excited about the stay at Mango Bay Resort during my visit to Fiji. However I was disappointed once I arrived. The employees are extremely friendly and went out of their way to accommodate me while there. The exterior of all the buildings are nice and well maintained, however the grounds were being worked on and the dirt path from the desk to the dorms made it difficult to carry the luggage. The same problem occurred during check out. Also lack of lighting at night made it hard to find the correct path to the room. The dorm that I stayed in was nice. It slept twenty people, five sets of bunk beds on each side. The sheets were clean and the beds where made up each morning. There must have been of a bug problem in the days before I got there, because the top bunks, at least the three ones I checked, had dead flies and other bugs on them. Not a big problem, but still would not want to sleep on the top ones. Since I was staying on the bottom bunk, I did not notice anything. Also found a lizard on my bed after coming back from dinner. Lack of locks on the dorm doors was another thing that made me feel uncomfortable. The dorms all looked alike from the outside and at times you had strangers enter the dorms. Having locks or at least a number on the outside of the dorms could eliminate this problem. Also it got very hot during the night and a small wall fan would be a great addition. The common bathrooms where okay. One side you had the toilets and on the other side were showers. There was always enough paper in the toilets and they were somewhat clean. The showers did not have hot water and I kept my flip-flops on at all time. The food area was nice and the works were quick to serve you. Strays dogs would come up and look for scraps or be petted. At the price I was paying for a meal, I was not going to give any of it away. Drink prices were average or just a bit above average. Don't get fooled into buying a $5 shot during the so-called happy hour, or at least buy only one first, and judge for yourself. Reason being they change the size of the shot glasses during this time. The nightclub was average at best. I think the music was played with an Ipod and not a great mix overall. Also not many people there while I was there that weekend. The first night there lost of power was a bit of a problem. The first power outage happened during dinner and I was not sure if it was planed or not. The power did come back on about forty-five minutes later, however other times during the night the same problem occurred. The last being while I was in bed and the entire place went dark. Not a good feeling on your first night at a resort. The problem must have been fixed due to the fact it only happened one other time. The owner would also sit and chat with everyone while they were at dinner or drinking. Some people may like this, some many not. I found it to be a bit annoying. The locals did put on a show and that was fantastic and well done. That was the best part of my stay. Between the dancing and singing you would also learn about their culture first hand. The activities for each day was different and you had a wide choice of what you could do during the day. From volleyball, fish, or relax by the pool, however the beach was a bit rocky to go near. Some of the activities where lame. The use of the internet was a bit pricy at $3.50 for fifteen minutes I only used it when needed. Also they only had one working pc with internet access, so there was a bit of a wait. Having only one TV also made the days/nights drag as well. I too was charged a 4% fee for using my credit card. Overall I was disappointed with my stay at Mango Beach Resort and would look else where for my next accommodations.
  I had a really nice time in mango bay. stayed in the safari tents which were quite comfortable and lots of space and worked out at 27euro each a nite sharing with two friends. I soent about 200eu in eight days and thought it was very reasonable. I thought the food was good value for money and the menu was varied. there were activities nearly every two hours and all the satff were friendly. I would say im a good looking twenty-three-year-old as are my friends and agree that the owner and development manager did sleaze over me and my friends. always asking how our days were and asking us to beach bonfires and playing drinkign games, but as soon as new meat arrived we were old news. not a very professional way to run a resort. all in all a good week.
irish girl
  Not the most enjoyable place to stay! Male that owned the place was very unprofessional and rude. I would only recommend this resort to young attractive girls, as they were the only ones that seemed to be spoken to or invited to partake in activities (that was when they ran activities -- the first three days we were there nothing happened at all, until we complained, then suddenly they decided to do something). There is no pool bar like it states on their website, don't count on sky tv, there is one tv in the place and you can't watch it as they don't turn on the sound. But meanwhile it is not a problem to have the nightclub thumping away until the early hours of the morning! One other big trap (which I don't think is legal) upon arriving (after booking through the internet, and also reading everything about the place) it never stated once, that they charge an additional four percent if you pay with a credit card! Which of course is how everyone pays for their accomodation, all they have is a little sign behind the front desk to advise of this charge! I queried it with the rude man, and he stated to me that every resort charges this, most of them six percent, I could tell he was lying. So we checked out, and went to stay at another resort and there was no such charge, also checked with the banks at Nadi airport, and they stated they should have their credit card facilities taken off them if they are doing this to credit card customers. I would not recommend Mango Bay if you are travelling as a couple or if you are over thirty years old.

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