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Adresse: 614 Harris Street, Juneau, Alaska, USA

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Telefonnummer: +1 (907) 586-9559

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One of my favorite hostels

I stay here whenever I'm passing through Juneau, it is clean, comfortable, homey.

The staff are friendly and helpful. Be prepared to do a small, simple "chore" as part of your experience, but it's never difficult. Enjoy!


Age 57, USA


It is a nice place at a great location, the only drawback is the leave the house at 9 am - return at 5 pm policy.


Age 50, Germany

Exactly what was expected

For $12 a night I got a bed, sheets, towel & shower. It was no different than the dorm rooms in college. A quick chore was a simple price to pay for cheap, convenient and comfortable accommodations. I would suggest bringing your own towel, sleeping bag and pillow if you have the chance.



Only game in town

I stayed here last summer for a few days and for the price and considering it's the only hostel in Juneau (that I know of) I thought it was really great. The staff is super friendly -- made good friends with the night manager; a cool guy really knowledgeable about hikes in the area. You do get assigned a chore but, they're simple and helps keep the place really clean. Really big kitchen, washer and dryer (helpful when to dry your clothes when it rains all the time!), Good common area. Lots of cool and interesting people to meet. beware that there are families with kids that stay here sometimes. kinda different and no alcohol allowed (technically!). Tons of great hikes within a short walk. There is a lockout but if you're into the outdoor thing, lots and lots to keep you occupied. Too much rain? Head down to the waterfront public library and read magazines. pretty cozy when you want a rest!



This place is $10 ($12 if paid with credit card) per night with free linens, towel, internet, and coffee in the morning. This is not a party place but most of the people staying there arrives in transit from ferry rides or trails hikes so this is probably on purpose. There is luggage storage at the back of the building so that if arriving during the lockout hours, you can still enjoy Juneau without carrying all your luggage. The hostel is close to St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and Alaska State Building. The couple managing the hostel lives on premises and is very helpful. There is a board as well so that you may find other travelers to share a cab ride in the early morning to the airport or ferry terminal, otherwise cab to the airport is $20 to $25 and to the ferry terminal $30.



This was a very nice place to stay. The staff was friendly, but not intrusive. The rooms and bathrooms were clean and acceptably furnished. The living room was great, with an awesome view. The kitchen couldn't have been better -- two ranges, even, so several folks could cook at once. The rates are still only $10, half price for children. Given that price, who cares about the lockout? (It is a strict lockout, by the way.) The chores are simple -- folks were asked to do things like wiping out the microwave or wiping down the counter, vaccum one room, sweep one room. Five minutes, tops, for most of these. Laundry facilities were available and we appreciated the free detergent, too. For those to whom it matters, there is an absolutly unwavering rule about alcohol on the property. None. Period. End of discussion. If you are looking for a party, this is not the place.



I visited Juneau in June 2005. The hostel was clean, beds were comfortable and the staff were friendly. The bad part about this hostel is indeed the lockout and the chores, but the chores are easy and with that many trails around, who cares that you have to leave the hostel early!!



The hostel is conveniently located in downtown Juneau in a quiet enough area. It's very clean with free Internet access and the nightly rates are a steal. That's the good news. The bad news is that there is a chore requirement and an all-day lock out. The chore itself is easy to do and won't take five minutes, just be prepared for the condescending attitude of the staff.



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Schließfächer in der Lobby


WLAN in Gemeinschaftsräumen


24 Stunden Warmwasser


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Komplett Rauch-Frei




Lounge/ Gemeinschaftsraum






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Haustiere erlaubt


Geschlecht: Männer und Frauen


Min. Alter mit Eltern (Schlafsaal): Jede Altersstufe


Min. Alter ohne Eltern (Aufsicht): 18


Aussperrzeit: 9 am to 5 pm


Check-Out: 09:00 (9 AM)


Größe: Mittel (30-60 Betten)


Maximale Anzahl von Nächten: 5 nights


Mindestanzahl von Nächten: 1 Nacht


Öffnungszeiten: All year except two weeks over Christmas/New Year


Öffnungszeiten der Rezeption: Summer: 8 AM - 9 AM & 5 PM - 11PM, Winter: 8 AM - 9 AM & 5 PM - 10:30 PM