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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Paddy's Palace Hostel Derry" at 1 Woodleigh Terrace, Asylum Road.)


1 Woodleigh Terrace, Asylum Road, Derry (Londonderry), County Derry, Vereinigtes Königreich
55.001683, -7.324757 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 28 71 309 051
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Good spot, great value
Very friendly, clean and warm with open fire in lounge. Staff very pleasant and easy going. Top marks.
(New Zealand)
Bad experience with staff.
The little woman who ran the place was rude. I will never stay again.
  I visited Paddy's in October of 2006. It was my first trip out of the country. Steven made myself and the group I was traveling with feel very welcome and comfortable. Erica was very kind to us all and seemed truly happy that we were staying there. The rooms were comfortable and they did have keys to lock them. I was thankful for a bed with clean sheets and a hot shower. My visit was enjoyable and educational. I would happily visit again!
Heather McBride,USA
  What a craphole! This place looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months. Smelly, dirty and with an impossible-to-find manager when I wanted to get my £2 deposit back for my key.
  I stayed here 30th April 2005 as part of the 3-day Paddywagon North tour. Big ups to Marty, our driver/guide —he was a wealth of info and a top-notch musician. I enjoyed a warm welcome, a comfy bed and hot shower. Sure, the open-door policy is not good or the tight room space — she'll be right, mate! Make the most of the facilities/city and the company of other hostelers. I highly recommend the city wall tour with Rory. Top bloke! Cheers, Paddy's Palace Staff. :-)
Aylsa Keenan from Aotearoa/NZ
  I stayed here two nights (with a night in Belfast in between) on a Paddywagon Tour. If the second night hadn't been much improved, I would've given them one star. There are no keys to the rooms (they're always unlocked), and it's a £2 deposit for a front door key. On the first night, the manager was impossible to find — she seemed more concerned about partying than running the place. The advertised free Internet was DOWN, the laundry wasn't working (I couldn't find the manager in order to see if it could easily be fixed) and the toaster didn't work. The bathroom was okay, though I still don't like the seats (soft seats). I suppose its convenient to Derry's center, but all that's open after 7 p.m. are the pubs (fairly common in Ireland), and there really isn't much to do BEFORE 7 p.m. Oh, and both days, the place REALLY smelled (mold/mildew/slight sewage scent) near the bathrooms in the morning. Overall, the first night was horrible. On the second stay, things were much improved. The computer was still down, but the laundry room was up. Best of all, the manager (actually, a substitute) could actually be found. I wouldn't really recommend this place -—or Derry for that matter. (Boring!). The rooms weren't any more cramped than most of the dorms I stayed in while in Europe, but I still don't like the unlocked door policy. Our group had an incident of a drunken guy trying to get into the wrong bed, which was occupied by a girl in our group. That's why I like locks. The one plus? There's a great selection of TV channels on the satellite TV. Yeah, it was that boring.
  It sounds like you have to be buck mad to stay anywhere near stroke city. It's the most hateful place I've ever been to. I'll never be back. It's the first I was asked was what religion I was. It's a good job I can speak Irish, otherwise I was in for a digging.
  This hostel was very clean and comfortable. The staff were great and friendly. In addition, Stephen was phenomenal!! Don't forget to take his walking tour. Stephen was the best tour guide I had on my Ireland trip. He knows Ireland, its history, and its people and he has a nice sense of humor. I had lot of fun, and I could have listened to him for hours. It was like a master class in Irish history and "the Troubles." In addition, the fact he speaks Irish is a bonus, too. I had fun sharing my little knowledge of the Gaelic language with him. I hope he stays on for many years to come. And next time I come to Ireland I hope to have him as a guide again. Please, please don't change.
Glòria Tuneu, Barcelona, Catalonia

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