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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Surfside Backpacker" at Corner Great Ocean Road & Gambier Street.)


Corner Great Ocean Road & Gambier Street, Apollo Bay (Great Ocean Road), Victoria, Australien
-38.762081, 143.670959 (accuracy not guaranteed)
61 03 5237 7263
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I was surprised when i arrived. The owner, an old lady is nice and looks like shes a little bit nuts. But shes in some kind of way adorable. The buildings (2 floor little houses) are very old but the bathroom are new (at least in my house) and the kitchen is good. There's a strange but very open atmosphere, people coming and going and partying after a little talk while dining.
Age 39, C
Cute small hostel with a familiar atmosphere
We only booked one night but this hostel is so nice so we extend our stay two more nights. Robyn, the owner is a gorgeous person. The Beach is very close and its a very relaxed small town. we'll come back for sure! Thanks a lot.
Age 29, German
Great seaside location, friendly host, run down, affordable, laid back
Only stayed a night. Nice Vibe, offbeat makes up for "rustic" facilities. Super location by Apollo Bay.
Age 53, Canada
What a beautiful hostel!
When we arrived it was raining and grey and the hostel was still a beautiful warm and cosy spot to recover from the travel. Everybody was really friendly and the facilities really nice and clean. I would recommend this hostel to everybody, it's just so charming!
Bad attitude, rundown, but excellent view
I'm an experience backpacker, and have stayed in many hostels in my time so am used to all standards, and my experience at this particular hostel wasn't very pleasant. I called ahead of time to book a family room for 4 people for one night, and was quoted one price (which was cheaper than renting 4 x dorm beds). It made perfect sense to me, so we booked the room. On arrival the manager announced that the price of the room was actually higher than I'd been quoted (the same price as 4 x dorm beds). When I tried to question this with her, having booked on the basis of a lower cost, her only response was "well, do you want 4 dorm bed then." Clearly not -- we were travelling as a group, and if the family room is the same price as the dorm beds why on earth would we take them? There was no apology for the misquoted price, and as she already had our deposit we had no choice but to stay there. We were then shown to our room, which had a double bed and a set of bunk beds. Whilst the double bed had been made up, the bunk beds had been stripped of their bottom sheets only, and the pillow case and duvet cover hadn't been replaced. This was very obvious, as the bed was in a state of disarray. The manager quickly sorted out the pillow case for us but didn't do anything except folding up the duvet. When I questioned her on whether the duvet had a clean cover on it, she informed me that they DO NOT change their duvet covers each day, instead expecting people to sleep under dirty sheets. When I asked to have a clean one put on for my night she became irate, grabbing the duvet and telling me that she would have to wash the sheet as she didn't have any spares, and it was unlikely it would be dry by evening. Clearly they don't have a single additional duvet cover at this hostel. She went on to say that most hostels don't clean duvet covers everyday (which I accept, IF there is a sheet between the duvet cover and person), and would I really wash my duvet cover at home each day? I responded by saying that no i wouldn't, but it was only I who was sleeping under it so it wasn't the same situation at all! I decided it was too much hassle to argue with her, so asked her instead to bring a clean top sheet which I would sleep under. The whole experience of being misquoted and antagonised, then spoken to in such a rude manner left me with a very nasty taste in my mouth. Besides the incompetence of this particular woman (I am assuming she is the manager as she greeted us and took our money), the hostel itself is old and ramshackle. It has a nice vibe due to several good outdoor seating areas, and an incredible view from the garden out to sea, but the inside spaces are very dirty and old. There were live and dead flies all over the floor, the kitchen was dirty, there were no clean tea towels. The kitchen facility was ok, with an oven and 4 hob rings, but this is not enough for all the guests. All in all, it's fine for a nights sleep, and to be honest if you're not particularly worried about cleanliness or politeness then you'll be fine here. If you are I'd go for one of the other, infinitely nicer hostels in the area.
World Traveller
I felt so at home I was sad to leave
I absolutely loved this hostel! At first it not all that modern but when you you have experienced one night of fun in this hostel everything becomes better and better. this hostel really provides a good atmosphere to meet new people. at my first night we were all hanging out at the hammock having fun and loving life. The next was even better -- so much rest I never had such a peaceful feeling! perfect! I recommend this hostel to everybody, only the view from my room was perfect on its own.
  This place is down to earth with a nice vibe and a charm all of its own. The owner (Robyn) is absolutely lovely and pointed out all the places to see on the Great Ocean Road. The place isn't particularly modern but is very comfortable and slightly eccentric. It has a relaxing lounge, complete with an old record player with an eclectic collection of old vinyls, plus stunning views of a beautiful beach. Apollo Bay is a lovely place and although I only stayed for one night I was sorry to leave. This is how hostels should be.
Ian Platts
  Our double room was warm and comfortable and the manager was extremely friendly. There's a great view from the lounge, too.

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