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4 Traeger Avenue, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australien
-23.708194, 133.876858 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 8952-1545, 1-800-359-089
+61 (8) 8952-8280
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One of the best hostel we've made in Australia
Great place, clean room, really nice staff, free wifi, free breakfast! It's really rare to find one like this for the same price as the other.
Age 25, France
Do not go there
When I just got there, I noticed the smell. I slept there two separate nights. Now after one week, all my body and my hair are itchy and having spots on my skin. I can not have a good sleep because of the itch. I went to the doctor he said because of this place I slept in, so I got some bugs. He gave me creams. I had to use all the cream in all my body and on my hair, wash ALL my clothes, Vacuum every single spot in my room, and wash my bedding. And I am basically not from here, so instead of enjoying my time here ... I am f***ing dealing with some bugs I got from Annie's Place. I am still itchy. Embarrassed of the spots I got. And EXTREMELY stressed out. Plus the money I paid for the treatment and the time I WASTED thinking about it and trying to solve it. They also have a dog moving around. I love dogs but it is a very crowded place and dogs' hair can transfer diseases and bugs and they need to be careful with that. I understand it is a cheap place but that doesn't give them the permission to be careless and don't clean the place and be careful with bugs. I am still dealing with the problem and I hope it gets solved soon. I am literally dying. I wish I have never been to this place. Thanks ANNIE'S PLACE!
Age 28, Canada
BEDBUGS, noisy, poor location
Dont come to annies! Do yourself a favour and look for something else, even if it means paying some extra dollars. Annies is noisy all day long, specially at evening\night with music blasting on a daily basis until 1 am. The staff is nowhere to be seen after the bar is closed so drunk people sleeping there, who decide to keep on going with the party when music is shut, can be really annoying ... specially around the pool. In the rooms facing the street the situation isnt much better, as people leaving the bar also keep on being loud for quite long time after being kicked out. I have seen 2 fights going on in a week ... The location could be better; annies is located at the outskirts of alice so expect @ least 15-20min to the center of the town ... it maybe dont seem that long but the streets become really dodgy during night time and the sun is a killer during the day ... But, BY FAR, the worst thing of this place are the bedbugs. Ive been sleeping all over asia, including some creepy rooms in India, China, Thailand and never seen anything like it. The 1st day I thought it was an allergic reaction to the mattress, but by day two I fully realized it was something else. my arms and back were with @ least 50-60 bites. bedbug bites are very disgusting as they take long to disappear and are itchy ... it just dont seem real how a place in australia can be so infested with this f***ing creatures ... Be wise, DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE.
Vey Average. Bedbugs. Dirty. Rude Staff, Noisy
Dont stay here unless you like to be abused, bitten, and ignored.
BEDBUGS GALORE! We had been told by the cleaning ladies that there could be bedbugs in the room we were given. The girl at reception told us that the room had been disinfected and was absolutely ok, so we trusted her. Big mistake!!!! The next morning, our beds were full of bedbugs, gorged with our blood. We then went down to reception to ask for explanations -- no explanations or excuses given. Well yes, there was an explanation "Bedbugs are normal in backpackers." Yep, as you hear it!! PLEASE, AVOID ANNIES PLACE AT ALL COST!!!!
Road 111
Not impressed!
It was a bad omen right from the start, I booked my room and free pick up from the greyhound bus station and after waiting and waiting I gave up and walked only to be told 10 minutes later (and 3 inches shorter), whoops "we always forget about they greyhound pick ups, oh well it's not far is it?" No, I guess in the grand scheme of things its not far but when you have been on a coach for 33 hours straight and you're carrying an extra 25 kilograms every little helps right? Never mind, everyone makes mistakes. I'll have some tuna pasta, that will make me feel better. I regretted it immediately, the kitchen is woefully inadequate boasting the grand total of one sink, there are also only two saucepans available so if you are the third person deciding to make a carbohydrate based meal at any one time you better stake out your pan and wait your turn. Another piece of advice I wish somebody had told me -- don't eat canned foods or else bring your own tin opener as the counter mounted one provided looks a) like a medieval torture device and is b) broken. It took five long minutes of jabbing with the blade and manually rotating my tuna tin before it was halfway open and I could just about scrape out the contents. I then found I was unable to to turn off the gas and had to scurry to reception to find someone with pliers before the place potentially burned up. Phew, pasta ordeal over, time for some desert, yogurt -- eaten with a fork of course, don't be unreasonable and expect to find a spoon for goodness sake! Maybe some rest and relaxation will help, watching a little T.V. in my room, now that does sound appealing, although I say watching I actually mean listening as the picture is so grainy I fear for my vision. Oh well, I'll turn the heater down and have a nap (it does sound rather like a small aircraft), but wait, the remote control is missing? And there's no manual control on the heater itself? Okay so no sleep for me then -- remind me what am I paying for again? In my experience Annie's place is a cool place, a fun place (the bar is great), and a clean place but it is not a place for living. One night for me was more than enough, which is such a shame because it has the potential to be brilliant. I would however recommend it if you want some forced exercise, only eat salad at 3am, can sleep through a bomb blast, and prefer to use your imagination whilst watching television. If those apply to you, you'll love it here!
Not impressed
I was only staying one night at Annie's Place, and one good thing I can say about the hostel is that I was offered a free shuttle to the airport as soon as I checked it -- very good value when my bed only cost $20! Another nice thing was the en-suite bathroom in the room (except that it smelt gross -- like mould). And the bar seemed like it would have been fun, had I wanted to go to the bar that night. As for negatives -- the lounge area that had computers, couches, and books closed at 9 p.m. Since it was cold outside that night, and all other areas of the hostel are open air, that left the option of going to bed at 9 p.m., or going to the (very crowded) bar. I was tired, so I tried going to bed -- except the music from the bar could still be heard from inside my room, and kept me up for ages. After the bar closed, I could hear people going in and out of their rooms and to the kitchen all night -- I hardly got any sleep, and I usually dont have problems sleeping in hostels. I wasnt given a blanket -- just a bedsheet -- and so I was freezing cold all night. The room itself was a little on the dirty side, and had what looked like a luggage storage room as part of the room, which had cobwebs in it. The breakfast was pitiful -- a loaf of bread on the counter of the open air kitchen, left there next to an open container of peanut butter.
on a beaucoup aimé ce backpacker très convivial, à la déco amusante! chambres doubles avec clim, tres propres la piscine est la bienvenue pour se rafraichir!! pas loin du centre. on a passé un tres bon moment même si ce fut court!

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