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De Alamo hostile Bewertungen

I've never stayed at a hostel before, but it was cool.

We stayed for a few weeks. It was all we could afford. The groundskeeper was very nice and pleasant to be around. He is in the middle of making repairs. The pool didn't have any water in it because it needed repairs. Some tree roots were breaking apart the foundation and he needed more supplies to remedy the problem. I think he did an excellent job with the bathroom. The kitchen only has one burner, but it is well kept. I found the place to be rather nice. The Groundskeeper is doing the best he can due to the place having changed hands seven times now from what I understand from a realtor friend of mine. The groundkeeper assured me that things should get better that the new owners are very good people. I was staying in a tent. The rooms are small for the prices being charged, and I think that the rates for the tents are reasonable. The bathrooms looks great. They do need more guests so that they can keep this place going. After all, no business means no money for bills, restoration, or renovation needs. Don't just ask for a key, demand a key to get in and out. The groundskeeper doesn't seem to ever have enough of them on hand, and doesn't seem to like to part with the ones he has. You can't get in or out without that darn key, and the groundskeeper turns up missing quite often. He loves to use the comment that "Ring the bell. I hear everything that goes on." He no hear everything that goes on, because he isn't there, and if you didn't demand a key at the first of your stay, you are a prisoner until he decides to turn up again. And Be careful if you decide to go over the fence to get out, just because you can't find the groundskeeper. The neighbors are trigger happy. Worse, they seem to are all be cops (not just in the hotel -- that does have the federales booked in), but along the back fence too. I was told he had been seen crossing over the wall and into their yards several times. All in all it is a wonderful place to stay at. I never felt safer. I would have loved to have stayed longer, but we ran out of money. The groundskeeper, really is a nice guy. I definitely would have done some things differently. Don't ask for a key, demand one upfront. There is a saying here in Mexico, "No money, no honey." Mine is no key, I no stay. I can't remember making this reservation any way. or No key, I no want to be prisoner.

Prefer to remain anonymous.

It's a sewage infested, filthy, junk yard

The new alleged Management, has placed false advertising all over the internet about this cesspool of a place. They advertise a swimming pool, which has been cracked and empty for eight years, they advertise internet, which they dont have because they did not pay the bill, and now the cable company wont do business with them and neither will the wireless provider in rosarito because they know they wont get paid. This places reputation in the town is crap on all levels. They advertise a bbq pit, it is really a trash can with a metal fridge shelf to cook on. They say hammocks, there are not even chairs, full kitchen where you can cook, not a chance, it is a roach infested room with a two-burner gas hot plate that only one burner works on. There is one pot and one pan, usually dirty in the sink with roaches on them. Bring your own, dish soap, sponge and toilet paper, they say they provide it but never have. The bathroom is horrible, it was never cleaned, had raw sewage backing up three inches deep through a drain in the floor right in front of he toilet and also in the shower. But besides the place is full of crazy homeless whackos who stay there long term so just so you know, I would say lock your doors, but you cant, the locks dont work. Hell the windows dont even have a lock on there and there are no sticks to keep the window from opening. So your things will never be safe when you go to the beach. But what you really need to know is that the federal police have taken over the hotel right behind the hostel, putting he hostel directly in the line of fire between the drug dealers on the road and the cops in the hotel. If you want to get in the middle of the drug war, then yea, stay at the alamo hotel. This is only a fraction of the problems with this place, but please do yourself a favor, you would be better off in a tent on the beach.

J George

This Hostel has recently undergone some management challenges. The original German owner had to get out of town then tried to get sell the place. Eventually the landlord came in and put someone in charge who is making a go of it. The place is clean and, yes there are some junky trailers, but if you've traveled the world's hostels you'd think this place was paradise. It's close to free internet (community library down the block), plenty of places to eat, transportation. Excellent jump off point for surfing expeditions. The Mexican national who runs it is honest and helpful, and will personally advise you on what you need to know about Mexico and Rosarito.


I stayed at this dump for several weeks during Summer '06 as I liked the location -- only a couple of blocks from the beach. I finally couldn't take it any longer as it was filthy and overrun with bugs. The place is a hangout for dope smoking drunken teens blasting music all night long. The bathrooms don't meet outhouse standards. Rosarito could use a decent hostel close to the beach. Unfortunately this place doesn't qualify.


Awesome! wonderful time! best three months ever. incredible manager.

Tara & Nate

I have just returned to the U.S.A. from my four days of evening hell at the Alamo Hostel and can safely say that the facilities are not even fit for the homeless. In both rooms I stayed in, the Kissing bug has been present resulting in me covered from head to toe with blotches, rashes, and a $300 bill for medical jabs and pharmacy billings. I left at 5.30 a.m. today after enduring four days of what I'd imagine the hygiene of a prison camp to be like. If you get your kicks from festering with bugs stay here, if not choose alternative accommodation. This is no joke.

Matt Ward - Age 27 / 29.09.2006

I checked into this place late last Monday. My first impression was that it was a junkyard, as it very well turned out to be. A trailer was available so I took it, for $30. The windows were rusted either open or closed and the interior was shabby, and not shabby/chic. The "bedding" should have been thrown in the rag bin for use when changing your motor oil. Just outside the trailer a couple of dogs barked as one of the long-time residents played "fetch" with them. A very depressing scene. Then I took a look at the bathroom -- disgustingly filthy and in disrepair. I took a walk into town for dinner, then realized I couldn't stay the night in that mess. I turned in my key and walked next door to a motel. This place would appeal to the heavy-drinking, pot-smoking, younger crowd who wouldn't notice the squalid surroundings.

Jim Wangsness

I had such an amazing time at the Alamo. Rosarito is such a great town and the hostel was a lot of fun. Stefan and all the other staff were so welcoming and friendly. The overnight trip down to Ensenada was well worth it!!

Victoria Hamilton

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Adresse: 148 Mar Adriatico 148 Mar Adriatico, Rosarito (Playas de Rosarito), Baja California, Mexiko

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