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Via Delle Città 3, Certaldo, Florenz (Firenze), Toskana, Italien
43.537040, 11.052263 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 0571 668342 +39 320 1977787
+39 0571 656 400
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Great place for a Good Price
I was a solo late 20s traveler in September. I had an excellent room, with a great view. The staff was friendly and helpful. My only disappointment was as the tourist season ends it seems like the community spirit dies down, which was part of the reason I came to Fattoria del Bassetto in the first place. That being said I think if you came in the summer, or as a couple or with some friends this place would be perfect. It's rustic in all the best ways, and a great find.
(United States)
Not that great.
I booked a few nights at this hostel when I was in Italy because it had such great reviews. The positive points about this hostel are that it's very chilled -- you'll get a good nights' sleep; it has a cozy and friendly atmosphere. However, the kitchen and bedrooms were dusty and dirty, and security was non-existent. Anyone could walk in off the street and easily get in to the hostel, and as the "new town" of Certaldo is quite seedy (Fattoria Bassetto is on the outskirts in a semi-industrial area), this made me nervous. If you don't get picked up at the station at the times specified by the hostel, you have a long and dangerous walk beside a highway to get there.
Relaxing Tuscan Vacation
This place was great. The scenery was beautiful, the staff was friendly and helpful, my only complaint was that they had advertised wine tours on their website, but there were in fact, none. Still I had the best time. They offer a cooking class (check the schedule though) which was great, so much fun. There is a pool and hammocks that you can hang out and tables you can eat at outside after cooking dinner in their large communal kitchen (if you stay in the dorms). Everyone eats together and stays up and drinks wine at night. Really cool place to stay. Wish I had time to stay longer.
  I stayed hear with my fiance in May 2005, and I will always remember it for its homey feel, great location, and amazingly cheap, good wine. I always recommend it to friends who are traveling to Italy and will definitely make it back there one day.
  I stayed there in September 2004. It was really the true Tuscany. The hostel itself is very unique, and the best I stayed in through my four-month Western Europe holiday. You can hire bikes, do a minivan tour through Tuscany for the day, bbq, pizza nights, and wine tasting. It has real charachter, I highly recommend it.
James Sutherland
  I stayed in Frattoria Bassetto on March 2005 and I have to say it was one of the best hostels I stayed in during three months in Italy. The place offers a clean and safe stay in an AMAZING location. It has a train station that goes once an hour to Firenze, Siena, Poggibonsi (from where you go to San Gimignano) and other Tuscan treasures. The train station is a 25-minute walk from the hostel, but they will drive you to and from it four times a day. The common room had a fully equipped kitchen (with tea, coffee and milk always for you!), a large table and chairs and sofas in front of a huge fireplace (there's always wood) and a room with a TV and dozens and movies. They arrange horse-riding, tours, and wonderful cooking lessons from this amazing woman called Giusseppina. It was incredible. It's a place like home, ideal to relax in it for a few days. I came for two nights and ended up staying more than a week. So warm and inviting, no lockout or curfew. Just go.
  I stayed there in 2004 and absolutely loved it! The castle overlooking the town is incredible and serves amazing pizza there. The Aussies who help run the place are so nice and helpful! I ended up staying there a few extra days because it was so incredible. The backpacker's quarters are kept very clean and tidy and there are lots of movies to watch just in case you feel like staying in for the day. Staying at Frattoria del Bassetto was definitely a treat.
  I stayed at Fattoria del Bassetto in early April 2005 for two nights. If I were going back, I'd plan a longer stay. This place will immediately earn a title of "home" in your vocabulary while you're in Tuscany. The grounds are amazing. When I was there, it was out-of-season and very quiet. There's a hammock (comfortable too), a swimming pool, a huge deck perfect for watching the sun go down, and bikes for rent. In summer, when season is in, they'll do day tours around Tuscany wherever you want to go if you arrange it with them and get a group together... Sienna, Pisa, or the coast. There's a local who teaches Tuscan recipes. Guests cook and then enjoy dinner together. Brad is an Aussie who is helping run the place this year. He'll go out of his way to make sure you're comfortable and taken care of. The family that owns the place will be around too. Everyone is curious to know where you've come from, concerned about you and if you're comfortable, and ready to do something for you. I rented a bicycle and pedaled uphill to San Gimignano on a Saturday and ate pizza there. The countryside is sweeping. It's just as you imagine Tuscany. Certaldo is a small, busy town. Literary buffs will be interested to know that Certaldo is the home of Giovanni Boccaccio, who wrote The Decameron, and tours of his house and of medieval Certaldo are cheap, not overly dry, and succinct. If you go to Boccaccio's house and take the tour, be certain to step in the church next door. Certaldo is not on the main tourist circle, so you will get a very nice impression of the true Tuscan people. Things you won't find in Certaldo: 1.) Gift shops, 2.) Loads of tourists.

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