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A campsite (with dorm-style shared cabins available) close to Venice. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the site with the shuttle bus from the Venice bus station (which is walking distance from the train station). The shuttle runs about once an our during the day from June through September. It's free on your first trip out to the site, and then 3 euros for each roundtrip to Venice. A second option is to take the city buses, which requires a transfer to another bus at the airport. The campsite has areas for tents, but shared dorm-type cabins are available. They're small but decent. The bathroom facilities are clean and there is hot water, but the showers and sinks only give 3 seconds of water for each push of the button and there is no toilet paper. The site also has a nice swimming pool, a restaurant (expensive), internet access (also expensive), a bar, pool table, ping-pong, laundry service, and a small supermarket. And you can checkout as late as noon.
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Plus Camping Alba D'Oro" at Via Triestina S.S. 14, km. 10.)

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Via Triestina S.S. 14, km. 10, Ca' Noghera, Mestre, Veneto, Italy
45.504581, 12.283184 (accuracy not guaranteed)
Phone Number
+39 (0)41 541 5102
+39 (0)41 541 5971
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Don't stay in the small tents!
The campsite itself was very nice but the small tent we stayed in was not! We had the small two-person tent which we shared with a lot of bugs at night. In fact, I was woken up multiple times during the night by the buzzing around my face. In the morning I had bites all over my face. It wasn't fun. If you decide to camp here, pay the extra money for a cabin.
This campsite is not really in venice, it's on the mainland about twenty minutes away by car. But the price is a bargain for anything near venice. The campsite is huge, with a swimming pool, a restaurant, bar, ATM machine, supermarket, and ping pong tables. I stayed at a cabin that was very clean, with clean sheets and all. They have their own bus service to venice in these super comfy air-conditioned buses. The trip costs €2 (first one for free), and although you can take the bus just from across the street for €1, I think that if you're not staying for more than a couple of days then €2 for a direct comfy and frequent ride to Venice is better than having to make a switch in the airport for a second bus to get to venice (a longer ride). It's easy to get to know people, most of them are young travelers and since the last bus comes in I think at 10:30 nobody has any other choice but to hang out at the campsite's pub. They're are not big on the food but I had a really great kebab sandwich there. Had a great stay and I would definitely recommend it.
Eww! Bugs!
I stayed here recently with my two girlfriends, and we rented out a cabin. The campsite itself is pretty nice, although everything's expensive (the restaurant, internet, the supermarket), and they charge 4 euros for a round trip to Venice. The cabin itself was disgusting. We weren't provided with any sheets or anything, and as we walked in, we noticed that the floor was littered with mostly dead (several were alive) bugs, food crumbs, and one very, very large beetle. Our mattresses were pretty sketchy, old, stained, with holes in them, and also covered with dead bugs. So gross! You couldn't even walk on the floor without stepping on bugs or food or something else unknown and disgusting. I definitely wouldn't come back, and we were glad to leave!
  I stayed here in October 2004 and it was a great time. I quickly met many people and had many fun nights at the club and more after it closed. the people who work there are great and everything is relatively cheap. i'd suggest it as a stop to anyone.
  Stuffy cabins. Showers always taken. Brush your teeth and wash your face in the open air. A bed in a cabin might be cheap but everything else is expensive -- 3.5 euro trip back to venice (1 euro across the street), internet access costs a fortune and had to pay extra to get a locker (and there are only a few lockers and they're next to the reception). If in groups, it will be a nice experience but I was travelling alone for the first time and this was my first "hostel/campsite" experience ever.
  I would recommend this campsite to budget travelers and those that like the outdoors. Five of us stayed there on a break from school (studying abroad in Wales) for three nights in mid-April. We had two three-person en-suites, which were small but relatively clean and worked out fine. The pool was closed, the restaurant was a little pricy, and the bus wound up taking much more than the fifteen minutes they describe to reach Venice, but overall the stay was pleasant. Be advised that the bus doesn't run all the time -- they take a four-hour break in the middle of the day and a one-hour break later in the evening. It is difficult to get back out to the campsite at night, especially if you want to stay out late, but the bar has a happy hour from nine to ten with cheap drinks and a fair number of fun travelers even in April. I would definitely stay here again but only recommend it for those with a tight budget or who enjoy tents and stars.
  Large location, good patio, pool facility is nice. One word of the summer at night, the friggin Mosquitos will eat you alive!!! I'm not kidding!!! Me and my buddy Rich were chilling outside one evening, and then the Monquitos came and destroyed us. The next day, I had about 30 bites! no joke!
Jason from Toronto
  I brought a group of 17 Venture Scouts (16-20 years old) to this site in early July. We found it a very good site and had an enjoyable experience staying there. There are some things that might annoy you if you let them (aircraft movements, loud music, etc.) but your campsite is only 10 minutes from Venice so what do you expect for your money? All in all, I would recommend the site for short stays and this comes from an experienced camper who has stayed in some dives in his time.

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