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The Review

MEININGER Hamburg City Center is an amazingly spacious and social hostel! We had a great stay!

The Location

MEININGER Hamburg City Center is in a great location; it's situated on the same train line as the airport, so it is easy to get to when first arriving -- you jump off at Altona Station and walk about five minutes. It is in a quieter neighborhood, but only two stations down the road from the St. Pauli district (famous for nightlife) and only twenty or so minutes from town hall and most of the larger attractions to see around the town centre.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are quite large and spacious. Each bed has quite a large locker assigned to it, so you can securely keep your things. The linen is clean and comfortable and the mattresses are good quality. You will sleep well here.

There is a separate toilet and shower in each of the rooms, so you don't have to wait for one if someone is using the other. There is soap supplied in each of the showers, but you will need to supply your own towel or hire one at the front desk. The bathrooms are immaculately clean and very modern.

Common Spaces

There are quite a large number of common spaces where you can meet people in this hostel, which is really nice. They have a bar in the reception area and a large lounge area off to one side. There is another room with a pool table and places to drink in an adjacent building and a couple of cool lounge-type swing chairs in the front. It is a great place to get the night started. You must keep in mind, however, that sometimes there are school groups or large groups of people that stay here, so behaviour at the hostel bar cannot get too rowdy.

The hostel is also equipped with a guest kitchen and laundry facility if you need these. They also provide luggage storage for if you arrive super early or leave super late and don't want to cart your stuff around.


MEININGER Hamburg City Center is a great place to stay during your time in Hamburg. You will find the staff to be super helpful and friendly and it is a safe and comfortable environment. This is a thoroughly recommended place to stay!
by Globetrotter Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "MEININGER Hotel Hamburg City Center" at Goetheallee 9-11, Haus 3.)


Goetheallee 9-11, Haus 3, Hamburg, Hamburg State, Germany
53.554612, 9.938014 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 666 36100
+49 30 666 36 222
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Very well
I stayed at Meininger and have to say staff is very well prepared and kind. Hostel and treatment above my expectations.
denise bottagisio
Age 45, italy
  Likes -- excellent location, clean rooms, comfortable beds, good WiFi. Dislikes -- factory-like feel due to its size, slow check-in and check-out, expensive breakfast (6 Euros), small kitchen for so many people. Not a bad hostel overall, and the elevator is not too crowded despite the number of people; it's quiet in the rooms at night, and each of them has its own bedside lamp, though there are too few other outlets in the rooms. On the last night there my room was overbooked, leading to confusion over whose bed was whose. Would probably stay here again.
Age 27, Canada
Good place to sleep, that's about it.
Everything has already been pretty much summed up, but the breakfast is a little pricey (6.50 euros) and if they catch you trying to sneak any buns or food out of the breakfast room, they'll tell you it's 1 euro per piece of bread! 10 bed mixed dorm can get noisy with all the people leaving at different times in the morning, but it's nice that the showers and toilets are in separate rooms. Girls at reception weren't very helpful when I asked about the location of a local club and told me to buy time on the internet (1 euro for 20 minutes) to look it up myself. Stayed for one night, that was enough.
Meininger City Hostel & Hotel Hamburg is a very new hostel (it opened in early 2009) located conveniently close to Hamburg Altona train station. Large and bright, the hostel is immediately welcoming and feels more hotel than hostel. The Location Meininger Hamburg is perfectly located in the Altona area, within easy walking distance of the Altona station. Long distance trains pass through this station, making the hostel location ideal for those traveling through Germany by train. The Altona area has many cheap and varied bars, cafes, and restaurants, and the hostel is located only about a three-minute walk to a large supermarket for those who are self-catering. A fifteen-minute walk takes you to the banks of the River Elbe; for those who are inclined, the Rathaus is an hour-long but very easy walk away. Otherwise, the metro lines are accessible from Altona station. Rooms and Bathrooms Rooms at Meininger Hamburg are accessed using key cards and lockers are available in rooms. Dorms range from four to ten beds and doubles and singles are also available. The beds in dorms come in bunk and single configuration, and many bunks have curtains for added privacy. Bedding and towels are provided free of charge, though a deposit is required for towels. The beds themselves are comfortable and large. Bathrooms are clean and modern, and conveniently the toilet and shower are housed in separate rooms (though still within the room) -- an important feature when dorm-mates are hogging the shower! Water pressure is excellent. However, Meininger Hamburg has installed water saving press-button action showers which are not conducive to a relaxing soak at the end of a long day! Shower rooms have plenty of hanging space and room to change and both shower and toilet have a sink with mirror. Hand and body wash is provided for guests. Rooms are fitted with a small television and several large windows providing excellent lighting and ventilation. Wireless internet is available for guests who have their own laptop and is, unusually for a hostel, free of charge. Common Spaces Meininger Hamburg provides guests with a small kitchen with limited crockery and pots/pans. Within the kitchen is a couch and table with chairs, as well as an internet station. A large fridge for guest use is also provided. In the large reception area is a common area resembling a cafe/bar with booths, tables and couches, mood lighting and, again, several internet terminals. The breakfast room, whose size gives away the vast number of guests able to stay at the hostel at any given time, is spacious and provides another common area for guest to congregate. There is also a small bar attached to hostel. Guests are able to store their luggage prior to check-in or after check-out free of charge. Breakfast is not provided as part of the bed price. The breakfast is rather expensive -- cereal, juice, tea/coffee, cold meats and cheese, and bread/buns and spread are provided. However, the budget conscious traveler is able to make up rolls to take with him for the day, possibly saving on the expensive of lunch. Meininger is a very large hostel and potential guests should be aware that school groups book out big sections of it for field trips. This can be an irritation to guests in terms of noise, general commotion and possible delays at check-in/out. Overall, one might describe Meininger Hamburg as a subdued but social hostel. It caters to many ages and tastes, but it is not a party atmosphere. Smoking is not allowed within the building, but is permitted in outside areas. Summary In summary, Meininger Hamburg is a very well-maintained and welcoming hostel. It is a shame that breakfast is not provided in the bed price. However the inclusion of linen, towels, and wireless internet access make up for this shortcoming, making the hostel a good choice for the budget-conscious traveler.
Katie Mann

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