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Fevzi Cakmak Street 48, Lapta, Kyrenia (Girne), Cyprus
35.350923, 33.174108 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+90 392 821 8498
+90 392 821 8124
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Breakfast poor. Kitchen not tasty. If to the owner of hotel there come the relatives (wife, children) for dinner, That at first will serve his (its) family, and then of tourists.
  I must have been to a different Manolya Hotel. We have stayed at the Manolya Hotel four times and this year we are going again for a month. We found the hotel, manager, and everyone who is connected with the hotel to be very friendly, helpful, and polite. The only noise you get at this hotel is on a Cyprus Night with music and dancing. Food is great, breakfast food is always fresh and plenty of it. Beach is five minutes walk from the hotel and is clean and good for swiming, but you do need to pay for the loungers. (this happens in most resorts now). I suggest people who cannot enjoy different country holidays should stay in the U.K.
helen crane
  Mr. Small (in a previous review) must have had a distressing experience, and it was with some concern that we arrived at the Manolya. In the event we suffered none of the problems he described. Plenty of hot water (yes the hotel was full), no sign of electrical sockets hanging off the wall, the carpets were fine (although one might ask why carpets rather than tiles, and the mustard color is asking for trouble). The staff were friendly and helpful, although not exactly pro-active. The room's air-conditioning worked fine if rather noisy. The interior decor was clean, the exterior mainly ok, but in need of attention in the sea-facing surfaces. The room was cleaned daily. The pool was kept clean and received regular attention. It's not the hotel's fault that smoking is virtually compulsory in North Cyprus, and inconsiderate smokers leave traces of their presence. All in all for a hotel, which claims to be of "basic" standard, the Manolya met most criteria. We felt it was reasonable value, and we would use it again.
Mr I Young
  This hotel does not even rate 1 star. Our room (406) was tiny, and the smell of drains was so overpowering it made one retch. The carpets were badly stained, had sustained water damage and were covered in cigarette burns. The mini bar was non-existent, the curtains were hanging off the rails and the room was so tiny we were unable to open the wardrobes properly. The hotel is shabby and below par for Northern Cyprus. I can only assume that the people who return year after year have not been placed in this miniscule, smelly room. I urge anyone considering booking this hotel to think seriously before booking. We were transferred within two hours of arrival and were informed by our holiday reps that the drain problem is ongoing.
Mr. & Mrs. Hardy
  The Manolya hotel was great fun! Ok, it's never going to be the Ritz, but let's be honest — you get what you paid for. Mehmet is a great host and a very helpful guy. The hotel is clean and the rooms modest. Most of the staff are very good. We will return to the Manolya soon — it's great value for money!
Derek Walker, London
  Just thought we would send you a note to tell all potential clients that they should have no worries about booking with at this hotel. Of all the places we have stayed at, this comes out on top for personal service and reliability. Even the sunshine is guaranteed from May through till September, and no doubt you can even put that one in writing. It is important to us to know that we can rely on what the staff tell us, and the fact that what they say is what they do. Many thanks for our two previous holidays. They were brilliant, and we will see this place again in just, oh, let me see, seven days from now. [If anybody wants further truthful information about Manolya Hotel, North Cyprus — 07768 171314.]
Graham and Pamela Hooley
  We have stayed twice at this hotel and also elsewhere in North Cyprus. There are several five-star hotels in the area, but these lack true North Cypriot hospitality. That was the reason we came here and luckily we found it at Manolya. Although it is 12 kilometers out of town there is a good Dolmus [taxi-sharing] service and taxis are cheap and plentiful. When we stayed there breakfast was freshly made, always traditional but at your request the staff would serve you anything you wanted. We found that all the staff members were friendly and courteous and above all, very honest.
Jim and Michele
  We just had a fourteen-night stay at the Manolya Hotel in Lapta. The hotel has an excellent manager, and the staff were very helpful with anything you required. Nothing was too much trouble for them. There were six of us and we would be happy to return here again. There are lots of good places around to eat and drink; all the food is good and reasonably priced. Our special restaurant was "Jessic," next door to the Manolya. Jessic is family-run, very friendly, and we spent some happy hours in there.
June, Dave, Eileen, Keith, Janet and Ken, West Midlands

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