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LG Eclat#913. 2850-6Bunji, Incheon (Inchon), South Korea
37.463959, 126.492462 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(82) 32 743 0979
(82) 32 743 0479
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Always Great
I use this hostel two times a year when I have a large group of college students come and visit. The people running the place are great. They have always taken care of us. It is not a five star hotel -- after all, you are not paying for one. But it is cheap and easy and super close to the airport. Years ago this same company was at a totally different location. My wife and I have stayed here ourselves when necessary. Close to a large Department Store Market -- everything you need is available.
Mike Loudermilk
  I made a reservation to stay at this hostel and paid a deposit, but when I arrived at the Incheon Airport, I called they hostel and they said they had no room for me. They said they sent me an email about the cancellation, but they did not. They also said they would credit my credit card for the deposit, which they still haven't. I think they are very unprofessional and have poor customer service. They really inconvenienced me because I had to scramble around to find a room at 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night which was very difficult. I actually never stayed at the hostel, but if their customer service is any indication, I would not recommend this place.
James McDonald
  Excellent for US$30 per person per night. This hostel has now moved. It is much closer to the airport. The manager has rented a number of apartments that were built for people to live in -- so they are better than hotel rooms. The manager and his wife live in one on the second floor. The rooms have a kitchen in a large cupboard so if you bring pots and pans you could cook. There was a fridge and a TV too. There are a few restaurants and a convenience store across the street. If you wanted/needed to stay for a month or so this place would be good. I stayed at the old place and the current place, (for about twelve hours) and for the price, I have (had) no complaints. There was no alarm clock so the Manager lent me one. He picked us up at 9 p.m. and took us back to the airport at 6 a.m. the next morning. If you have no Korean coins to phone for your pick up, when you get out of immigration turn left and head toward the hotel information/booking desk and ask them to call the hotel for you.
  I stayed here two nights in January 2006. Yes, it's in a very small neighborhood not far from the airport. Mr. Kwon and his wife were both very friendly. She speaks much more English than he does. I'll stay there again when I've got an early flight out, as I don't like the uncertainty of catching a bus halfway across town and praying for traffic to stay clear while I'm on my way. Although it's no Taj Majal, it's not a dump either. Fairly typical yeogwan from my previous Korean experiences.
  I've stayed here three times now. The service is great! It's Korea so the towels are small but buck up and use two or bring your own. Mr. Kwon is very nice! I don't get the guy in the costume but he's very kind, too. I've never stayed more than one night. It's convenient for staying before or after a flight back to the States. 40,000 won is not bad for a quick stay. I thought the bathroom was nice. I like having a tub! It's clean and quiet.
  Holy hellfire. This place would only be suitable for insects and roaches. This place is a complete dive. I would not recommend this to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. This is a disgraceful establishment. When my fiancée' and I arrived, the man dressed as a lizard did nothing to make us feel welcome, and only gave us a sense of foreboding. And we truly regretted coming here the moment we saw it loom like a tombstone above the construction sites littering its foundations. This is a horrible place to stay. We didn't even get a key! They made us wait in someone else's room while they cleaned the room that we had booked, as "it wasn't ready" when we got there. The proprietor gave us no tour. He has no idea about any of the facilities, and never actually seemed to be there. The hot water was a few pulsing seconds of heat, then a constant pulse of icy cold water. Horrible!!! The bathrooms were unclean, and there was only one small, though quite nice, restaurant amid the rubble surrounding this hellhole. The only good point about this is the small restaurant, which was overpriced anyway, but served nice food. It was a shame it was a 15-minute walk from this despicable place. The rooms were like an oven, and the 10-year-old excuse for an air conditioner sounded like a coal train. Stay away from here if you want good service or food, good clean amenities or any sort of a decent stay. I cannot believe I chose this ruin of a shack. Do not come here!!! Condemned is an understatement!!!

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