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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "TWH - Tai Wan Hotel" at Block A, 3rd Floor, Chungking Mansions, 38 Nathan Road.)


Block A, 3rd Floor, Chungking Mansions, 38 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Yau Tsim Mong District, Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong
22.296512, 114.172390 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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I will not recommend this place
small room, tiny bed, messy with bad smell and dirty. noisy in and outside the building. very small elevator and bed sheets pillow cases and mattresses are very dirty and messy. receptionists are not english speaking and not hospitable.
Abby Cuenco
Age 29, philippined
Complete Hellhole. Dangerous and filthy. Stay away from TWH
Entire place is filthy, room is tiny, and building is filled with the scum of the Earth. Had a double room booked for us by a friend and needless to say, I don't even want to speak to her again after staying here for two nights. The room is tiny and filthy. There are roaches and flies everywhere. Stayed on the 11th floor area of the hotel where they were doing construction, which caused particles and dirty to fill up the hall ways and come under the door. Workers were using our private washroom when we were out of the room. Would not leave any remotely valuable items in the room. Renovations were loud and at all hours of the day. Not only that, they left equipment all over the floor and in the narrow hallways. Had random sharp objects and stray nails from the door frames scratch me every time I walked down the hallway. Probably need to get a tetanus shot now. Washroom was tiny and disgusting. The shower was right over the toilet, so you mind as well sit on the toilet while showering. It was like showering in prison except there isn't enough room to get violated, but you'd still leave feeling dirtier than you did before stepping in. As for the staff, the woman was extremely rude and unhelpful. Did not even speak Cantonese and forced you to understand her Mandarin. God forbid she learn Cantonese when living and Hong Kong and I guess she was too good to speak English to us as well. The whole Chung King Mansion is filled with low lives and just horrible human beings who harass you non stop. The entire building smells of curry and raw sewage. Ultimately, what caused us to leave was that the vendors continuously sexually harassed my fiance and even to the point where they even tried grabbed her when she walked into the building alone. Of course, the building is filled with these type of people so tourists likely don't even realize when someone is in need of help. Security was not around to control these deviants. This caused us to leave without even being issued a refund. When we advised the staff, they were rude and accused my fiance of dressing like a hooker and essentially that she had it coming. She then proceeded to lecture her and tell her it was her fault and if she had a problem that it should be taken up with building management. It takes a lot of class to blame the victim in such a situation. We just wanted to get out of there so bad, we left while paying for a whole week despite being told on the first day, that if we were to leave, they would only charge us for the minimum 3 days. This is not a safe place for women or children to stay, or anyone for that matter. Hide your wife, hide your kids. If you can afford to travel to Hong Kong, just spring for a proper hotel. The location is in a good area, but if you can't afford to stay anywhere nicer, you won't be able to afford any of the expensive stores or restaurants in the area. Just stay away if you have any dignity for yourself.
Do not stay here.
This place is disgusting. The Chungking mansions is a huge busy building with many other hostels inside it, there are touters (people trying to sell you things and drag you to their hostels) all hanging around the entrance all the time. We ignored them but were tricked into believing a guy who claimed to be from our hostel, he was friendly, not pushy, and seemed genuine. He took us to the reception and pretended he had our booking in his paperwork then took my copy of reference number and payment for three nights. After spending one night we had a bad feeling that something wasn't right and went to look around for the Apple Hostel where we had booked. They were very sympathetic and called the police for us. They arrived within ten minutes and came with us to the Taiwan Hotel and got our money back. One of us was badly bitten by bedbugs all over his body and another had cockroaches and rats in the ceiling of his tiny room. Later I noticed a sign saying that they rent rooms by the hour, not a nice place. If you really must stay in the Chungking mansions, then find your hostel by yourself (the signs are above the lifts), and don't speak to anybody downstairs. I see the photos advertised of the Taiwan Hotel look nothing like it! dodgy.
(Scotland/New Zealand)
the location is amazing, but that is really where anything good about this hostel ends. The pictures are a complete lie -- the room i was in would just have been about ok as a single room not a four-bed dorm if we stood up we couldn't open the door. The bathroom was so small i had to sit on the toilets sideways cause the sink sits on your knee. We had no key cause the door lock didn't work the owner just said we had to take valuables with us -- not great traveling round hong kong just hoping your stuff is not being taken. Overall just don't stay in the chungking mansions -- spend more and go somewhere better.
Do not stay
This place is disgusting! You will get ripped off. We did. Don't be fooled by the pictures, you will not get what is in them. Stayed for three nights and it was the worst place I have ever slept. The toilet is so bad and dirty. It's not even worth staying. Just don't stay, it is that bad.
  I'll be a little more generous. I found the place passable. The staff was friendly and helpful, and when I arrived by cab from the airport after midnight the man was down on the sidewalk with my name in hand looking for me. the single room was reasonably clean and I did not have any critters. The decor was depressing. The charge is reasonable and the location is convenient, but am not sure I want to stay there in a few weeks.
  Not for the faint of heart. I'm a student traveling on a budget and am normally willing to cut corners when it comes to lodgings in order to free up funds for other things. However, compromising what I consider minimal standards was not worth the few bucks I saved lodging here. This hostel is located in a decrepit tower that sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise glitzy section of Nathan Road. I had originally reserved a bed in a shared dormitory. When I arrived, I was shown to a tiny room where the three threadbare beds practically touched. The stained toilet seat hung from one hinge on the toilet, above which was a shower head and beside, a sink -- a bathroom for four people condensed into a space the size of a closet. I believe their listing mentions something about a locker and a digital access pass but no such things were in evidence. (The sofa, microwave, reading desk, and other amenities mentioned in their listing were also absent when I visited.) When I asked the employee (whose command of English would confer no distinction on her outside the Commonwealth) about them, she replied that the place was full and that I should keep my valuables with me. I decided it would be worth the expense to switch to a private room. I shelled out again the amount I had already paid and was shown to a small room that smelled of insecticide with a window that opened onto a dark shaft. After the sad sight of the shared dorm, I relished the peace of mind this brought but it was not to last very long. During the night, I discovered my bed was swarming with bugs. In the very early morning, two youths came by who had received the key to the same room I was occupying. Where exactly they got this before the reception had even opened was a mystery to me. In any case, as soon as the staff appeared on the scene, I called to their attention that my room was infested. The employee instructed me to bring my belongings into the hall, assuring me that I'd be assigned another room when one became available at mid-day. It took a bit longer but when I came back I was shown to a room with few insects and a private bathroom -- perhaps the best in the house! Although it is not directly under this hostel's control, something should be said about the setting. The old cinderblock building it sits in is chiefly tenanted not by tourists or locals but apparently by semi-stable inhabitants, mostly from the subcontinent and Africa. Most of the ground floor is occupied by businesses that cater to these residents. There is always a line on the ground floor for the elevator and one sometimes has to wait for the elevator to pass a couple of times before there is space for one to board. The stairwell is really stomach-turning and I once came upon a man lying on the steps as I made my way down. Thus, although the hostel is only on the third floor, I mostly opted to endure the inconvenience of the lift. I don't want to end without listing any positives, so I should mention that the location of this hostel is really great, with a range of shops and eateries within strolling distance, just around the corner from the post office and KCR station, across the street from the subway station, a couple of blocks from a nice park and a short walk from the ferry to Central. The owner is a really warm, affable fellow. However, the bottom line is that lodging anywhere in Tsim Tsa Shui at this price is not worth it. Far more comfortable quarters in this budget range are to be found in Mong Kok on this same site. That area is seedier and a couple of subway stops farther from central but offers more decorous quarters.
  Thank you Ms. Lee you're very accommodating and hospitable. Hope to visit your cute place again. Thanks for the shoes and everything.

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