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Ve Smeckach 13, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.078606, 14.426635 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+420 (0) 2 222 10500
+420 (0) 2 222 10500
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Stay away!
I wanted to stay in this hostel with my friends for a bachelor party, but we couldn't even make booking. but the worst thing is that stuff was too stupid to understand what the problem is, and instead of helping us, dumb "george' was rude and vulgar, told us to flob off. don't even bother.
Age 26, poland
  I stayed at the Atlas in July 09 and loved it. Yes it is near the strip clubs but if like me you are gay there is also some really good gay bars near the hostel. I met a really good guide and he really showed me a good time!
Lee Butler
  Awesome location! Very clean! Great hostel! Needs a little fun though. If you're in a group I would suggest you stay here! Nice price too.
  Really clean and comfortable. The location is great (you can go by foot everywhere you need to) and though in the beggining it seems a bit scary to go out at night, you'll get used to it and realize that what people call "beggars" are no more than a "street team" that tries to get more people into the two strip clubs in that street! I was the one to book the rooms for me and ten people more and I was a bit scared with the comments and the "warning" signs at the hostel about security. I don't regret a thing, it's really a good option.
Paulo Carvalho
  This hostle was mostly clean. But only in the mornings. It was not a nice place to be. There are strip clubs just down the road and there a loud people on the street everywhere all hours of the day! You cannot shut the windows and it was hard to sleep. Some girls key didn't work and they woke everyone up screaming to get in a 2am! Not a nice experience! The one plus was that there was not many people here and so at least it was quiet in the room! But the kitchen is non exsistent! There is a filthy kettle, and a sink! No dishes and only hot water some of the times! Not fun! I would not stay here if I was you! Find somewhere that is not next to the biggest strip club in town (thats what they advertise!). It was only a 10 minute walk from the train station though, and is only 3 minutes to the old town!
  This is a great hostel. The location is right in the centre, 2 min walk to either Mustek or Muzeum metro stations. Wenceslas Square is right out there in a minutes walk. The staff are very friendly and ready to help and provide any information you may require. The room was very clean and had all the facilities you could want. Free lockers and free internet are a great bonus. I went in the absolute winter, but inside the hostel it was very warm. If you travel in the busy summer season you will have to compete for the bathroom and use of internet, but in the winter, there was no waiting for anything, which was very good.
  Horrible experience! Worst hostel ever! Horrible location right next to the strip clubs/whore houses with bums and beggars all over the place. Nice fake rating on your site for location! They actually make you feel kind of secure with multiple keys, except for the signs everywhere warning you about getting robbed. It's also great when you need 3 keys to get into your room and you still get robbed! We stayed in room 208, an apartment room. Unfortunately I deleted my booking information, but I needed to make the truth known. I am sure we were not the first or even the last that day, who had their room broken into. When you come back from dinner and your room is still locked you don't think you got robbed, but then you realize that all your stuff is gone, that kind of sucks. Good news is the stupid Prague thieves didn't even find over $1000 American dollars, a video camera, and a new digital camera. At least be good at what you do. Maybe next time someone will catch your drugged up ass and give the beating you deserve. Then, when you tell the manager you got robbed they don't even care. Do not stay in this hostel!
  Unfriendly staff and limits for noise. At 10 p.m. a woman just screams out of the window saying she's going to call the police. The rooms are in between each other, making guests from other rooms pass by OUR room. They knock on the doors and are freely able to steal anything they want, because they have the key to our door so they can get to their door. (While their door is protected against our room.) And checkout is at NINE in the morning. Nice hostel but located between all the prostitutes, cabarets and drug dealers.

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