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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hotel Primavera" at Via Orlanda 5.)


Via Orlanda 5, Mestre, Veneto, Italy
45.481051, 12.271970 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 041 53.10.135
+30 041 53 10 274
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  It was not pleasant, the staff was kindly but the rooms was no so clean, the bathroom stank of pee! I had to pay for using internet 1 euro per hora and it's a little far of Venecia. the truth that for the cost of lodging, not so bad.
Age 21, México
Statisfied with stay
I stayed one night in Hotel Primavera as I hoped to explore Venice for the day and leave the next morning. The accommodation was very well priced and became one of the only ones available because most hotels and hostels were booked for the weekend. Overall, the room was good. I stayed in a three-bed room and it was comfortable for the one night. The shower was warm and towels were provided as well as soap if you needed it. The breakfast was all included and included a good selection of items, most than other hotels. The staff was very helpful and gave easy directions to get to and from Venice by the bus. They even sold tickets at the register. Overall, I am satisfied with my stay and would recommend to anyone staying a few nights to consider staying here.
Age 21, United States
  This hotel was great! It is out of Venice and a great price because everything in Venice is much more expensive. My boyfriend and I had a room with only three beds and a private bathroom and all was clean and nice. They give you new towels and sheets daily. The lockers do not have working locks on them, so don't leave your valuables, but with only one roommate, it was safe to leave clothes and toiletries. It is not much of a social hostel because you never see anyone except at breakfast, which was average but decent. The directions were a bit hard to find, but are mostly correct. Just ask the bus driver to stop at your stop and tell you when it is or you'll miss it and go all the way into Venice. Great place to stay! Only the shower did not drain, but it didn't overflow either. They clean your room everyday and the staff is helpful, speaks good english, and gives you all the info you need to know. If you buy the Rolling Venice card at a tourist place you can use it for all transport so it helps for you to get to and from this hotel. I would stay there again!
  I stayed here in June 2005. The dorm rooms are actually in a separate building out the back (further away from the main road which was good — the road quiets at night as well). We had a 3-bed dorm with TV and sink — the bathroom was just across the corridor. Everything was very clean, and the facilities were very good (better than some hotels I've stayed in). We knew there were other people in our building but we never saw them, so this is perhaps not the place to go if you're looking to socialize and meet people. Staff at reception were very helpful and friendly. The restaurant staff were rather slow at serving us, but still friendly. The restaurant had a nice menu — evening meals were especially good and prices were ok. Breakfast was average. Location is about a 10-minute bus journey from Venice and buses are frequent with the bus stop only a few 100 meters away (reception has a timetable and gives directions). Also it's a short bus journey to Mestre station and Marco Polo airport (although if you're flying with a budget airline from Treviso airport it's more of a journey). Good budget hotel. I would stay here again.
Rosie, UK

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