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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Nord Petersburg Hostel" at 10 Bolshaya Morskaya Street.)


10 Bolshaya Morskaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia
59.936859, 30.317952 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+7812 571-03-42
+7812 117-03-42
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Best hostel
I spent there two nights during weekend. It is situated in the center center of the city. Very clean rooms, showers, and very nice staff. I cant say that you will have good breakfast there, but you will spend about one hour for talking there. Have a nice stay there.
Not very cheap, still one of the best solutions for St. Petersburg
My boyfriend and I spent five days in this hostel in May 2007 in a ten-bedded dorm which at the time was almost empty -- only two people and us in our room. 24EUR might not be quite cheap, but St. Petersburg is actually an expensive city and Nord is on probably the best location there. They provide an excellent breakfast for free 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., but there are cookies, tea, and coffee that you can have all day long (as well as all the other things from the fridge, nobody really checks). And for breakfast you can eat as much as you want.The kitchen is very small, so it might be a slight problem when there's a lot of people staying at the hostel. The bathrooms were clean with gel/soap, you get a towel and linen for free. Everything is cleaned every day. We were on the floor above the reception, there are two showers and three toilets and I suppose there might be a problem if there's more people. One of the most important things for foreigners in Russia is provided for free there -- visa registration. You can ask them to add more days to your registration if you want. They added a day before for us, since the first night we spent in a hostel that promised visa registration, but upon our arrival they refused to register us and claimed that we had to do it by ourselves. So we moved to Nord the next day and we had all the problems solved. The staff was very friendly and helpful, that is, the girls and a guy called Sasha. There's another young, blond guy who was completely ignorant, so I suggest you to wait for the others if you need something -- he won't help you. The laundry is 5EUR (washing and drying) and you pay for phone calls as well as for the train ticket service, but we did not use any of these. There is only one computer with internet, so that also can be a problem if the hostel is crowded. Luckily, we had no problems with that. And the day when you check out you are allowed to be there all day, you only have to give them back your towel and linen. All in all, we liked it there very much and would recommend it warmly.
  This hostel appears to have lost its way a little. Although people's opinions we knew who had stayed there and general reviews of the hostel were fantastic when it first opened, the hostel appears to have gone the way that some others do when popular -- they get greedy. The hostel itself is generally fine -- the beds are clean and comfortable, lockers are provided, there is free internet and breakfast, but its the small things that leave a bad taste in the mouth. For example, charging 220 rubles for making a phone call for buying railway tickets? 5 euros for a laundry load, which is bad enough but then becomes 200 rubles? Charging 10 rubles a minute to use skype? Possibly the worst aspect is advertising in euros but then generally expecting in rubles at a poor exchange rate. (there is a euro ATM around the corner, but you are told that there is no change for Euro payment). Some of the staff were fantastic, but some completely indifferent, stating they didnt even know where the nearest supermarket was. The location is amazing though, but at 24 euro a night for a hostel, so it should be. Could be a lot better.
Overland to OZ
  Nearly everything about this hostel is a lie. I don't understand what's happened, but the Hostel Nord I'm staying in is nothing like the one advertised on this site. The only good thing is the location. It is literally steps away from the Hermitage and Nevsky Prospect. But the benefits end there. There is no free international calling. It's about 40 cents a minute. There's only one bathroom for the whole hostel, and I had to take a shower this morning with my feet covered in soapy hair. There is no free laundry -- it's 5 Euro a load. There might be a twenty-four-hour store around here, but I can't find it, and the hostel staff claims (very unconvincingly) to know nothing about it. In the end, it's not a terrible hostel -- I've stayed in far worse. But it is the most expensive I've ever stayed in (33 USD a night for a ten-bed dorm -- more than in downtown London), and for that price you get literally nothing worth mentioning. (and as I write this, there's a poor traveler outside who's been ringing the bell for five minutes, but the receptionist is characteristically absent. At least I can say that St. Petersburg is a great city!
Aaron Rotsinger
  This is a very clean, well-run and comfortable hostel. One person of the three on staff couldn't speak English well, but since I knew some Russian, it wasn't the end of the world. The showers are among the best I've seen. It's in a very central location; the Hermitage is a minute's walk away, the hostel is 3 doors off of a quiet section of Nevsky Prospekt, which is the main road of Petersburg, and the main Metro station (Nevsky Prospekt/Gostinniy Dvor) is about a 10 minutes' walk away. As for the atmosphere, when I was there it was near capacity with friendly people from around the world.
American in Moscow
  What a great place! During my trip in Europe, I have stayed in many hostels, and this one is definitely the best — the unbeatable location, right off Nevsky Prospekt and next to the Ermitage; the friendly, English speaking, helpful and charming staff; the cozy wooden rooms; and the clean facilities. It has all the extras — free breakfast, free Internet, free laundry, and above all, totally free international calls, even to Israel. This hostel is quite expensive, but you get so much in return, that it really is worth it. It is sort of a "family place," run by a very small, wonderful staff. (Which means that although there is no official curfew, you can sometimes stand in front of the door and ring the bell for quite a while till someone will pass near the reception desk, hear the bell and unlock the door for you.) And it is extremely friendly towards its guests — making you feel at home, without pretending to be cool or American. I will definitely go back there someday.
Jonathan, Jerusalem
  I liked this hostel. It was clean, hospitable, and all the people including the staff were really nice. Breakfast was simple but free and yummy! It was getting a bit on the expensive side but for the location (so central) it was worth it. Small downsides — a lot of stairs and no lift; and they kicked everybody out after two days of my stay to make way for a large group of Spaniards.
  This is an absolutely perfect place to stay in St. Petersburg. In general, I had problems finding nice European-style hostel accommodations in Russia, but this place absolutely rocks. It has an amazing free breakfast (cereal, meats, cheese, breads, sweets, and coffee/tea). But the real kicker is, if you ask you shall receive. By this I mean that the staff here (Marsha and my angel Tonya) are so ridiculously friendly that it will blow you away. Let's put it this way — somebody asked Marsha if she could FIND A PIANO and put it in the hostel. And SHE DID! Have you ever heard of a hostel that will go find a piano and put it in the lobby for you?!? Now you have. This place has huge, nice bunkrooms, spotless bathrooms, and an amazing location. It really can't be beat. Oh yeah, and you get FREE international calls (take a deep breath and repeat that to yourself — dude, its a FAT hookup). I had been travelling for three months when I got here and hadn't called anybody. I spent so many nights calling all my friends for free here (while hammered, of course) it was great. Also, there's free, fast Internet. Dude — recognize. You're staying at Nord Hostel. I'll be back, Marsha and Tonya!!! I love those two!

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