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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Faro Central Guesthouse" at Rua Teófilo Braga 20.)


Rua Teófilo Braga 20, Faro, Algarve, Portugal
37.019060, -7.936562 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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It was really really good!
I stayed at the Algarve Hostel -- I think the owner of this hostel, Pedro, owns the Faro Central Hostel and the Algarve Hostel as well. So even though I booked Faro Central Hostel, Pedro let me stayed at the Algarve Hostel. Not quite sure how that happened. However, this hostel locates near the bus stop, ferry harbor, and train station -- via train, you can also have a day trip to other part of Algarve such as Albuferia or Lagos as I did. Restaurants where Pedro recommended were just perfect -- you may need to ask to cook less salty though! Seafood was so fresh and tasty. Also, I could have nice traditional Portuguese food. More than anything, Pedro and Christiana was really kind and they couldn't be more helpful! They did everything they could do for me and I could ask anything through Pedro's email even though it was such a small thing like printing boarding pass. I want to go back to Faro and stay this hostel again!
Age 23, South Korea
Fair enough
Fair enough. I nice for groups, not so nice for a couple. Good location, central, close to the bus and the train station. There is no wardrobe or anything like that the room. Open 24hours, which is nice, it's divide by 2 buildings, the central one and the other in the other side of the street, but you have to check for the key every time you want to enter in the second building, which sometimes takes a few minutes to do it. Is not isolated from the noise in the street or inside of the building, but the street place is calm. The big problem was that there was a tiny "window" facing the corridor and when people come over the building turn the lights on and I wake up every time. There was no trash box neither in the room or the bathroom. If you stay more than one day, they don't change your bed clothes or towels. Is not a problem to make the check-out one hour late.
Niikuty MizzFusion
Age 29, Portugal
Good location/reception 24 h
The hostel is very close to the bus and train station and to the ferry. The hostel is two different buildings. In order to enter to one of the buildings you have to ask the receptionist to open the entrance door but it is not a problem because the staff is always ready to open the door 24 h. In the main building there is a kitchen and a big living room. Unfortunately, in the other building, the one we were staying at, there is no kitchen or living room. There is also no table, wardrobe or anything like that the room. The bathroom is fine, the beds are ok too. Before the check-in and after the check-out you can live your luggage at the entrance. They also allowed us to use the bathroom and take a shower after the check-out. The hostel is fine for a group of friends traveling together but there is no privacy for a couple. We booked a private room for two to have some intimacy, but it was not the case. In our building rooms did not have windows so the air was stale and we also had to have the lights on. The problem is, that there was a tiny "window" facing the corridor and with the lights on everyone can see what you were doing in your room. One day someone stopped in front of our "window" to see what we were doing. In the main building they have normal windows so if you can, check first where you are going to stay.
Age 26, Poland

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