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The Review

Not only does HI - Virginia Beach Hostel - Angie's Guest Cottage have a bad reputation in town, but also amongst the hosteling community, and rightly so. The owner seems quite alright with the fact that he runs a third rate, inhospitable hostel, and does nothing to make his guests more comfortable. He is unnecessarily strict and, quite frankly, mean. His authoritarian attitude makes it difficult for guests to relax.

The Location

The hostel is located in the attic of an old cottage, accessed by climbing a rundown, poorly lit staircase on the side of the building. The location of the property is the only good thing about this place. Several restaurants, gift shops, bars, miniature golf courses, arcades, and beach access areas are within just a few blocks of Angie’s. There is no parking for hostel guests, unless they want to pay a large fee each day their car is parked on the property. However, there are privately run parking lots quite close to the hostel where one can park for a fraction of the price the owner wants his hostel guests to pay.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Hostel guests are told to be on the lookout for bedbugs, and are asked to notify the staff immediately if they wake up with blood on their sheets or notice any other signs of the pests. This is not surprising, since the dorm room is quite filthy and rundown. There are dirty, rusty fans placed around the room since there is no air conditioning. The mattresses are dirty, the sheets are threadbare, and if you walk around the room while wearing white socks, the dirty floors will turn the bottom of the socks black almost immediately.

The tiny, poorly designed bathroom is adjacent to the large dorm room. Strangely, this is where the storage lockers are located; having them in the bathroom hardly makes sense, but not much does at this place. The shower takes a long time to get warm, and the toilet may need to be flushed more than once. There is also a small, creepy door in the bathroom that somehow makes noise even though it is padlocked shut. Seriously.

Common Spaces

The common area in the backyard is a good idea, but it is not well kept. It looks like a handyman has never set foot back there. Some of the furniture and equipment needs to be replaced. The whole place could use a good power-washing and a few coats of paint. The kitchen is located on the first floor, but is only open when the owner feels like unlocking the door for his guests. Some parts of the property are off limits to hostel guests, depending on which employee you ask.


Hostel guests are required to immediately leave the property once they check out, even if they are waiting on their friends or family members to check out as well. To top it all off, when travelers check in, they may be hit with extra fees and higher prices than they were quoted. If guests object to these fees or question certain policies, they are informed that there are plenty of places to stay in Virginia Beach. Stay at one of those place, not here.
by Baxter Staff Reviewer
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302 24Th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
36.851583, -75.977621 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (757) 491-1830
+1 (757) 428-5413
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Not friendly
I stayed in this place two nights in 2008 and it's not a good memory at all. Even if the hostel is very well located (from the beach), the man at the reception was very rude. I will never stay there no more.
Age 51
A bad place to spend your vacation
I spent one night at the Hostel this past summer. I was put in a cramped upstairs room with ten other guys with no air conditioning. The hostel website said they have LOTS of fans. There was only one fan in the room. I was assigned the top level of a bunk but the bunk had no ladder. I was charged a $5 deposit for my sheets but given no pillow. When I came in after 10 PM, the lights were out and I was unable to make my bed in the dark. I ended up sleeping on top of the sheets I spread out on the bed. I used my jeans as my pillow. I barely got any sleep. The next day I went back to get my sheets and they were STOLEN! The bathroom was small and equally cramped. The parking was limited. I almost had my car towed. This place was AWFUL!!!! Never again.
Age 30, USA
Poor place, poor people
We all planned to go to Virginia beach together this summer. We reserved months before in angie's cottage because usually Hostel are so kind, fun, and respectful. It was the first time I went outside Canada and not the last time, but never again at angie's cottage. First of all the owner (named Steve something) asked us about our nationality, we're come from Quebec (that's mean we're French canadian). That Steve (owner) told us that all french canadian was complainers and he don't like French Canadian people. Thanks for the welcomes. The lady who was also at the front desk never smile never welcomes us. It was the rudest welcome I never saw. We arrived in our dorm -- what a dorm, it was more like a boot camp dorm and for 30 dollars (plus parking at $15 per day, that means $45 per day in total) it didn't worth the cost. One of our friends (who tried to reserved a bed in angie's and was refuse because he didn't stay much longer -- the minimum of nights was three) waited the first evening in front of the hostel (at the front desk) that owner (steve) told us that he was trespassing and we all understood, but steve finally told that he could came in the backward for dinner. That was kind. but the next day he was totally freak out about our friend who came wait for us (and sit at the front desk) so he kicked us out. At least he gave us back the money for the rest of nights we have paid for. This was the less he could do. Whatever you'd better go to another place or couchsurfing or camping or whatever but angie's cottage. I don't know why a place like this can be named a HI .
Would have put zero stars if I was able to
I want to say first here that it is probably possible to stay at this hostel and survive but you'd be better sleeping outside! I am a experienced traveler. I traveled all around the U.S., went to a lot of hostels and did a lot of couch surfing. I will be frank -- there used to be a lady that was working at that place and she was the nicest lady ever. The original staff (and owners) are the worst people I have ever met. It is a disgrace to HI. I am french-canadian, and strangely, the first thing he said to us was that he didn't like french-canadians! What a welcome! They are also aggressive and control freaks. I haven't seen the girl at the reception smile even once! My friend, who was not staying at the hostel, had some (obvious) disagreements with the owner, and as a result of this, he kicked me and my friends out of the hostel. When I asked him why, he said, because of your friend. It had nothing to do with my friends and me, and we had to find a new place at the last minute, and during tourist season. Please boycott this place. Do some couch surfing instead. Or sleep outside.
Worst traveling experience ever
I called this hostel to get a room for two days. The manager told me that I had to stay a minimum of three days and that there was nothing he could do to help me. So I managed to find a hotel in Hampton that suited my budget. I got to Angie's Cottage to meet my friends who were staying there for the week. At the minute the manager (Steve) saw me talking with my friends outside of the lobby, he rudely stated that I was not allowed on the property what so ever. So me and my friends ate on the sidewalk, I went to the bathroom at the Wendy's right beside and changed in the car. I can assure you that I had better traveling experiences in my life! Anyway, I was doing fine until the manager came to me on the second to last day of my vacation and told me that he could do me a deal. I was to pay $7.50 to get access to the back of the building. I told him that I was doing ok and declined his offer. I told him that I changed in the car and that I managed to live through the day just fine the way it was. He then asked me where was the car? I answered, In the parking lot. He then told me that the parking lot was his property and that I wasn't allowed. How stunning is that response! He then went to my friends who were changing and taking a shower inside the hostel and told them that if he saw me again on his entire property, He'd call the police. Very unpleased by the parking lot question and the fact that he was extremely rude with me, I decided to ask for his name when he came back to his lobby. He went berserk and called the police! He even evicted my friends who had nothing to do with the whole story! By the time the police got to the "crime scene" his son was insulting me and shouting me names. The policewoman looked pretty amazed that such an owner, whom we supposed was to deal with customer service could do such a thing and told me I had to leave and never come back, which I did obviously. We then found a motel room right next to the Hostel that was way better in terms of convenience and was actually less expensive considering that you can comfortably bed four people in a room. Let's say that if you are not absolutely forced to stay at this hostel, I strongly suggest not to go there. You might just end up in jail for being human.
Stunned traveller
Great place and great people
I was lucky enough to get a bed last minute and I was very happy to arrive to friendly people with a nice and clean facility just a block from the beach and close to everything else too. They will lend you beach chairs and umbrellas and have a nice outside sun area and also a hammock are in the shade for when you have too much sunburn from the day at the beach. Really this place has everything and more than I expected.
teresa r.
This place is unbelievable. Not only is it dirt cheap but it is two blocks from the beach and one block from all of the shops/bars. If you're looking for affordable, fun, clean housing in Virginia Beach, Angie's is it.
Great place to sleep -- clean and spacious. Close to the beach and in the midst of the action. The irritating thing about this hostel is that the kitchen is locked from 8:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. In the heat and humidity one does not even think about eating till after 8 p.m. Neither could one make a bedtime or early morning cuppa. (I was told to go out and buy a drink -- yeah! like I would look great going out in my PJ's!.) Eating was out of doors -- not sure what one does in inclement weather. There are lockers, but none was large enough to take my notebook computer. The setting is absolutely lovely, and the staff are both obliging and helpful. I felt secure and slept comfortably. Just a pity that one cannot make something to eat or drink at will.

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