Backpackers D1 Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Backpackers D1 Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Backpackers D1 Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Backpackers D1 Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Backpackers D1 Hostel Dublin, Dublin
Backpackers D1 Hostel Dublin, Dublin

Backpackers D1 Hostel Dublin, Dublin (edit listing)

Solo Traveller

Sorry, this hostel has closed.

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The shame of Dublin

I stayed at this place almost 20 years ago. After a couple of days I fell ill (somehow not related to the state of the place) and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks, rang the manager to advise that my bag was still in the locked storage room, was told no problem we'll sort it. Got out of hospital 2 weeks later to collect my bag (containing everything I had) and it had been stolen from their "secure room." Manager begged me not to go to the police, that their boy would sort it. Nothing happened. This place is the pits and needs to be demolished. Bathroom had half a foot of water backed up, moldy as a cow's hole and smelt the same. The booking agent for it at the time was Thomas Cook, and they want their bollocks roasted for even suggesting that anyone stay there. If I'm ever in Dublin again I'll be calling in to throw a brick through the window in the hope it'll hit the manager in the head. Steer well clear. S#ithole! Should be renamed, "The S#itty Manor"!


Age 38, Australia


It was by far the worst hostel I ever went to in Ireland!!! The sinks are ripped out of the wall or blocked, the toilet floods the whole bathroom when flushed and there is basically mildew everywhere. The staff (apart from one girl) was unfriendly. The back house (where we slept in) was stinky and seemed to be not cleaned for ages. THIS HOSTEL IS A DISGRACE! We had much better ones for less (even in Dublin)!

Stellina Jo

Age 22, Germany

this is a mad place. the owner Michael, is a psychopath, really. he is so rude to people, i've never met anyone like him since, thank god. the hostel is a dump, with little or no facilities but if you don't mind the dirt, alcoholics, a few junkies, its such an interesting place to stay for a night or two. i had such fun in my time there and made some lifelong friends. i'd recommend for a party weekend, but be warned, its as rough as they come and avoid the owners at all costs.



Awful and dirty

I went there at the last minute and did not read web reviews -- big mistake! Basically the room was filthy and cold. The kitchen was really dirty, and you have to wash the dishes before cooking. My food was stolen from the fridge. I left early because of these problems and no refund was given. Please avoid!




Please shut this place down before they take any bookings for the gathering.



Stayed here a while back, Fab hostel & great location.

Caroline Fox


Jekyll and Hyde Manager with a lot of ''energy''!

I have never stayed in such appalling conditions, it's partly my own fault as I did book last minute for a party of 6, but how did I know there'd be 70,000 Americans in town that weekend for the Navy vs Notre Dame game, consequently leaving all hostels and hotels full booked ... apart from this dump (that local hoteliers refer to as 'The City Morgue' -- very apt considering I was so on edge there, I was waiting to be attacked or raped, I'm just grateful I had my friends there (who saw the funny side, the side I'm still waiting to see), I however can think of far nicer places to stay and celebrate my 30th! On arrival to the hostel, the manager was trying to tell me (in no uncertain terms) that he would love us to cancel our booking so he could sell our rooms on at an overpriced rate to the Americans that were in town (most of which were older -- less likely to put up with the filth and inhospitality of the manager). The door code to ALL the rooms was the same -- I know this because just after I'd paid the cash he told me the door code, soon after, a gentleman booked in and he was given THE SAME DOOR CODE. My friend also noticed this and so said 'we have the same code!' -- his response was 'SHUT UP!' Absolutely shocking. I couldn't believe I'd ended up in such a god forsaken hellmouth! It gets better!!! So, now we arrive at our room, dirt, mould, litter everywhere! I'm just waiting for my lungs to close up on me by this point. There's even dirt on the bed that is situated close to the open window. We go and ask the manager for clean bedding, his response this time, 'let this be your last complaint!' At this point we are only 2 girls, the others don't arrive for a few more hours. The moment he said this, I really started to fear for my safety in that place, referring to as 'Hostel' the movie. The manager's overly 'energetic' behaviour and Jekyll and Hyde nature really were the icing on the cake. So, in short, unless you don't mind being bullied, sleeping in crap and you yourself have vile hygiene, then this is not the place for you. I kind of feel that this place has sullied my view of Ireland -- No way will I ever go back! And to top it off, I have never seen so many heroin addicts walking around! It's a sight NOT to behold!!



You wanna get sick? Book this hostel!

We (4 girls from Germany) wanted to stay 2 nights in this hostel and stayed one in a different Hotel and one at Dublin airport! When we arrived there was this smell of feces and it didnt get any better! Kitchen was a whole mess, all parts of the oven burned and some groceries seemed to start living again! HORROR continued in the bathrooms -- dirty walls everywhere, no toilet seat and paper and guess what, mold everywhere! How the rooms look? no idea, but dont really wanna know! So my advice, Spend some more money and book a different hostel -- your health will thank you!



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Sorry, this hostel has closed.

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