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The Review

MEININGER Amsterdam City West hostel, which opened in July 2012, is clean and well kept, maybe even a little sterile and impersonal even with its Dutch masters theme seen in the decor. Whether you want a good night sleep or to have a good time at the bar, this hostel should fit your needs.

The Location

MEININGER is easy to find, located literally right next to Sloterdijk station, which is a no-more-than-ten-minute ride from Centraal station. The hostel building is formidable and hard to miss -- from the outside it resembles a glass front office building. There's not much nearby besides businesses. Your only nearby food options include that which you can purchase in the hostel itself or in Sloterkijk station. You will do better to eat in central Amsterdam or bring food to cook in the hostel's kitchen. It's easy to travel to and from central Amsterdam, as trains run frequently, even as late as midnight.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are spacious and very clean, each having a television and an en suite toilet, shower, and sink. There is a public bathroom on the ground floor, but no other showers available. Luckily the room's one shower, sink, and toilet are separate, allowing for less congestion, but since the sink is in the room you may be awoken by other guests getting ready for bed or awaking in the morning, especially if they use the room's complimentary hair dryer. The shower itself is clean, stocked with free shower gel/shampoo, and there is plentiful hot water. Towels are provided, along with bed linens.

The beds are comfortable and sturdy, with a wood frame and a small shelf over each bunk bed with a reading light and power point. The sheets and blankets are clean, soft, and comfortable. In the six-person dorm room, there is a small sitting area with a table and two stools.

The rooms are secure, with a keycard entry. This keycard also must be put into a slot near the door to turn on the power to the room. Obviously this means that if someone leaves and takes their keycard out, the lights will turn off and items that are plugged in will not charge. This is a clumsy system, and hopefully soon rectified. There are also boxes in the room for stowing items, but they cannot be locked, so there is not any way to secure laptops and other items from other dorm room occupants. There is no storage space under the beds.

Common Spaces

There is a very large common area with ample tables and seating. There is a large bar, with drinks (including Heineken) and snacks. There are televisions, and a foosball and pool table. Breakfast is served in the common area; you can enjoy a Dutch breakfast with meats, cheeses, and fruits for an extra price. There are vending machines if you need snacks. A limited array of power points can be found along one wall, but there are not nearly enough to cover the space or to provide for everyone who may like to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. There is a free luggage storage room. Elevators are fast and in good working order, and the stairs are clean, well lit, and safe.

Adjacent to the common area, there is a small kitchen that is kept clean and well stocked, but is not nearly adequate for the large size of the hostel. There is one stovetop and oven, hot pot, coffee pot, and toaster oven, as well as copious pots, pans, silverware, plates, bowls, and mugs -- really most everything you need. There is a small refrigerator for common use, but again much too small for amount of people. In the kitchen, further crowding the small space, there is one washer and one dryer. At the time of review, the washer and dryer are free to use as long as you provide your own washing powder (or you could also purchase this from the front desk for a rather high price), leading to a long wait for those waiting to wash clothes, but this policy may change.


If you are looking for a hotel experience at a hostel price, this should fit your needs admirably. The beds are comfortable and sturdy, the rooms and hallways quiet, and the front desk well staffed. The environment leads to less socializing among guests than you may find in a small hostel, the kitchen is too small for the amount of rooms, and breakfast is not included in the price, but overall this hostel is a very good value for your money.
by Beth J Staff Reviewer
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Eating area
Sink in the dorm room
Front of building
Dorm room
Dorm room
Common eating areas.
Shower in the dorm room


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West" at Orlyplein 1-67.)


Orlyplein 1-67, Westpoort, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.390589, 4.837452 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+ 31 208 080 502
+49 30 666 36 222
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87% Guest Reviews

Good hostel
Expensive, a good ambiance and staff, but they don't give me what I reserved -- they only give me the beds in the order that they want.
Age 25, Puerto Rico
Good value
A bit pricier than other options, but you get what you pay for. The place is very clean, modern, very comfy beds, and a cool bar/kitchen area. The kitchen is a bit small/underequipped, although since it has a sort of 'hotel' feel, I was surprised it even had one at all. The location can be a bit far, but if you rent a bike, it's a pleasant ride through a park to get back, which I didn't mind at all. It's also well-connected to the transit system. Regardless, if you want a quality place to stay, look no further.
Age 25, Canada
Good value hostel/hotel
The staff were very friendly & the room was nice, especially the bathroom as it is all relatively new. The two things that annoyed me were the WiFi disconnecting my devices every time they turned off or fell asleep. This meant that I had to reconnect & accept their terms every time I got in the Internet! Time consuming & very annoying. Second, the shower stained extremely slowly, causing it to form a pool of water despite turning the shower down to the lowest possible flow rate.
Age 24, USA
Worth it!
The hostel was a little bit more expensive for the location (which isn't a problem because it's right beside the metro), but it was worth it. Rooms were clean, staff was really friendly, and breakfast wasn't THAT expensive. Pool table and lounge area makes a great place to have a pint and meet the young crowd. Enjoy!
Age 23, Canada

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