Happy Hostel Vienna


Eingang, Kurzgasse 2



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Kurzgasse 2, Vienna (Wien), Vienna, Austria
48.193681, 16.340444 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+43 1-2082618, +43/676/67 57 457
+43 1-2082618
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Very friendly and comfortable
great location, very friendly owner, comfortable room -- ideal for a short stay in Vienna when you don't really care about frills.
Age 47, Hungary
  Bugs! Silverfish and ants galore! Of course, I should start by saying that we had stayed in a room with double bed and private bathroom, so we weren't really "hosteling" at this place. Upon entering the reception area/kitchen, we were greeted by a nice fellow named Franz, who was kind enough to give us a city map and explained the public transport and sights to us. Unfortunately, he also informed us that our online booking was for two nights in one place, then the third night in another building down the road. Surprising, but acceptable -- since it's really just two minutes away. The first room we were shown to was very run-down and the furniture appeared to be from the Salvation Army, or perhaps from the city dump. The small breakfast table was covered in dried food, which I cleaned myself, as I did the rest of the room. There was a hotplate that seemed to be from a pre-WW2 time, and the floors seemed to have been swept, but never treated to a wet mop. The beds were clean though, which tends to be the most important thing to most travelers. We told Franz that we were a bit unsatisfied with our room/apartment, and he told us that he would be happy to send us over to the other unit (supposedly nicer -- also more expensive) the next morning, so that we could have two nights in a better place. The next morning, we went over to the other unit with a very nice and cheerful woman. The new apartment seemed a bit nicer, upon first impression. The view was also fantastic. The problem there lies in the silverfish in the bathroom that scurried about when I moved the garbage can or turned on the lights. Also, there was a serious ant problem in the apartment (among other kinds of unidentifiable bugs). We were finding ants on our pillows, on ourselves, all over the floor, and even in the bed! The floors also appeared to have never met a wet mop. The bedding was very old and smelly. There was also a bar of used soap in both of our rooms, by the way. Sure, it's soap, and soap is supposed to be clean, but not when someone else's pubes are stuck to it. We were simply unable to sleep in this place, as hard as we tried. So, we went out at 4:30 a.m. to try to find a clean room for rent, but all the local hotels were fully booked -- which was to be expected, as they're all the closest to the train station. On our way back, we stopped in at Happy Hostel, to inform our host that we were dissatisfied with the insect problem and that we wouldn't stay there any longer. Unfortunately, he couldn't move us to another room, due to availability, but we weren't really interested in seeing another dirty room anyway. So, we asked to borrow his phone book so that we could find another hotel, to which he kindly obliged. Later that morning, Franz popped up to our apartment to see if we had found something else, which we had. He said that he would be happy to refund us the 60€ for our third night, that we had paid for, but were not going stay for. He also asked us to show him the insect problem, as we were apparently the first people to ever complain of it, suggesting that maybe I just have an "itching problem." In conclusion, I haven't slept all night, I'm sitting in the Westbaunhof train station at 10:30 a.m., and I'm very unhappy with Happy Hostel. In the end, Franz assured me that he understood that it was unacceptable, and that he would have someone come to deal with the insect problem immediately -- I assume he also meant "professionally." I can only hope. I should also mention, that we had spoken to other guests at the hostel, who were satisfied with their accommodations. They said that the room and beddings were very clean and pleasant, so perhaps this problem is isolated to double beds with private bathrooms.
Rob J
  I stayed at this hostel for a few days from 31.08.05 till 4.09.05. (Aug. 31 – Sept. 4, 2005) 1.Staff The hostel's staff are international and very friendly. They are always ready to help, advise or assist you in any possible way. 2.Location It takes about 25 minutes walking along the central trade street in order to reach the city center. Besides there is an underground station just 5 minutes away. Since Vienna's underground system is very good you will reach the city's center in less than 10 minutes. 3. Rooms The rooms are rather clean and contain everything you need. You should just keep in mind that this is a hostel and not a hotel, so the rest room and shower are in joint use for two rooms. But as for me, I did not see my neighbors. 4. Other There is no elevator in the hostel, so if you live on third floor (like me) it could be rather tiresome to climb upstairs a few times a day. You should be in a good healthy condition. Summary: I would say it is a good value for money.
  This place is close to the train station, but that is about it. It is far from everything else. It seemed more like a Christian youth hostel than anything else, and it was a bit dingy for the price. It's nearly impossible to find with no sign outside. Skip the aggravation and stay somewhere closer to the city center.

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