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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Rygerfjord Hotel & Hostel" at Södermälarstrand Kaj 11-15.)


Södermälarstrand Kaj 11-15, Stockholm, Sweden
59.321356, 18.059163 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+46 8 840830
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

The worst hostel
The rooms are tiny and extremely hot!!! Even when it was a low temperature outside the rooms stayed boiling hot it made it impossible to sleep. The window to the cabin was next to the public bar so you have people drunk and loud outside your room. I will never come back here, EVER!!! do not stay here!!!!!
Rygerfjord Hostel is not like any traditional hostel, since you will be living inside a ship. The installations are in excellent shape, making this a good choice to stay for a few days or longer, a fun place to stay also to meet people, and enjoy the unique experience of living at sea during your stay, even though the ship is docked. The Location The location is quite central, since it is three minutes' walking from the nearest metro station that connects all Stockholm -- after ten minutes' walk from the hostel you can reach old town (Gamla Stan) and twenty minutes from downtown. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are not that big, since space is limited inside the boat, but they are very clean and cozy. Each bed has a reading light, but no electric plugs. Towels and bed linens have to be rented separately from the room. Sleeping inside a ship and being so close to the sea, listening the sound of the sea and breathing the ocean air makes it really easy to fall asleep and getting a good night rest after walking through the beautiful city of Stockholm. Storage lockers are of free use, fitting only a backpack, and you can get a lock from the reception against deposit. The bathroom as well as the rooms are cleaned every day, making it very clean. There are separated showers for men and women inside the room, which makes it very comfortable. Common Spaces The common spaces are quite comfortable, including a restaurant where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served. You can also get outside the deck of the ship to get some sun -- not recommended in winter though -- or you could just chill in the common room where you can choose from a selection of books or just sit back and watch some TV. This is a very good place, with the shared rooms to meet people from all over the world and make friends. All the spaces are extremely clean, and there is no smoking. There is no kitchen available for cooking your own food, due to Swedish naval regulations. Summary In general, this hostel offers a very good price-to-quality ratio -- it's not cheap compared to other hostels in Europe, but on the average of Swedish hostels. It offers a very clean, safe, and central place to stay, with a very helpful staff and a beautiful view of Stockholm from the sea.
Juan Pablo Saffie
It's a nice place with friendly staff, cozy bar, and absolutely great location. The budget rooms are small (which is normal for a cabin on a boat), but people who want space shouldn't stay in hostels. Location is especially convenient for people who are taking the ferry to Finland -- it's twenty minutes' walk from Viking Line.
  We took our students to this place last and about six of them came back complaining of being bitten -- bedbugs! We complained but nothing was done about, we are going back to Stockholm this year but will not be staying here! Which is a shame because the location is great, the rooms are actually ok, if you're out and about all the time the size of the room doesn't matter so much. One of the cheapest places to stay in town.
  Bedbugs! I got bitten all over and still have marks from them five weeks later! They knew they had a problem because I over heard other people complaining to the staff about it but no one was swapped rooms (or compensated) because it was full. Aside from the bugs, the private rooms are so small -- as my friend said, "you literally can't swing a cat in there." Apparently the dorm rooms are a bit more spacious. Was a novel experience and had a good bar, nice staff, and great view of Stockholm but was not worth the bugs and lack of space.
  Not a bad place. It's moored on Södermalm island pretty close to the Slussen t-bana stop, so it's rather easy to get to. My friend and I shared a double, so I can't comment on the dorms, but our room wasn't bad. The only thing I really didn't like was the shower downstairs on our boat (The Rygerfjord II). They don't tell you anything about it at reception, and there's nothing posted on it in the bathroom itself, but they have some kind of water recycler or something hooked up to the shower, because if you run the water for more than 20 seconds this thing that sounds like a compressor kicks on; rather annoying, and not very nice if you get in late and need to shower while other people are sleeping. Luckily, this was the only one I found that was like this, so if you're on the lower deck, just go upstairs for a shower! Other than that the only slight negative was there is only one computer with the (FREE!) internet, so you might have to wait a while. Overall I'd really recommend the place. Sleeping on a boat is a fun thing to experience, especially if you don't have to join the navy in order to do it! Not to mention, you can't beat the price; I got our double for the price every other hostel in the city has for dorm beds!
  This place is a lot of fun, but cozy is not the word. It's a reasonable hostel, but the rooms are absolutely miniscule. You share a tiny cabin with four beds stuffed into it. There is no room to move about in the room; just about enough room to turn around. The showers are similarly tiny. That said, the location is excellent and it is a nice atmosphere inside. My mate had his own room on the top deck, which was great, but he would have died of frostbite if it had been any later than September. I wouldn't recommend staying in the larger dorm they have — it's very impersonal.
Dan Morton

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