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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "San Geremia Rooms" at Campo San Geremia, 290.)


Campo San Geremia, 290, Cannaregio, Venice (Venezia), Veneto, Italy
45.442925, 12.325308 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 041 716245
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The sink was blocked and we were blamed for it!
The sink was blocked and so when we first used it on entering the room it immediately filled up with water. After announcing this to the man at reception we were accused of having done it ourselves. We were not offered an exchange of room, the sink which was now full of water was not emptied and no one was sent to fix it. The next morning staff at reception were rude and accused us once again for the problem. We were accused of having stuffed a plastic cup down the toilet. After much arguing with the people at reception we were given back 10 euros as some sort of compensation after which the woman at reception expressed that she was young once and thought that we had blocked the sink on purpose in order to get money from the hotel. The attitude of the staff that we were automatically at fault was absolutely disgraceful and meant that our stay was not only extremely stressful but very degrading. I will never return to this hotel and will advise all others to avoid its ageist halls.
Matt Naz
Age 25, British
Superb location, clean place, but far from great.
My brother and I stayed in a four bed room for three nights. The biggest drawback was the lack of a common area where fellow guests could hang out. The intermingling of travelers is part of the attraction for hostel stay, and it was unfortunate that San Geremia lacked this. In the rooms, there was not enough closet/storage/wardrobe space. A giant, un-openable piece of furniture (what was it?) occupied an inconvenient area by the windows. There weren't enough outlets to accommodate all the guests in the room, either. Venice has a mosquito problem, and without AC, keeping the windows open at night is essential in the summer. The obvious happened, and could be fixed by including screens or mosquito curtains on the windows. The sheets were only changed after someone checked out. Not a huge problem, but besides the obvious perk of having fresh sheets each night, which was absent, we couldn't change beds. This actually was a problem because of the four beds, we were given the middle two. When a new couple came in, they had to sleep on opposite sides of the room. Also, luggage storage was not secure and the Internet was slow and spotty. Perks of the place include the low price, the low bed number per room, and the en suite bathroom, though having the bathroom in the room had some unexpected cons, such as timing showers and restroom breaks with everyone who shared the room. Staff was very friendly and accommodating, although the 50 cents a map charge felt a bit like we were getting nickled and dimed. No washer dryer or laundry service. The curfew and lockout make sense and weren't a problem for us, especially since there isn't much of a nightlife on the island of Venice, but I could see how some might not like it. The weirdest part of our stay was the key situation. Only one key per room??!? This meant one had to turn the key into the front desk every time one left for the day, or hope the last person in the room to leave remembers to do so. Anyone can go up to the front desk and say a room number and get the key! A strange policy indeed. I much prefer a key deposit or an access code. Location is fantastic. The place was clean. In the end, the stay was fine.
Age 25, USA
Good location, small room
location is good, easy to get hostel from train station and bus station. The room is small, not much place for all luggage, wc and shower is inside the room with is very convenient. They also provide printing service, at 20 cents a paper!
Good Hotel, Convenient location, Mind the curfew
We had a private room and bathroom and it was definitely nice, clean, and secure. The convenient location by the train station is absolutely amazing. Since Venice is a maze, trying to navigate it and find/ride a boat with all of our luggage would have been a real difficultly. Also, the vaporetto (boat-bus) is 7 Euro/person one way so if you're considering hotels farther away, you should factor that into the "real price." Yes, the hotel it is a little father away from San Marco square (fun both at night and during the day) but it's still definitely worth it. The square was maybe a 25-30 minute way away and less if you want to take the vaporetto. So at this location you still get the charm and feel of Venice at a nice location. You should note that the curfew is also for private rooms. (I initially thought it might just be for the dorms) They are reasonable though. We stayed on a Saturday night and up to 1:30 seems like it would be fine. Also, the hotel charges you 50 cents a map, which I found odd. I would much rather it just have been factored into the cost of my stay given how crucial a map of Venice is to getting around. It's a labyrinth of waterways, dead-end streets, bridges and boats with only sporadic meagerly helpful signs to guide you.

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