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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Odense City Danhostel Hostel" at Østre Stationsvej 31.)


Østre Stationsvej 31, City Centre, Odense, Denmark
55.401157, 10.386523 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+45 63 11 04 25
+45 63 11 35 20
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HI - Odense City Hostel - Danhostel Odense City is right next to the central railway station and easy to find when you arrive by train. The reception seems to double as an ice-cream shop part of the time, so if you think you've walked into the wrong place, just ask at the counter. The Location To get to the hostel, take any train or bus destined for the central hub, exit through the south entrance, and turn right. The hostel is about fifty meters along the road and on the same block as the hotel. You will probably see the sign or flag from the train as you arrive from the west. There isn't a lot of nightlife or food available in the immediate area, but ten minutes' walk away there is a supermarket, several cafes, and a pizzeria. Unfortunately, the hostel tends to be a little noisy because it is on a main road. Rooms and Bathrooms This hostel follows that medieval tradition of providing only single-sex dorms, as do many other Dan Hostels in Denmark. The dorm rooms vary quite markedly in their size and spaciousness -- some four-person dorms are far too small to sleep four people comfortably, while others are adequate. All rooms have lockers in them (you need to provide your own padlock), although the lockers can dominate the room somewhat. The rooms are clean and tidy. Each dorm room has its own ensuite bathroom. The bathrooms are clean and modern although they are small and can make showering "cosy." There is space to put clothes, just not lots of it. Common Spaces There is a large common space downstairs, which has both a comfortable television room and a dinning room. This may not be the best place to meet other travelers and is a bit subdued. There is a communal kitchen off the dinning room and is not well laid out -- be careful when using the microwave, as you will get squashed if someone else opens the kitchen door. Some of the equipment is in poor condition and the lighting is bad but you will be able to cook if you have no other option. Breakfast is available for an extra fee, which is quite expensive compared to similar hostels in Denmark. This consists of quite a good range of fresh breads, cold meats, cheeses, and other condiments and is quite nice. Although it is expensive, it is a good breakfast and worthwhile if you are keen to get out and see the sights. There is a bookshelf in the common room if you need reading material, although it's almost all in Danish. Reception will store your luggage for you after you check out, although it isn't in a locked area and won't always be watched. Internet is also available, although this too is expensive -- and the computer is locked down so much it can be difficult to use. There is a much cheaper internet cafe in the railway station next door, which is open until midnight. Summary This hostel is reasonable value for money, is clean and tidy, and although there are far too many security doors in the place, it is a nice hostel.
Nigel Thomas
(New Zealand)
  Great location, especially if you're tired of hauling bags all over creation. Nice but small rooms (single sex) with ensuite bathroom. Colorful paint job. Big (but expensive) breakfast. Good news, they have laundry. Bad news, the dryer's pathetic. I would recommend letting your clothes dry naturally unless you're absolutely sure you know what you're doing with the machine or have a lot of money to blow. We spent about $5 to get our clothes marginally less wet than when we put them in. It might have been because the receptionist gave us bad directions, though, so we complained and they eventually gave us a refund. The washer was fine. Good news, they have a kitchen. Bad news, between the kitchen and the tables to eat at is one of those silly Danish hostel doors that you have to swipe with your room card to open. Not ideal for carrying food, running after salt, using with hands messy from eating, cleaning up. You had to swipe to get into the general area. Why on earth do you have to swipe to get into the kitchen? The kitchen was well-stocked and the fridge was regularly cleaned out. Good news, the receptionist was friendly and informative. Bad news, the reception was closed for all but four hours in the morning and four in the evening. I have no idea what we would have done if we had some serious problem we needed taken care of outside those hours. I saw no emergency number anywhere. Generally a nice place, just with some quirks and short reception hours.

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