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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Proconsolo Rooms" at Via Del Proconsolo 5.)


Via Del Proconsolo 5, Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy
43.771369, 11.257876 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+39 055217160
+39 055217160
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  If you consider sleeping in the owner's office makes a hostel a nice place, well then consider this place the Ritz Carlton! We had e-mailed them to make sure we had our own private bathroom with towels and that we would have a room with three beds. When we got here, the bathroom we were given was the one used to store the cleaning supplies. It was absolutely filthy. It took us two days and multiple attempts to get clean towels. The staff ended up giving us table linens. We had to change rooms, and all night we were kept awake by a rodent scratching around in our room. The ONLY good thing about this place is its location, but there are plenty of other places that are just as centrally located. If you are looking at this one, keep shopping! And the pictures of the cool ceilings on the Web site? Those are not even rooms that are inhabited by people. Those rooms are in the basement, and nothing is in them other than storage.
  I just stayed at Proconsolo Rooms for four days in September 2004, and it was nothing like it was described and advertised. I stayed in a room with a double bed, no frescos, no nice atmosphere, very sparsely furnished, and the windows could not close. There was no cleaning, not even of the bathrooms, on a daily basis. The only positive thing is the location, but aside from that this place cannot be recommended at all.
  My friends and I had a great time there. The rooms are beautiful and the hostel is centrally located, making it very easy to get anywhere. The staff there are so friendly, and they gave us a big hand. They gave us useful information about where to visit, where to eat, etc. This is a place I will stay again.
Ya-Hsing Cheng
  In 2000, my husband did not have a place to stay and someone who had stayed there recommended this place to him. It is within walking distance of the train station. My husband liked it so much we stayed there for our honeymoon in 2001. It was my favorite of all the places we stayed in. Marta and Vladimir are so helpful to visitors to Florence like us, and they are so friendly. There were frescos on the ceiling. It is the most romantic place I have ever stayed in. My sister-in-law stayed there two years later and loved it also. Oh yeah, you've got to eat at Yellow, downstairs from Proconsolo!!! Have the seafood pasta--it's a must!
Mike and Rosalie Cook
  We had an absolutely gorgeous room and the hotel is centrally located with easy access to major tourist attractions. The staff was helpful and English speaking. However there was a minor bed bug incident. Let me just say, I woke to find my arm numb, upon turning the light on, we discovered a plethora of insects crawling from out of the antique horse-hair stuffed headboard (but it was a lovely headboard). Needless to say, we had seizures followed by frantic bed rearranging and we slept with our pants tucked into our socks. BUT! To give credit where credit is due, the offending headboard was switfly removed the next morning and there were no further incidents. Our room was a lovely arched attic-like structure with a round window overlooking the street. Very nice. Shame about the bugs.
  We arrived without accommodations. Though we had just left a long stay in Venice, Florence with no where to stay was a somewhat unnerving. That's when we met the owners at the train station. Realizing we were American he greeted us in English, bought us a bus ticket and via cellphone, arranged for a co-worker to meet us at a specific corner where she lead us to what became one of our favorite parts of our trip. When I return I definitely plan on staying there again. We were close to everything. Although three years has passed since I was in Italy, the memory is made complete from our stay here and the warm hospitality shown to us! Thanks!
  What a great find! My husband and I were absolutely delighted with the accommodations (ceilings with frescos) and the charming hospitality. The owners were extremely helpful, entertaining, and generous with their time. And, you won't be disappointed with the location - very convenient to everything - for such an affordable price. We stay here every time we return to Florence!
Julia Wannamaker

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