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Walter Rooms Reviews

Walter Rooms is a hostel in the heart of Rome. It doesn't offer any gimmicks or luxuries to draw people in, but it does have everything a backpacker needs to set up a home base for any short or extended stay in Rome.

The Location

Walter Rooms is located within walking distance from the Rome train terminal and most of Rome's attractions. The block on which it is located contains several hostels owned by the same family, so depending on availability, the staff may relocate guests to a neighboring hostel. Walter Rooms is located on a floor of an apartment, which makes it tricky to find the right door. (The name "Walter Rooms" is written on the front door buzzer, but it helps to have a map or GPS to take you to the right location.) The hostel is a block away from the metro.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms are basic, but clean and functional. Dorms contain both single beds and bunk beds. A private room is also available. Lockers are included in the dorm rooms, and you are assigned a locker key when checking in, along with an optional free towel rental. Bathrooms are kept clean and spacious. They are in the hallway, and you'll hardly ever have to wait for an available bathroom.

Common Spaces

A free breakfast of teas, pastries, and cookies is available every morning in the kitchen. It is a fully equipped kitchen so that you can make your own meals and store food. The staff are able to speak simple English to do business, but many of them are from different countries and have difficulty balancing English with Italian and their native language, so try to keep questions simple and don't expect deep conversations. The staff are polite and fairly flexible if you want to extend your stay or need to store your luggage after check out. As this is a small hostel, there are not many places to hang out besides the bedrooms and kitchen. Like all hostels in Rome, smoking is not allowed indoors, but smokers are still permitted to step out to the sidewalk.


Don't expect anything fancy from Walter Rooms. It comes with the basics -- safety, sheets, breakfast, and a social environment. If you have simple standards, Walter Rooms is a good place to crash after a jam-packed day of exploring Rome.

Jessica Lippe
United States
Entry Hallway Dorm beds Bathroom Kitchen

It's ok

It's a nice place to stay if you're not used to fancy hotels. It has the basics and a metro station really close. It's located on a not very nice place, near the train station. A lot of homeless people around the area. Still, if you want a cheap place, it's a good place to go. Don't forget call when you arrive there, there's no point to ring the bell and wait because they're never there.

Rita Teles

Walter Rooms Reviews from the Web

We were freezing at night under 6 blankets and sleeping in sweaters - got sick. Cockroach was there. Second room had a window to our room so whenever they have lights - we have them too. Very easy to hear how other person breathes through the wall. Was written that they dont take responsibility for stolen things, but anyways we didnt have anything. There is one opportunity to make a tea - on old gas - fire. Ventilation you had to hit to turn off. For 3 nights we paid 230. People were nice.


I had a horrible experience there. I stayed one night and was charged for 4 nights. I talked to the owner to keep the money but it was unfair but he started yelling at me. Never seen such a rude hostel owner. He was very disrespectful to me. The location is perfect but the atmosphere and cleanliness is not. Im not saying this to kind of retaliation but to be realistic so that you wont be disappointed when you go there.


DO NOT BOOK Since there is a word limit Ill get straight to it. The room was freezing. He said we had to pay extra for heat. The assistant turned on the heating unit, It didn't work. We asked for money back and the owner showed up. He was angry saying hes not our slave continue to scream, insult and cursed at us! He started recording us! He refused to give me money back. He couldnt get the heat to work. When we said we did not care about the heat and we wanted to sleep he wouldnt leave!


They charged me more, ridiculous! Waste of money . I would give 0 rating


Just don't go here, messy place ever!!

i will resume in few words this place: too bad even for the cheap price, smelled really bad, it isn't on the same place where they have the real location (you arrive at hostel's website location and they took you for another place) everything too old and rotten, the owner is a crazy guy which doesn't respect the opinion of the guests and started arguing just because i didn't accepted stay there. Review to this place is 0 in 5, no doubt.


The pictures on the website have not been updated in 5 years. The kitchen is not clean, there is no soap or sponge to clean the dishes. The towels and sheets are broken.



This was a very bad experience. Definitely not recommended for solo traveler or girls. The place is very dirty, the staff lives in the same house and the walls are not sound proofed. The owner was extremely rude when I asked for directions. They charge card even before you arrive at the property and ask for a lot of other extra charges to be paid by cash. This property must be removed from the website


The location is the only good thing. It's dirty, old, the owner is disrespectful. There's no breakfast in the morning. The kitchen is a slum, the sheets are torn. I'd not recommend the room to anybody. You can find rooms owned by professionals.


Its not the best place for travelers but If you have a low budget and only need a bed then you can choose here.


The only regret I have: that I didn't stay all length of my trip at Walter Rooms. I had to compare my stays in Rome:

1. at expensive hotel,

2.and at a mid range hotel,

3.with Walter Rooms.

Walter rooms were better. It just was not looking expensive. But it is not about a looks ,- what is important, isn't it?

1. Most important for me is value for money.

When I was checking out from expensive hotel,- I got VERY high additional bill with city fees and taxes. When I did stay at mid range hotel,- fees and taxes were still steep, on top of linen/towel hire!

Walter rooms city tax was pleasantly low. Partly because it has a lowest price even compare to other hostels.

Your money can stretch for much longer in Walter Rooms.

2. WIFI was 10 times better that in expensive hotel!!!!!! Never had any problems in Walter Rooms. WIFI was a main reason I checked out from expensive hotel. I did try in few hotels and hostels (I had work to do online), - but Walter Rooms was fastest.

3. Location absolutely incredible: short walk to Termini station or couple stops ride on a tram,- from door to door.

A lot of roads in a center of Rome are cobblestone roads. After rolling a suitcases for longer time, to/from other hotels,- I learned to appreciate Walter Rooms,- how short is a walk and how good is a surface of road.

4.Other hostels what I looked in,- did not had elevator. Walter Rooms, - has. (I hate to drug my luggage upstairs.)

5. Walter and his staff were so kind to guests. This review will be too long if I will describe it.

6. It was plenty of free food offered to a guests (even the one what Walter was cooking for himself and his girlfriend!!!).

7. It was very easy to find and to get into a hostel, because:

a) I read ALL email what was send to me after booking. Everything was explained.

b)I put arrival time into my booking. I wrote email and called upon arrival.

It is a small hostel (not a big chain) at a center of Rome,- of cause arrival time has to be organised!

8. Quiet building with thick walls, quiet street. Good sleep at night.

9. Mosquito net on window. Result ,- no mosquitoes in Walter Rooms. My expensive hotel was a nightmare!

10. Hot shower. Ensuite bathroom in a female dorm, so it is no need to get dressed to go to bathroom. Extra bathroom is available in hallway.

11. High ceilings with a thick walls, with fan. Because of it,- one day when it was plus 36 C outside,- it was OK inside Walter Rooms.

Overall it is a 5 stars quality for modest price and modest looking tiny hostel. If you used to big hotels/ hostels,- pay more and book there. I would came back to Walter Rooms. I highly recommend it to others.


Everithing was fine! I recommend that!


The Place was clean and staff were friendly. There's a metro stop literally 30 seconds away and the Termini train station is 5 minutes' walk away.


When you ask for something (e.g. remote control for air cond., password for wifi), don't believe them, when they tell it doesn't work! Keep on asking. Eventually it always did work. This behaviour of the staff was very disappointing. The rest was ok.


Their kitchen is a bit dodgy, the rest is fine.


This is part of several hostels and they move people around depending on demand, so I actually stayed in Star Rooms. Very low key and relaxing.


This place was pretty great. I do need to mention that I was moved from one of the houses to another when I first arrived (when Walter found out I was traveling alone, he wanted to put me in a female only dorm in a less busy house, which was thoughtful.) It was right near the metro, had complimentary breakfast, and you cant beat that price in Rome! Walter really cares about the well being of his tenants. It was just a little dingy, but clean. Everything was just well worn, especially in the full kitchen. If you are looking for a comfortable bed, a helpful host,a decent breakfast,and good location, you found your place!


Great Hostel with good breakfast ! Staff is nice and location in centre of Rome !


Walter, the owner, asked to me throght his employee to pay 10 euro more because I arrived at 1 a.m. He doesn't make to give to me any receipt about this fee he added.He was not kind by phone.


Actually they haven't parking space


If you are looking for a cheap hostal this is it! very close to the Metro Station to go anywhere, in general is very much acceptable.



Situated in the heart of the eternal city and stones throw from all the major monuments a nice warm reception in an sunny apartment of 4 rooms very well located between Termini station and the Colosseum. If you want peace and tranquility this is the place to be.

----We also accept also big groups of guests (but ask us the complete availability before to reserve many rooms together).
---INFO SECOND FLAT : Just in the case we had received more reservations,so we have to accommodate when necessary our guests in another alternative apartement with shared or private WC located in the same area Vittorio with the same facilities at the same price. Once our guests arrived here ,our staff will provide your accommodation.

---Free Breakfast includes coffee espresso or tea,milk, bread toasted,bread bisciuts ,plumcake, croissant, little tart,cookies,jam,honey,butter and NUTS chocolate paste.
This is typical italian breakfast,and what Walter likes,as sweet cakes,we hope you appriciate.Also a dispenser of hot drink as coffee or tea is available for free all day long.

LOCATION:It is located ten minutes by foot to the main train station Termini and 7 minutes to the Coloseum and all the other main attractions ,well linked at metro stop Vittorio.

Cheap pick up service with my car from/for both the airports of Rome,Fiumicino or Ciampino.For 1 trip,usually the price for 1 couple (2 pers) is 35E,and 12E per person for more persons as a groups,like the train ticket,pls ask to Walter.

In Italy since the 10th january of 2005 the smoking is banded and forbidden in every indoor public place,so the innkeeper is enthusiastic to have quiet and notsmoking people as guests.We also don't accept DRUNK people and NOISY ones,because after 23 E is not allowed the noise,the neighbours will complain.


It's allowed to be canceled without penalty only until 48 hours before the date of check-in (12 PM ); if not we debit the first 2 nights of the stay. IF YOU BOOK WITH A DEBIT CARD YOU HAVE TO BE SURE TO HAVE THE AVAILABILITY TO BE CHARGED OF 2 NIGHTS OF THE STAY AS GUARANTEE. If the credit card is not valid or outdated, the reservation will be considered not valid and still pending.

--INFO ROMA-TAX: i inform you that since 1 st january the city council of Rome stated a TAX-STAY of 2 euro per night per person .I am sorry ,it's not fault,but the taxation is not included in the price,but is a supplement.
--NO NIGHT SERVICE---RECEPTION WARNINGS:To respect the staff and other guests sleeping, we are grateful if your first arrival is after around 12.00 AM in the morning and before midnight 22 PM.After 22.00 PM is very hard problem for us,to enter the room to accommodate you because other guests want to sleep otherwise next day they want to be refunded of the money. If you cannot be here in the range of 13AM-22PM,you must at least inform us by phone call,and when we are forced to receive you anyway there is a small tip 10 euros for the boy staff waiting for you. The next nights stay you will have the keys so you get back home as you like,so no curfew..When you get our building, If no answer the buzzer please call us our phones..For any delay ,pls conctact Walter by phone call.

--VERY PLEASANT REQUEST:When you arrived in the front door of the building,because the receptionist is not there all day long ,it may be nobody will answer you,so please give us a call and inform us that you are arrived. Pls. wait our staff coming to take you in front of the building main door at the street level,please don't enter inside because my neighbours complain .

INFO PAYMENT-The balance payment we ask if is possible CASH at the check in,also CREDIT CARD is accepted,but there are 2% of bank espenses.
---Check-in -You can enter the room after 13 PM untill 22.00 PM if it is ready to occupy, otherwise you can leave us the luggage and come back later,but in any case starting 12-13 PM the room must be ready.
---Check-out is allowed until 11.00 AM only or earlier,because we need to clean the bedroom as soon as possible for other guests.
---Internet free,wireless,skype,messenger msn available,usr common furnished kitchen,AIR CONDITIONER not free ,Luggages storage after the check out time is accepted but not free.Pls. ask our staff for more information.
--People without reservation also need to call us to our phones.

Have nice trip to Rome!!!!

Location and Contact


-INFO ARRIVAL-from Fiumicino airport to the main terminal station Termini, take the exit on the 26th track which is via Giolitti and just in front the exit starts via Mamiani up to piazza(square) Vittorio Emmanuele and after just right to via Carlo Alberto n.24 .You will take only 5 minutes walking. The street is well known so you can ask anyone for directions.If any serius problems to come here, just give us a call and if we can,we will come to pick you up.We can organize a car service from/to the airport,the price for example 1 couple is around 40E totally 1 trip.For more people pls ask to Walter.



Address: Via Carlo Alberto 24, Rome, Lazio, Italy

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Phone Number: +39(328)7229470
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Facilities and Amenities

Family-Friendly Hostel

Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Airport Pickup


Bike Rental

Lockers in Lobby

Luggage Storage


Air Conditioning


Hair Dryers

Hot Showers




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