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Tropical Room
Upstairs Balcony & hammocks
or an outdoor workout
Backpackers Original Kuna Hut
Atlantis Room
Atlantis Bathroom
Tropical Bathroom



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Puero Lindo, Puerto Lindo, Panama
9.601001, -79.587756 (accuracy not guaranteed)
00507 4482433
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Wonderful place and fantastic people
While not the most luxurious of places (even with the AC), the environment and people make it totally worth it. The hostel is run by a very friendly family who prepare wonderful breakfasts with amazing coffee. The rooms open directly onto a balcony, where you can see hummingbirds flying about the feeders and howler monkeys playing in the trees beyond. I definitely recommend this place for anyone who enjoys wildlife, friendly people, and amazing experiences.
Age 15, USA
The truth as we see it on hostel wunderbar.
My wife & I have recently stayed at hostel wunderbar, we found the hosts extremely gracious. Our room in the new wing was incredible, considering this place has been built as a hostel. Having stayed previously in Panama city in a top hotel, we found it value for money at hostel wunderbar. It is evident that a lot of change has/is happening with evidence of new rooms, large terrace overlooking the natural rain forest. There is the original Kuna house which is ideal for those on a budget, with the use of an outdoor kitchen. We would be very pleased to recommend hostel wunderbar, and we look forward to returning in the near future.
Ed & Liz
Great stay in this Hostel
We stayed there in May for one Week. Very good Rooms with AC and TV for Rainy days, and a big Balcony where we was hanging out all days in hammocks to watch birds and monkeys. The owners was very helpful and friendly and organized us a horse-riding day, a great hike and mangrove tour with a small boat.
Age 39, Alemania
Owners really need to improve
I have never rated a hostel/hotel before, good or bad, but really had to take the time speak to my experience at Hostel Wunderbar. This is one of the poorest-run places I have ever stayed. I only stayed there to take a boat to Colombia and wish that I had stayed in Portobelo, then taxi or bus in the morning to catch the boat. The thing that sticks in my mind the most is the many dogs that the owners have running all over the site. I don't dislike dogs but think even "dog lovers" would be taken aback. They bark incessantly right in front of you, jump on you, and even bite a bit. The owner's response to me being nipped at numerous times by her 80 lb puppy was "oh, he's just a baby". One German Shepherd tied next to the showers jumps, barks, and strains at its leash when you go near it that you think it may have rabies and is gone mad. It defied belief. Besides that the aroma of the dog droppings from what really is a small compound detracts greatly from relaxation. The Hostel is the family's home, which some people may not mind but I don't prefer. However, it also seems to be a garage and there are broken down cars and parts everywhere; the whole place gives the feeling of being overwhelmed with junk. They compound, again, is quite small and right adjacent to the road so you're hemmed in, and between the dogs and junk there's little room to move. There is no internet, though the various sites may claim there is (in fact, the entire town has little connection but apparently is getting more). The most important issue is that overall the owners come across as very unfriendly, and you feel unwelcome. I am a seasoned traveler of 14 years and 5 continents and do not need to be pampered or catered to, and so my feeling of being unwanted should be taken in that context. All of the 5 other people on my boat to Panama who stayed there said the same thing. They give the impression that they think you're bothering them. Not exactly the atmosphere one wants when stuck in such a small place. The showers and sinks are within a "naturehouse" as they say, or walls made of palm/bamboo (which is fine it you don't mind) but the price would suggest better. Plus, the drains for the shower and sinks simply flow out into a field behind the compound which seems cheap (and unsanitary). I don't know where the toilets drain to. They do not have a pool, which one site claims they do. The Kuna house has fans, not air conditioning as some sites state. Sleeping in the "private room" next to the Kuna house is just like being in the dorm, as they are immediately adjacent (and both next to the common area) with walls that do not reach the ceiling. Not sure that really qualifies as a "private room". The owners seem to be trying to make a go of it, but they really need to improve; especially in their customer service, welcoming and friendliness. Puerto Lindo itself really has no tourist/traveler amenities or feel (and some may like that) but don't go there thinking you're going to enjoy the local area for a couple of days. There is no beach at all, and the shoreline is rocky and covered with garbage debris. There are dogs on the street all over the place, and they bark all night -- often dragging the dogs from Hostel Wunderbar into their chorus. If these owners are serious about earning a living off of this venture I hope they improve immensely.

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