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Yes, there ia a lot to do in Naples. Yet if you stay around long enough you might become a "toothless" or "topless" mountain person who attempts to live off the land and enjoys the simple things in life, like running water. Sooner or later your family will follow you up here and then you remember why you got away in the first place.
I loved the authentic backwoods tavern, where you can get a genuine ass whoopin' by a real toothless mountain man. Also, check out the post office/only store about 100 ft away. You can't miss it. Good times. If your interested in more of a mind blower, travel just a couple of miles north to Ruby Creek Road. Head down the dirt road along Ruby Creek all the way to the fork, take the right up the hill, and feel the "real world" slip away as you enter the bubble of insanity. At the top of the hill, you will find a special school for spoiled teens whose wealthy parents decided that instead of raising their kid, it would be best if they learned how to function normally in society if shipped off to the side of a mountain in Idaho. Little too much for you? Well then get the hell out of there before their touchy-feely tendencies rub off on you and drive way north into Canada. Take any back road way into the middle of nowhere, get out, and enjoy the earth.
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